17 Year Old Boy Raped and Executed in Caruaru, Brazil

17 Year Old Boy Raped and Executed in Caruaru, Brazil

Shortly after 6pm on Wednesday October 17, 2012 Brazilian Military Police received a call that a double homicide had been committed at the Preguiça (Laziness) area in Caruaru. Task Force 01 arrived on the scene to only find one corpse but two flip flops. However the corpse was that of a 17 year old boy who appeared to have been raped and executed.

The victim was identified as 17 year old Alex Vilela de Moraes who lived on the Azeredo Coutinho Street in the neighborhood of Salgado. He was found dead behind a school with his pants at his ankles and four bullet holes in his body – two in the face, one in back and one in the chest.

Police suspect that the victim has been raped, but it’s also possible that he had been disturbed while taking a dump inside the school. Shitting inside schools must be quite common in Brazil. Killing kids who shit in schools likewise.

In spite of being mere 17 year old, Alex Vilela de Moraes had been apprehended at least 3 times for drug trafficking. He had also reportedly lost his father to murder and his mother is currently serving time for drug trafficking. With parents like these, who needs raping enemies?

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    1. They actually have some really great tattoo artist that hail from Brazil but I know what you mean killa, the ink does appear to be of decent quality for it to be on this favela youngster, usually low quality homemade tatts or “gang tatts/prison tatts consist of only one color and that is black which depending on how its made after time can turn any color from green to grey, he appears to have a couple of those type of tatts giving the impression that he was or was trying be a little badass

      1. That’s what interested me. Such a young little bastard and yet he had decent ink. Tattooing is a trendy thing here in the states for young kids trying to get laid. But I don’t typically see that quality of work in the pics from brazil.

        1. Your right man it is a very trendy thing here in the U.S. its gotten to the point that tattoos are no longer considerd taboo and are accepted and worn by almost everybody, and even tattoos themselves have evolved from Celtic and tribals in the past to the esoteric and cryptic known as neo tradtional today. I have a theory that the more tattoos and body piercings become accepted by normal society the more extreme body modifications become for those wishing to set themselves apart from normal society, in other words a girl who wanted to be diffrent 20 years ago would’ve pierced her tounge and it would’ve been considerd unique by some but taboo by most, now in days that same girl that was brave enough to do the taboo would have to go to more extreme levels to stand out since a tounge piercing is no big deal, that same girl in todays time might go for splitting her tounge to set her self apart from everyone.

    1. yeah. At least we can take solace in the fact that the victim wasn’t some honor role student who volunteered to help the elderly on the weekends and worked an 8 hour shifteach night washing dishes to save up money for college.

        1. As far as we know he couldve been the cause of his own death and by that I mean he did something in his “fucked up life” that brought him to this point…for all we know he might of raped someones little sister or daughter and this is revenge for that, we probably won’t ever know for sure but if I’ve learned one thing from this site its that the majority of murders that happen don’t just happen for the hell of it.

          1. Maybe, but even if he did do something to “deserve” this, the fact is that if he hadn’t been born into a perpetual cycle of violence and crime, perhaps he’d have had a chance to lead a life that didn’t end with his face full of bullets and his arse on Best Gore.

            When scum breeds scum, no-one wins, and there’s nothing to celebrate.

          2. That’s not true just because your born what some might consider “scum” doesn’t mean you have live up to that expectation, everyone has a chance..no scratch that everyone has a choice to live a life free of violence, just because your born in a certain place doesn’t mean your doomed to a perpetual cycle of shit…people have thd power to change their circumstances no matter how bad, sure being born into poverty might make it harder on you than some upper crust born with a silver spoon up his ass but that doesn’t give you the right to become a criminal, its that type of thinking that holds those people down they think “oh well I was born a piece of shit so i’ll start acting like a piece of shit” and thats bullshit they just end up becoming their own worst enemy, I fucking hate these dumb kids who truly belive that dealing drugs and joining gangs is what they’re suppose to do just because they were born into a certain place. The only thing this boy lacked in his life was a strong will to brake the “perpetual cycle of violence” he was born into.

          3. @Pale, I totally agree with both of your replies to this thread. Everyone has a choice. Every year you here of college students and college atheletes living in cars, working two jobs, etc. to get an education or possibly get a chance at the pros. They came from shit, but are finding their own way to better themselves and their life.

          1. Ha Ha Ha calling me ugly while you don’t even have a picture of yourself! What’s the matter? It’s alright if you look like the bottom of an elephants ass(x

      1. Sadly, I am from the UK and a tax payer therefore my sphincter is used to taking damage. I fear, should I find myself in a similar situation of gay rape, that I would simply spread my glutes and shout ” come on then Mr politician, increase the tax burden on the poor for the tenth year running, you know you want to”.

          1. Man, honestly I think alchohol is a dangerous fucking drug. Id rather be around someone who’s coked up over someone who’s blackout drunk. That shit is scary.

        1. Those are good drugs but there’s a reason why the “bad drugs” are so addicting because they’re wiki good, not only are they good but they make a dealer more money…you don’t hear about big time Mexican narcos getting busted with bricks or vials of shrooms or acid, say what you will about heavy drugs but until you’ve actually done them you won’t know what they are…shit I use to be the biggest pot head ever I was in to the whole natural drug thing like brooms ans peyote even a little acid..but when I first tried heroin I knew I had found the king of kings amongst all drugs, once I started using H pot seemed like a weak kiddie drug to me and I stopped smoking it and i started to loathe hallucinagens, why take a trip to expand your mind when you can take a trip that blows your mind…their just something about H…once you climb Mt Everest its not same climbing a hill, even now that I’ve been clean of H for a whole year I still don’t smoke pot,

          1. Although I do miss it but not as much as i do H…which I am no way recommendingto any one in fact it was the worst choice of my life but it still doesn’t change the fact it was the best high of my life, was that high worth fucking part of my life no not at all…you know it’d funny how most H junkie when thry describe H they make it seem like its the best drug on earth (which it is) but then theyll tell you not to do it lol, how do you describe something so delicious to someone then tell them not to taste it?

          2. Yah I was clean for a bit but I’m back on h, Stupid choice but I have no reason not to use so its whatever. Haha I still enjoy weed but its like just drinking a cop of tea mildly relaxing. And heroin around here isn’t that nasty tar it’s pure china white or afghan brown 🙂

          3. Haha I know Heroin is the king of drugs, I’ve done it once and only once. I was on top of the world, but it’s not something I prefer. Oh and killajamal, I’d rather fight someone who’s blind drunk than coked up. Coke gets you hyped and sometimes angry, but you still know what’s going on. With a drunk guy, his reaction time is slowed and he wouldn’t have a good balance, so it’d be easier in my opinion to fend him off.

  1. I think he got busted in the act by a jealous husband or boyfriend and got shot trying to get away. Probably got hit the first time in the back while he was running out of the building and then executed where he fell.

  2. OK sence i was not here for the amanda todd video I can state something now; mark I thought you of all people would not feel simpathy for the little whore she showed her tits to a person she did not know over the internet for free for some guy she randomly met for 5 seconds decided she loved then she tried to date a guy who had a girlfriend and when she was about to get her ass kicked she believed that the guy cared for her. None of my tears were wasted on her none at all

    1. She, Amanda Todd, does deserve a little sympathy, Her crime in the grand scheme of life in this fucked up world was insignificant. It was her fragile emotional state, often a quality embodied by teenagers, and the possibility of her family finding out that made kill herself.

      We, as free thinking adults, well, most of us, realise what a pointless and stupid thing she did and that there are many things in this world to feel suicidal over, flashing your tits is not one of them.

      But, as I stated previously, misery and suffering is a subjective notion and even the richest people in the world are afflicted by these emotional woes, therefore we think Amanda Todd is a fool but we also understand misery and suffering so we can somewhat relate and feel a sense of regret for a life ended by an action brought about by a emotional state that we are all familiar with, truth be told, the regret is probably about our own continued existence for the dead do not suffer, only the living do.

      1. i totally agree with you on that… like i have mixed emotions about it .. i feel bad that she ended her life, but in a way its just one less slut in the world… every one on this site knows what she did was just to try and seek attention in a way… just like how people cut themselves and stab them selves on camera for their 5 minutes of fame…. but i have a friend that has been raped before by her abusive step father and an ex-boyfriend and she had pics of her out there that were sent to a boyfriend who just spread it around and yes she was emo, a pretty bad emo if i remember correctly….. but every time she felt like committing i like to call it she would call me up and talk it out … my point of all of this is that Amanda Todd had people for her even though she said otherwise she was just an attention seeking whore who thought she was too good for everyone that was there for her.. ( UPTIGHT SLUT basically) but that’s just my opinion of this… and fuck my spelling and grammar mistakes i dont care about them -.-

    1. Maybe the perp was into scat. Saw dude taking a dump and popped a raging boner. Dude said “fuck off! I’m trying to take a shit!” Perp said “even better. We already have lube.” The “bullet holes” are actually cum shots that were so strong, they went right through the dude. Pew pew pew…. PEW!!

  3. he was a drug dealer. some crack head was sucking his dick and another crack head shot him in the head and they stole his drugs. the police in brazil are fucking morons. any raping that happened, was after the police arrived.

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