12 Year Old Son of Killed Tamil Tigers Leader Given a Snack and Executed

12 Year Old Son of Killed Tamil Tigers Leader Given a Snack and Executed

Recent photos leaked from Sri Lanka show 12 year old Balachandran Prabhakaran, son of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran who was also killed at the end of the Sri Lankan civil war show the boy enjoying a snack in a sandbag bunker and then the boy dead with bullet wounds in his body. According to an analysis by an expert with Channel 4, both before and after photos were taken with the same camera.

The photos were released on February 19, 2013 as part of the new evidence announcing the upcoming feature documentary “No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka”. The documentary makers allege that Balachandran Prabhakaran, who appears to have been shot 5 times in the chest was executed by Sri Lankan army because his father was a Tamil Tiger leader.

Film director Callum Macrae said these events were photographed to be kept by the army as trophies. The documentary is scheduled to be screened at the Geneva Human Rights Film Festival at UN Human Rights Council meeting in March, 2013.

Even if Sri Lankan government is proven to have violated human rights during the war with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, UN Human Rights Council would be hypocritical if they prosecuted them, but would not prosecute war criminal Barack Hussein Obama. Wait… United Nations… The Zionists… Never mind!

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41 thoughts on “12 Year Old Son of Killed Tamil Tigers Leader Given a Snack and Executed”

    1. He’s father killed over 100 000 people. Also the guy who invented the 1st suicide vest and did terrible things. If he was left alone one day he’ll succeed his fathers throne and will lead the most ruthless Terrorist of the world. Now Not much LTTE cadres in Sri lanka,They all lives is US,UK,Canada and Norway..

  1. Without wanting to sound too cruel, the kid was obviously used to eating snacks because he had a few spare tires around his waist and a pair of tits.

    That of course does not mean that he deserved to die, deserved to be forced to do exercise certainly but not to meet his maker.

    Was the kid a child soldier? or just a political tool?, my gut tells me, my muscular gut, that he was not a soldier as he does not seem to possess the physical fitness of a person that moves a lot.

    1. i was wondering the same thing, no blood ????????

      and i can see only 4 bullet holes, not 5,
      maybe he has another bullet wound to his side? at the back?

      but he’s dead now, so there goes the chance to become some rebel in sri lanka

  2. go on kid eat the snackbar come eat it all up we don’t want you going hungry no we don’t do we….
    boss the water is boiling
    ahh good shoot the kid and skin him, we’re having stew tonight boys!
    …i have been reading to many fairy tails…

  3. The Tamil Tigers were not snackbarists. They were Hindi. They were discriminated against by the Sinhalese majority in Sri Lanka and so began a resistance movement. These guys were what the snackbarists wish they were. The Tigers were one set of serious-minded, hard-as-nails motherfuckers. They even had a corps of guerrillas called the Black Tigers for carrying out suicide missions against Sri Lankan and Indian leadership targets. The snackbars are boobish amateurs compared to the Tigers.

    On the other hand, the cruel, corrupt thugs they were fighting against, the Sinhalese, are the kind of people who would kill a little boy, then take pictures of his corpse as a trophy, because his father was a very fierce resistance fighter.

    1. Blah…Blah..Blah…
      What about thousand of tamil child soldier forced to joined the LTTE and send on suicide missions against the SL army. Those were somebodies kids too.
      And the Kids were killed by LTTE using suicide attacks and early raids on remote villages in 80s to presents.

      Think about it…

  4. it’s actually a nice island with nice people, was up there many years ago. most of the natives are really honest and hardworking guys. met a guy (a Christian) who lives not far away from the hotel at the beach. after a small talk he dragged us to his house to his family and they cooked a tasty diner for us. some of the native hotel staff and the doughter of the hotel boss i can also count to the friendships.
    and the natives are unbelievable talented in learning languages. simple people, for example a fisherman speaks 2-3 foreign languages, alone by contact with holidaymaker from europe. the elder turkish fucks and other muslims who live in my country since 30-40 years, are still not able (or willing) to learn the language of their host country, sad but true. anyways…most of the Sri Lankans are Singalese, Buddists and also christians are among them. the so called Tamils live in the north. seems to be the favorite area for the “badman”, when i thinking on North Korea or the Vietcong. lol

  5. WTE!….. Can we really laugh of a another country shooting little kids? That boy and others should be playing ball or something else. Instead, we are laughing at his demise. Who is more evil, those who shoot him, or those who laugh at him when he got shot?

  6. Fucking third world animals, the more shit I read about how the Nazis were going to cleanse the world of its stupidity just makes me wish they had gone a little bit farther before fucking with Russia and the US.

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