Acapulco Still the Most Dangerous Place in Mexico

Acapulco Still the Most Dangerous Place in Mexico

I know the state of Chiapas has been trying uber hard to win the title of the most dangerous place in Mexico, and it’s done hell of a good job at it, but Acapulco… Man! Things keep going from bad to worse there. The rate at which assassinations take place in Acapulco are off the hook and are getting worse. Acapulco is still hands down the most dangerous place in Mexico.

Here are a few photos of people killed by organized crime groups in Acapulco, Guerrero during the last week. One incident involved gunmen attacking two men inside a red and white VW Beetle taxi – one of them was the driver the other was a passenger he’d picked up. Two other men were killed in a garage on the Acapulco-Mexico Federal Highway at the entrance to the village of El Quemado. In broad daylight, a few men dropped their cars off in the workshop and when they returned to pick them up, they paid the workers with lead and fled. Another victim was an 80 year old man who was murdered while lying in a chair reading a newspaper. Two more men were executed while drinking beer and eating fish in the backyard of their home. Yet another home was targeted with a bomb – two people died, there was a third in the house but he survived with injuries requiring hospitalization.

Even when there are no posts from Acapulco for a few days, it doesn’t mean the days have gone without murders in this port city. It looks like Acapulco hasn’t had a day without bloodshed in eons. The city still safely clings to the post of the most dangerous place in Mexico without breaking a sweat.

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15 thoughts on “Acapulco Still the Most Dangerous Place in Mexico”

  1. Apparently it’s spread to the cordoned-off tourist areas as well. Not murders but petty crimes like theft and scams. One woman said her passport was missing from her bag after it went through customs, and the tour guide later told her it had “shown up” but he needed $20 to pay the thief who stole it, and, hero that he is, he’d handle the whole thing. It’s perfectly clear that it was a scam that this tour guide regularly ran with one of the customs officials at the airport.

    Another guy got hit with the broken jet ski scam — given a nonworking jet ski so he could not go out on the water with his friends, then the nonworking one is swapped for a wrecked one. Soon the guy was alone on the beach and the owner of the rental jet ski, with about ten other menacing-looking local guys, was telling the poor tourist that he’d “broken” the jet ski and now had to pay $200. But what’s this? The local cop just happens to be on the beach and intervenes, telling the tourist that he’ll cut him a deal and bargain it down to $100, but the tourist still has to pay for damages. Damages which he has not caused, of course.

    I wonder if these scams will be spreading to Cancun as well? If they do, Mexico can kiss its tourist industry goodbye. I wonder why western tourists still go to Acapulco at all? Apparently the beaches there are now widely used by the locals and are indescribably filthy. And of course just a few miles from the resorts people are slaughtering each other.

  2. Damm! cant even chill in the shade and have cold one without getting shot at, fuck! gotta use a snow plow here in this tropical weather environment just to push all the dead bodies out of my front street!

  3. I think someone just felt bad for that old man. Put him out of his misery. Had nothing to do with drugs, they just got blamed for it. If I lived in mexico, i’d kill all the people i hate and blame it on the cartels too. I doubt much investigating happens.

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