Acapulco Off to a Bloody Start in 2013

Acapulco Off to a Bloody Start in 2013

Acapulco was so bloody in 2012, it earned itself a title of the world’s execution central. And here we are in the first few days of 2013 and Acapulco is already so bloody, it gives 2012 run for the money. I suppose the message Acapulco gives us is – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The very first day of 2013 was marked by several executions in Acapulco, including about half a dozen killed taxi drivers. The very first corpse found was left dismembered in the trunk of Ford Fiesta with plates belonging to the state of Guerrero. The victim was badly tortured while alive, possible beaten with a baseball bat.

I know for sure that Acapulco stays way off the list of places to visit now or ever. The place is at par with other murder zones like Pattaya in Thailand or Caruaru in Brazil. Tis will be an interesting year for Mexican narco content, I can just tell.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Those are a few of my scars. They used to be longer and darker but its been over ten years so they’ve faded a bit. There’s some on my stomach and legs but not really on my arms. But i finally got some guts to show them.

      1. @obli…yes they are self-inflicted. Those two came from being disturbed at work. Sitting in the tattoo shop parking lot in my car wanting to vaporize myself. good times.
        and yes more like 2 buckets! lol

  1. Ohhh!!!! Yes Mark This year will be one of the most prolific ones…but almost nothing is actually making it to media hotspots it´s a new administration so are the rules, like the old days only suicides car crash and high impact crimes will be aviable for U…A lot of kidnnaping, rumors about the narcosatanicos. and their trucks and semitrucks equipped with thermokings loaded with human corpses are arising on the street again and and reporters who don´t dance along the pied piper tune are gettin´ fired from mainstream media or assinated…

  2. Taxi Drivers = Halcónes (Hawks or Snitchers) = Low Level Drug Dealers

    State of Guerrero (Acapulco) is a disputed territory between the Sinalóa Federation & BLO (Beltran-Leyva Organization) & 20+ smaller thugs/gangs/low-bottom feeders. Now that President Nieto (PAN Party) is back in power, thanks to «El Chapo» Guzmán & the Federation inserting millions of pesos into his campaign, he is allowed to have his territory back, with the protection from the PGR, Marina, Federales, etc. . . thus, the escalation of killing, kidnappings, extorsion & dismemberment.

    Gung Hee Fut Choi 2013 everyone – year of the SNAKE

    1. Seriously, thanks for that informative blog post. I was actually looking for a post like yours that explained why a taxi driver or waiter would be targeted for such heinous activity. Now I know why. Being a low level hawk or snitcher in the illicit drug world is a certain death sentence in Mexico

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  4. I read in today’s paper that in Acapulco a gang stormed a bus and killed the bus driver and his assistant who collected fares. The frightened passengers ran out of the bus. The gang then set fire to the bus with the dead men inside. Hopefully Mark will have a story with pictures.

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