13 Men Executed by Sunni Terrorists in Homs, Syria

13 Men Executed by Sunni Terrorists in Homs, Syria

Tying people’s hands behind their backs and shooting them in the head is one of the favorite execution methods of the Sunni terrorists in Syria. We’ve seen them do it many times since the launch of their genocide. The same execution method was used by Sunnis on this Christian man, these four men, or these three men. And as is a Sunni tradition, after the execution, an Al Jazeera hired actor who’d just passed the casting leaves the make up room after practicing his lines in front of a mirror and waits for a “Go” from the director so they have some proper Allahu Snackbar containing propaganda footage.

Meanwhile, the House of Saud from the most undemocratic and totalitarian country in the world is making deals with their criminals that they would be released if they go to Syria as mercenaries to join the war on civilians, all in violation of the Annan peace plan which Syrian government is striving to implement but are held back by continuous use of force by the terrorists who refuse to talk about peace.

A supporter of Best Gore who asked to remain anonymous (desired level of anonymity is always and one more time always respected on Best Gore, never otherwise) noted in one of his emails to me that (excerpt):

… the strange “coincidence” of increased terrorist bombings, massacres, and murders (blamed on the government of course) in Syria following the acceptance of Annan’s peace plan. I fear the foreign sponsors of the war are becoming worried that Syria may not fall after all and are adding more death as insurance. Note that the media have been downplaying the fact that Syrian forces have been clearly observed pulling out of conflict areas in accordance to the peace plan.

The entire conflict greatly irks me at the sheer ignorance of the majority of people that blindly follow the media that so blatantly lie to us all…

As one commenter on LiveLeak said: “There were no mass-graves in Kosovo, no WMDs in Iraq, no black mercenaries in Libya
and no freedom fighters in Syria, only thugs and terrorist scum
.” I could not agree more.

Bloody aftermath video of 13 men executed in Homs, Syria by Sunni terrorists is below. Some men are still wearing parts of Syrian military uniforms:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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73 thoughts on “13 Men Executed by Sunni Terrorists in Homs, Syria”

  1. wow. just wow. really what can you say about this. the level of violence and brutality in the world today is off the charts. it has probably always been so but today’s technology and mark make it possible to view it from the safety of whatever corner of the world you find yourself in. i can see this shit on my ipod, smartphone, computer, tablet, you name it. bored? log on to best gore and watch the world go to hell one day at a time. i’m not a violent person but i’m strangely fascinated by the level of violence people are capable of inflicting on one another. damn, i’m NOT CAPABLE OF THIS! i left the army cause i didn’t want the govt telling me i had to kill motherfuckers i didn’t even know and i didn’t want them killing me. we are only here for a short time. what is the point of all this murder? someone please explain it to me. anybody? someday we will ALL have to answer to God for what we did while here on the Earth. what will these murderers say then to their maker?

    1. Might I suggest a really good book to read mouse? It’s call ‘ Guns, Germs, and Steel ‘.
      That book alone will answer many of the questions you just asked. Believe me, it WILL answer all your questions about why humanity is the way it is. If you’er not into reading I can understand but I like to give people suggestions and help out anyway I can.

    2. In my opinion, it’s inside our twisted ladder to offer great acts of kindness to one another, ESPECIALLY when nothing is expected in return.
      More often than not, this is what people do.
      Nice, polite, reasonably honest and most importantly, gentle people going about their lives.

      Then, there is the rest of the Fleshy Virus.
      Maniacal, treacherous, manipulative, power thirsty, and worst of all, never satisfied with the never ending, ever worsening atrocity.

      In this case, the bad out weigh the good. 1,000,000 kind acts of politeness, refunding lose money, helping buy groceries for somebody broke and hungry, etc. do NOT outweigh 1,000 postings on Best Gore.

      This just seems to be The Human Existence.
      Evil at it’s root.
      Kind and thoughtful in many, even most.
      But TRUE EVIL does live in the human.

      (this is totally obvious, but I’m going to type these words anyway)
      Most that kill regarding religion, are taught that this is what they SHOULD be doing , so the concept of “being accountable to their maker” might as well be written off as “doing gods’ will”

      Accountability is non-existent so much of the time, and the apathy has begun it’s flood.
      We are doomed as a species.

      (“twisted ladder” is D.N.A. by the way)

    3. @hunglikeamouse,money, greed and power is a few things that come to mind. Im not that old so I have no experience on the matter but as you put it “technological applications” has made it possible for anyone who knows how to read to know what has happened and what is happening on all over the world. I see a plausible financial gain in this. hmmm. lol that’s technology for ya.

    4. Yes there is an unfortunate level of brutality and inhumanity in many people. It boogles my mind how people can be the way they are and have no empathy. And as for the Army, one would think you knew what it was about before joining.

      1. i signed up for opportunity, travel, excitement, to get off the block, didn’t know what to do after high school, couldn’t afford college and patriotism. i was in from 1983 to 1987 and we weren’t in all these bullshit wars. it was relatively peace time and i didn’t see any action. i didn’t sign up to kill people and be a Rambo type. i took a chance and got to live in Europe for 3 yrs. after 4yrs i had enough of the army bullshit and got out but i remember that time fondly. maybe it’s nostalgia because they were the longest 4yrs of my life, now faded into history.

          1. you try to remember the good times and forget the bad times. everything looks better thru the rear view mirror. the good old days look good compared to the uncetainty of the future and the times we live in now.

      1. no i can’t you see we’re different persons therefore we have different souls. we have different opinions and different thoughts i don’t come to BG to be a smart-ass i just enjoy the posts if the post is relevant to me i make my comment worth it if it’s not i just say something random if you don’t like it deal with it 😛

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      Screw cattle?
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          1. Ha ha @Mouse, I would if I had time! I swear ALL my spare time goes on catching up on BG comments/replies 🙂 if I had a husband he would have left me from neglect! It goes like this 1.kids 2. work 3.Best Gore

          2. You wanted a sexier reply than that didn’t you? I’m sorry but it’s the ‘dripping pus, rats cock’ thing you say, it sticks in my head!

      1. @stench, LOL, hung like a freak show, now that’s funny!! and I am happy with what I got, I was just bein’ cliche! @boat, what are you kiddin me? 13 stitches in the head, do you know how much blood there was from that? It was awesome!! I had blood everywhere, on my hands spreadin’ it on the walls, I wouldn’t change that for anything!!!

  3. We are here to destroy, we’ve done it since the dawn of time. It’s only been documented since whatever religion you believe in states. We are selfish, careless animals. Some of us have gathered here to witness the violent side first hand. Not necessarily because we enjoy it, personally I find myself furious at the content sometimes. Honestly I don’t have a legitimate answer why I constantly check for updates and see what you people have to say. … This post has gone nowhere fast, damn you A.D.D.

      1. Actually the opposite mouse. I find myself a browser when sober. When intoxicated is when I feel the need to post. I’m outrageously shy and paranoid. Until I poison my body enough to think I’m intelligent.

    1. agreed! wipe our species from earth would be the best for our doomed planet. on the other hand it’s kinda interesting to see on our beloved website what the animals called humans are capable of.

  4. Don’t know what they were in life but in death they really went all in to make quite a nice river of blood. Also, I was kind of wondering; When they keep repeating “الله أكبر ” god is the greatest, (aka allahu snackbar) who are they trying to convince us, or themselves?

  5. What’s bad with aftermaths is that you have to deduce what has happened. In that case, anyway, it’s clear that these guy didn’t offer too much opposition. BTW, aren’t Marc’s headings becoming longer and longer? Give us a break, please!

    1. Why, are you only into the pictures?

      Best Gore IS NOT about YOU, ME, or ANY-ONE’s opinion, it’s THAT DUDE’S site, and I’m sure he’ll run it how ever the fuck he want to.
      I, for one, usually read the information because, not only is it usually pretty insightful, but also, it’s there if I want to read it or not.
      If somebody ELSE wants to read it, then who am I (or YOU) to say it should, or shouldn’t be, exactly what it is.

      Kissing ass isn’t my style, but there is a level of application for Mark’s efforts than go into this site, countless hours, every week, usually every single day.
      WITH. OUT. FAIL.

      Bitching about somebody’s work, than benefits Me, and also can benefit YOU, i particularly find offensive.

      If YOU don’t like how it’s created, than YOU go make YOUR OWN gore site.
      Let this one work how it works.
      I, for one, see nothing wrong with it.

  6. Funny, I’ve seen a version of this vid with the actor in the blue jacket on german national news (tagesschau) which was filmed form a different angle and in a crappy quality, stating that these poor fuckers would have been civilians… was wondering why they were wearing parts of uniforms and was asking myself “when would mark post something about this video…”

    btw. my first comment on bestgore. please also don’t be bothered by my bad english 🙁

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