Al Nusra Jihadists Drive ISIS Out of Abu Kamal, Find Victims of Summary Executions

Al Nusra Jihadists Drive ISIS Out of Abu Kamal, Find Victims of Summary Executions

Jihadist groups operating in Syria are now openly going against one another. I’d say it’s good for Syria cause the sooner they cancel each other out, the better. But unfortunately, it’s the innocents who get caught in the crossfire and neither side will care.

On April 10, 2014 Jihadists with Jabhat Al-Nusra confirmed that they drove Jihadists with the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) out of Abu Kamal. Later on, however, they came upon a grisly scene – dozens of people summarily executed by ISIS with gunshot to their heads. Many had their hands tied behind their backs for the execution.

I suppose that’s a step up from constantly framing President Bashar al Assad with every atrocity committed by the jihadists, but regardless, it’s still a horrific tragedy with the innocents paying the ultimate price.

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  1. Their savagery never ceases, and they want to set up their own country? Haha, they’d execute all the citizens. In a few days we’ll see a video of Al-Nusra choppin heads off, like those fucks are any better. Voices sounding all shocked, like they can’t believe what they’re seeing! Gotta love the universal Allah Akbar

  2. I am fully aware of how fucked the U.S is and although I am disgusted by the many atrocities going on here within the States, every time I see a new post on this website I suddenly become very thankful for where I was born. Sure, there’s a lot of horrible things going on here as well but when I see what’s going on all over the rest of the world I realize how much worse things could be and how lucky I really am.

      1. Yes @wicked mama . We may not be free in the monetary sense , although I’m working on that . But we don’t have to worry about getting blown to bits every minute of every day . And even if we did get injured in an attack , we’d be picked up , taken in to hospital free of charge and sorted out . Lucky indeed .

  3. Sadly, Sunni extremist (Wahabbist/Salafist) militias are being supported by Saudi Arabia AND Zionism: a classic (but cynical) strategy of divide and conquer in which Isre-Hell becomes the prime benefactor. “King Bibi” (as he has been referred to by Time magazine) has already annexed the Golan Heights which belonged to Syria via the distraction of the “human catastrophe” taking place there.

  4. I’m sorry but once again I’m calling this PROPAGANDA. If you take some time to research into “crisis actors” this video might make a little more sense. These are actors and a few “dolls”. The amount of blood and or cranium damage that should be consistent with “execution style” is off. I know. This site has posted that stuff for years. The fact that every single body appears to be rigged and stiff is odd too. Unless these victims have been laying there for about 3 hours before anyone managed to find them and whip out their smartphone for a few alluahakbars, then rigor mortis shouldn’t be that extreme. You can see this in the bodies that they attempt to move in the video. Truth be told there is a great deal of misinformation out there and this seems to paint a very effective picture of how “brutal the Assad’s are”.

    1. I gotta admit, you made some great points there. I definitely thought it looked staged and as if the bodies were posed specifically for the camera and acouple of the “dead” looked like they were dolls. Either way though, this shit is still going on over there, whether they’re making propaganda videos or not.

      P.s if that is Charlie Day in your photo – I Love you! Haha

      1. Take a look at the new video just posted of that kid who was killed by a gunshot wound to the head. It makes this video appear even more suspicious. And yes, that is Charlie and he cracks me up. “IS YOUR CAT MAKING TOO MUCH NOISE ALL THE TIME?!”

  5. It’s so sad. Such a waste of human life. I would have taken a massive shit in my skinny pants due to fear if I were one of those poor guys. Sometimes people tend to forget to see that those people are still human beings and that the ones that get killed are usually the peaceful ones. If I’m ever faced with death I will purposely shit myself as one last act of rebellion against society. I’m weird.

    1. I know. And they wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t take them seriously. Just fucking stop it. It doesn’t do a goddamn fucking thing. Your god is an invention of a fucking homicidal child fucking drug addict and a religion that is just a rip off of Christianity which itself is a rip off of the Torah and original Hebrew religion. They just changed the fucking names in the stories. Mohammed couldnt even come up with his own shit. His narrative text between stories is nothing but a hate filled manifesto. He talks about killing the infidel an awful fucking lot for this being a religion of peace.

  6. I suppose the killers swept through the town / village and wantonly killed any young male they saw . It looks like some were captured and lined up and others murdered where they were found . Either way , it’s a grizzly scene .

  7. I just hope that those from the UK that go over to Syria to fight with the Jihadists get blown up or shot and then they can’t come back here, polluting this country with their Allah Akbar crap.

  8. As I have repeatedly said if this is a merciful god you can keep your god! I would rather believe in nothing than believe in this kind of ‘merciful’ higher power…..enjoy you 40 virgins 🙂

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