1996 Execution of President of Afghanistan Mohammad Najibullah

1996 Execution of President of Afghanistan Mohammad Najibullah

Dr. Mohammad Najibullah was the fourth and last president of the Soviet-backed Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. Unfortunately for him, Moscow put an end on war in Afghanistan and with Soviet troops withdrawn, his ability to keep the country under control suffered. Soviets continued to support and fund him but in 1991, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, their support stopped.

In 1992, Mohammad Najibullah lost the civil war he was hoping to contain and his government collapsed. His wife and kids had been exiled in India, but Najibullah himself was blocked from leaving Kabul. In fear of his life, he took refuge in the United Nations headquarters where he stayed until 1996.

In 1996 the Taliban took Kabul and captured Mohammad Najibullah and his brother. The two were publically beaten, tortured, dragged behind cars, castrated and hanged from a concrete traffic control post, mere blocks away from the UN compound.

Video below is some kind of documentary on how the Taliban took over Afghanistan after withdrawal of the Soviets. There are a few shots of the extremists dragging Najibullah and his brother behind a car and of them hanging after the execution. Shit language warning:

Gallery of photos of Mohammad Najibullah and his brother hanged to death by the Taliban in Kabul, Afghanistan:

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24 thoughts on “1996 Execution of President of Afghanistan Mohammad Najibullah”

  1. allahu akbur. Still you have to give to the russians the amount of waste they laid upon these akburs, they shooted them from helicopters, burned their fucking towns with diesel in drunk-frenzy fueled attacks, and still the place is a shit . Allahuakburs never learn.

      1. Before the Soviets stuck their big fucking noses in Afghanistan… Afghanistan was the wealthiest nation in Central Asia. With a GDP per Capita the same as Portugal.

        It even had a Marks & Spencer in Kabul.

        Not that I care for the nasty bastards. My only regret is that the Soviets didn’t nuke the bastards.

  2. Now Afghanistan fucks Russia with Heroin, Russia has become the biggest consumer of Afghan heroin with 21% of all the drug consumed in the world, About 2-2.5 million people in Russia are drug users? and 90% of drug-dependent people use Afghan heroin, Over the last 10 years, the quantity of drug addicts in Russia skyrocketed tenfold, claiming 30,000-40,000 lives annually. PAYBACK TIME.

    1. @roosterjoe
      Payback indeed! Thats why cia wont shut down afghan opium poppy fields. Sad thing is afghanistan never had it so good when the najibullahs were in.

      For the ladies, miniskirts and hairstyles were allowed and education etc something the zionato yanquis have STILL not been able to do after being there fourteen years!

      Only tossers complaining were talibans and the zionatos were telling the world that these fucks were good guys and love the american way and love mac donalds and all that bullshit! And most people believed it!

      Taliban get in ,what happens ,shut down schools ,cover women in sheets ,make men pray and apple snackbar whole time.

      Now talibans are now our enemies all of a sudden and anyone with a brain could see they were all vicious gayboys with sexslave “teaboys” dancing the whole time.funny how we dont see that on night news ,do we?

      Sorry roosterjoe.just could not resist railing against the injustice of it all!

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