Worker Pushes Scaffold Into Overhead Power Lines, Gets Electrocuted

Worker Pushes Scaffold Into Overhead Power Lines, Gets Electrocuted

A worker electrocuted himself by pushing the scaffold he was working with into overhead power lines. The fuck up was in an essence identical to this trio’s. The message should be very clear to everyone working on a scaffolding – always check and double check by having somebody else look for overhead powerlines before moving the scaff.

Once the scaff made contact with the wires, it gripped the worker and kept sending relentless amounts of electric current through his body. Witnesses, for the most part, didn’t know how to properly address a major electrocution incident, and attempted to put the flames consuming the electrocuted worker out by spraying him with a fire extinguisher. They may get A for effort, but whether it did any good, or made matters worse, is up for debate.

It wasn’t until someone with the understanding of electricity stepped in, and used a stick made of material that doesn’t conduct electric current to disconnect the scaff from the power lines. The electrocuted worker was no longer being zapped, so the next leg of his rescue could begin.

Obviously, aside from training workers to be constantly aware of where the power lines are, training in basic understanding of electricity and how to respond to emergencies involving electricity may result in more appropriate response to an emergency, and possible prevention of needless death.

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72 thoughts on “Worker Pushes Scaffold Into Overhead Power Lines, Gets Electrocuted”

  1. Truth be told with such high current there’s no reason to hurry, he was dead anyways.
    I wonder if the guy with the fire extinguisher was simply doing it to prevent him from catching fire or if he was actually clueless…

  2. That’s scary. I still remember that video where these four people are pushing an electric tower along when it strikes some power lines aloft and all four of them get knocked out. You might be walking along, minding your own business, and simply brush past an exposed wire without even noticing it, but once it has you, it won’t let go unless gravity or someone else helps.

    1. Yes! I remember seeing that. The moment they hit the line all 4 dropped at the same time, with the same motion, and hands gripping the bar. If my memory is correct, at least 1 survived. The electricity wasn’t letting them off easy.

  3. “I keep spraying him but he keeps lighting back up like those trick birthday candles!!!”. Lol.
    It’s not funny. I just cannot grasp incompetency especially when it’s literally a life or death situation. This should not have happened. That scaffold is a few feet above those wires. One can at least visualize and guesstimate that the structure cannot safely pass, or power lines look too low, etc. It should be mandated that no less than 2 workers are to move the scaffold anywhere. Even if only adjusting or repositioning a millimeter. A death is more unnecessary and time consuming than check, double check, triple check, then check once again!

  4. How the fuck was that guy still moving??? My god…. it seemed he actually tried to get up and hit yet another part of the scaffolding. The electric chair uses a 10th of the juice that went through that guy

  5. This little crispy critter is most certainly dead! Like divine said there should be a minimum of two people moving that scaffle one to push the other to watch and if a mistake happens they could share the electric current between the two of them and have a little bit of a chance of survival! That old video with the four guys you refer to there was one survivor out of four of them sharing the current and even he was let go by the electricity and as he tried to crawl away it grabbed him again and then lucky for him released him again and he was finally free! But the guy in this video with the amount of electricity all to himself no chance he is walking away from this! You could fry an egg on his head right now I bet.

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  7. Hmm prewarned all the beautiful ladies but if it were a man you would probably direct him Straight towards the electric puddle! Lol continue all the good work by saving beautiful woman and lowering the population of men so you can keep them to yourself.

  8. Did you know that BG could be used for training? I use it all the time to show my guys how bad people get fucked up on the job if they don’t pay attention. I’m a electrician/mason and work on scaffolding around power lines all the time, hopefully this video will wake some of the retards up on my jobs.

  9. There retard who went over with the tree limb is lucky, fucking idiot! He should have gone an bought a lottery ticket.
    Wood isn’t the best conductor of electricity but it has moisture in it plus dirt and can still be conductive. The guys’ corpse was on fire and he was long dead there was no point in doing what he did. Fool coulda died for nothing.

  10. Hope he is ok. Just put some neosporin all over his body and take a few pain killers. Do they expect him to be at work at 8:00 a.m. ? That would be a bit strict after taking 200,000 volts.

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