1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre Pictures

1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre Pictures

1989 was a year in which much of the Eastern Bloc collapsed. One communist country after another saw their youth rise and bring upon change. As was the case with the Eastern Bloc, China was also infiltrated with a group of trained saboteurs from the west who located easy to bribe troublemakers and paid them to start shit. However unlike Eastern European countries, the Chinese government was not willing to just bend over and take it. And that’s when the series of events which became known in the west as the Tiananmen Square Massacre took place.

The protests in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square started as early as April 15, 1989. Like Fake Syrian Army, troublemakers were being paid to entice chaos and death of Hu Yaobang – Communist Party General Secretary seemed like a good trigger to get them out and protest.

The demonstrations, galvanized with a student-led hunger strike dragged on for a few weeks, forcing the Communist government to declare martial law on May 20, 1989. But as support for demonstrators spread throughout much of China, an order came on June 3, 1989 for the People’s Liberation Army to enter the Tiananmen Square and clear it up by dawn. The following day – June 4, 1989 is when much of the Tiananmen Square Massacre took place.

To disperse the crowds of protesters, the People’s Liberation Army used armored vehicles and live rounds. An estimate on how many people died on June 4, 1989 in Tiananmen Square would depend on whom you asked. Zionists owned western media are notorious for twisting the facts to suit their own propaganda so only a total tool would believe anything they’d claim. Chinese communist government is not any more reliable either and since back in 1989 there were no independently owned websites yet, we can choose between believing the full of shit Zionists or the corrupt Chinese. The most universally accepted numbers lay somewhere between 250 and 7,000 dead.

That truth is the first casualty of war gets proven every time there is a conflict. It would appear that in the conflict between the Chinese pro reformists and the Communist government which culminated in the Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989, the latter came out as a winner. The country however took on some reforms and is way different now than it was in 1989, though they still can’t drive for shit.

Collection of the Tiananmen Square Massacre photos shown in the gallery below attempts to present the perspective from both sides. There clearly were casualties among the demonstrators, but there also were beaten, lynched, burned and hanged soldiers. Neither side was without a sin, though if you were to believe the Zionists, then the government was the personification of evil while protesters were all saints, whereas if you were to believe the government, then it was the other way around. Also keep in mind that opinions of the Chinese who immigrated out of China would likely be full of shit on this matter – no different from Syrians who are oh-so-mouthy about the government, having run away cause they were criminals and the government wanted them prosecuted for their crimes. Props to Best Gore member NihilismGrave for contribution:

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  1. I was at the ripe young age of 24 when in 89 the shit hit the fan in CHINA , but then i did not give a fuck , (parties & women) were more interesting to me. Today , thanks to bestgore i know more about Tiananmen square than ever. Go figure !

    1. The Sharpeville massacre in South Africa (1960) in which about 50 blacks were killed was much, much worse than this. As you know a White man killing a black is just pure evil beyond description. South Africa had to be punished with decades of sanctions and armed resistance.

      China gets rewarded with the 2008 Olympics. Go figure.

    2. Was a little older than you in ’89 @thedre (but I’m not telling how much older).
      I was in the same party mode and only remember that famous photo/video of that chinese student blocking the tanks way.
      From what I have learned here on BG, that student was damn rucky as it was a chinaman driving that tank!

  2. I’m glad I come from a country (The U.S.) where the worst you have to fear from protesting is having to see a liberal, flat-chested, wannabe hippie chick’s boobs when they flash them to be rebellious. Oh, but their chanting can be pretty annoying, too. Not that I’ve experienced it first hand. I’m too apathetic for that. I’ve got better things to do than attending peace rallies.

    Anyway, have fun China. Go stand in front of some more tanks, so the world will know that you do more than make cheap goods for the rest of us.

      1. That is bang out of order newbie.

        just because somebody can’t match your supreme omniscience and wisdom, doesn’t give you the excuse to go offending regulars.

        Go crawl back under your rock and study ‘BG Etiquette’ before you come play with the bigger children on the boards.

          1. OKay, I am not a juvenile. Yes, there should be an age restriction, but I was simply trying to say that this was a major world event that is common knowledge.

          2. Since you are an accomplished historian with extensive knowledge on major world events.

            Can you please tell me what year the Magna Carta was signed and what the Magna Carta was all about?

            It is a document in which ALL modern democracies trace their foundation too.

            Do enlighten me with your knowledge.

            Be warned, we can all use Google and Wikipedia.

  3. Yeah, as was the case with TheDre, I too was quite uninterested about this, nineteen, boys, getting high and having fun. But I did hear a bit about it, but I’d heard people were standing in front of the tanks and wouldn’t move when they were all mowed down. I also wasn’t aware of any gunfire.

  4. China has an excess of gooks. their govt couldn’t care less about wasting some of them. just think, each of those dead gooks would’ve bred more gooks and the world would now be overrun with gooks. population reduction. there’s nothing wrong with wasting a bunch of people as long as the right people get wasted. allahu akbar.

    1. My drunk uncle once told me that a man’s dick goes slightly to the side upon entering an Asian pussy.

      I’d like to find out if that’s true, or not. Probably not. He was a buffoon. Still, though. I’d like to get me some Chinese trim.

      1. Your uncle was partly right Future…

        It’s actually that an asian woman’s slit goes horizontally not vertically… so when you fuck an asian chick the more she spreads her legs the tighter she gets!

  5. Our governments here in the west are always going on about wicked leaders killing their up risers or ?freedom fighters? from our medias point of view. Just wait until our economies get a lot worse and we up rise, our governments will be killing us to.

  6. Thats the year i was born, however i did do a paper in this in school.. Very interesting stuff. The stories do vary from place to place so its nice to read an unbiased opinion on the situation!

      1. On a slightly chilly morning so the bodies are all extra steamy and theres dew everywhere so the blood spreads a tad quicker than usual, that would be a beautiful scene! (the crashing in my area not the me dying in the plane..)

    1. Tulio.

      That is because MacArthur was a gritty, hard military man who had the bollocks to get things done and make hard decisions.

      Tis a pity the American (fuck yeah) political system puts a Civilian in the top job with greater rank over the Military.

  7. From what I read, which is a fucking lot, the Chinese government is a very strong, respected power in China. They see themselves as representing one people and one civilization, all of one group, so the government IS THEM. Contrast that with the West, where whatever politically-minded group can buy off the local politicians runs the show. That group has been Jews for many years. That’s why our kids fight and die for Israel.

    So now you know.

  8. I remember learning about this in high school while reading Orwell’s 1984. Don’t remember exactly how it related, but interesting to see the pictures. Learned more through the pictures than I did from class.

  9. is it kinda weird that this got posted the day after our Econ teacher told our class about it?=) anyways he said that when his daughter went to china on a study abroad program they asked her about it. Luckily her sponsor had told her to act dumb and say she had no idea what it was. He said if they thought they knew something, theyd be dead mother fuckers!

  10. How do you vet the authenticity of your pics? Some of these do not appear to be Tiananmen Square. In fact, in the one with the burnt guy hanging from the bus, the setting looks more rural than Tiananmen, and the people do not look ethnically like Chinese ( the scenery and the people look more Southeast Asian, as though it were taken on Indochina).

    Also, you seem to be something of a conspiracy theorist:

    “As was the case with the Eastern Bloc, China was also infiltrated with a group of trained saboteurs from the west who located easy to bribe troublemakers and paid them to start shit.”

    LOL. You seriously believe the Tiananmen Square protesters were all on the US payroll? You’re an idiot.

    Provide some compelling evidence for this or take the tin foil hat off.

    As for the “Fake Syrian Army”, what the fuck do you know about what’s happening in Syria? What are you, an Assad fan? I wouldn’t be surprised if there are Al Qaeda type militants among the rebels, but ALL OF THEM? Ridiculous. We’ll have no idea who the dominant players are among the Syrian rebels until the dust settles.

  11. As matter of fact,I’m a chinese myself,I’ve read all the comments before.Honestly,you can learn nothing about this in China because of our government,even trying to load on BG.(vpn myself=_=).I’m sure that 90% of teenagers in China never heard about this.I’m 20 myself,and my dad told me about this because he experienced.Yes,not like western countries,our government is too powerful which means that they can do anything they want to.However,what happened on Tian’anMen have passed for years,and what we feel in China now is quite different from then,and I believe this will never happen in China(Forgive my unstandard English)

  12. I pride myself on knowing alot about history but i admit i was caught our by this one. I never knew that chinese soldiers were murdered or tanks destroyed.

    Is it me or did my country’ s news only tell me that poor civilians were killed.

    Also i read that this event started out as a racist attack on african black students studying in china on scholarships.i had to read non establishment media to find that out. No doubt it then morphed into a real anti gov riot but funny how no one mentioned racist angle.

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