Al-Mutassim Billah Terrorists Execute a Man, Then Their Gun Jams

Al-Mutassim Billah Terrorists Execute a Man, Then Their Gun Jams

Take note of the victim’s clothes – we will soon see a daytime video of him without the bag over his head and with Al Jazeera hired actor lamenting in the audio track that this was an unarmed protester martyred by Bashar Al Assad’s Shabiha thugs. That’s how much Syrian terrorists rock. First they execute an unarmed civilian on camera so they can brag before their fellow terrorists and then they use the body for propaganda so checks from sponsors don’t stop coming.

It is typical of Sunni terrorists to tie hands of captured civilians behind their backs and execute them with gunshots to the head. To justify their executions, they label every captured civilian a Shabiha (ghost), which is a name they give to everyone who’s peaceful and does not want to support their blood soaked genocide. They also called little children they executed in Houla Shabiha.

The executioners in this video call themselves Al-Mutassim Billah, which literally means “He Who Is Devoted To God”. Devoted to which God? Snackbar? Your God must be proud to have terrorists for minions. Devoted to God my ass.

I wonder whether the real reason why Al-Mutassim Billah put the bag over the victim’s head for the execution was that he was not the same man as the one who’s ID they briefly showed in the beginning of the video. The last few seconds of the video are the best – the worthless Sunni scum can’t even keep their weapons Turkey smuggled in to supply them with for free keep working. It jammed on the useless fuck as he was gonna deliver the finishing headshot.

Props to 420Kiwi for the video:

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      1. My sources inform me that Assad is already planning to flee Damascus to a remote region of Syria where his Akbar sect is majority to try to hold the sunni akburs there with russian and chinese support. The problem is that, apparently, even quite a few of these akburs of Assad’s sect are pissed off with the syrian government, so probably he’ll end up applying for political asylum somewhere (perhaps even in Banana Republic, who has sizable non-akburin’ syrian community)

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    1. I agree with that assessment, I think he will be out of power by years’ end. Problem with those countries, is that they have spent so many years under a dictatorship, they don’t know how to have a democracy. When a supposed democratic leader gets into place, the power trips begin. I believe, they believe they will change things, but in fact, it always comes back to the same old shit. This is the westernized world, they want to westernize, which wouldn’t be so bad, because it certainly would decrease our illegal immigrants significantly, however, they can’t figure out that being a westernized culture, requires people to be able to form opinion.

  1. I can’t imagine any moment more powerful than when I pardon someone’s life. The moment when I am stronger than my hate and my frustration. Tell me about to feel liberated. As to be born to real freedom.

  2. Guys did yall hear bout the burmese people killing muslims basically in their thousands. Funnily its the Buddhists who are killing them. This story has been floating around facebook btw so I dont know if the information is accurate :L .

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