Al Qaeda Admits Responsibility for Execution of 13 Men in Deir Al-Zoor, Syria

Al Qaeda Admits Responsibility for Execution of 13 Men in Deir Al-Zoor, Syria

Al Qaeda terrorists and their teammates from the propaganda spreading team failed to synchronize their action properly and suffered yet another major flop which despite clearly showing who the real terrorists in Syria are, will be successfully ignored by the mainstream media and dismissed by the sheep.

First, a video from Deir Al-Zoor in which corpses of 13 men with hands tied behind their backs and throats slit are shown was published by the propaganda team with emotional rhetoric narrated over the graphic images. The video is still on YouTube, published by an active member of the propaganda team – SHAMSNN. He must be one of those guys hired by Al Jazeera to take videos of civilians killed by the Fake Syrian Army and add strongly worded narration blaming Bashar al Assad for it.

The video posted by SHAMSNN is titled (in Arabic):

شام دير الزور جثث مجهولة الهوية في قرية السجر مكبلة ومعدومة ميدانيا من قبل عصابات الاسد 29 5 2012 ج2

Google Translate tells me that it means:

Cham Deir Al-Zour unidentified bodies in the village of Alsger bound and non-existent on the ground by gangs Assad 29 52 012 c 2

The same video with English subtitles which translate the narration is below. Basically, Fake Syrian Army brutally executed 13 civilians, filmed their corpses and passed the video on to a hired narrator who audio dubbed the emotional rhetoric over it and published it on the internet with false claim that these people were killed by forces loyal to president Bashar al Assad:

So far so good. Quality propaganda piece, any sheep would fall for it and call for immediate intervention by western superpowers in Syria to help those innocent people who are being slaughtered by bloodthirsty Bashar thugs, right? Of course.

Trouble is that on an Al Qaeda website where terrorists publish their successful hits to boast before their followers, a member of the Fake Syrian Army published the same video without audio dubbed rhetoric and with scenes of Al Qaeda terrorists who executed these people still included. Oops!

On the Al Qaeda site, the video is published with text (in Arabic) which is an official statement by Al Qaeda that they executed these people because, as the text alleges, they admitted to belonging with the security forces. Hmmm, admitted? The signs of torture tell me everything about how these people admitted to that. Well done, Al Qaeda. Check out the video as it was posted on the Al Qaeda website below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Thank you for eleven years of Best Motherfucking Gore.

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  1. I wanna see a live interview with Hillary Clinton, and see the host/interviewer show all these videos of syria to her and see how she responds. I know, it’ll never happen. But it would be nice to see her squirm.

      1. Lewinsky was HOT!

        And I would have done far more than stick a cigar up her pussy if I were Billy.

        Probably the only worthwhile slice of Woman Billy had ever had.

        Especially considering the bizarre mating rituals of a ‘Hillary’.

    1. Myself and my associates are far more astute than many give us credit for.

      I think a larger percentage of the population now understand the lies MSM are force feeding us.

      I think this decade will be one of radical, political upheaval and rejuvenation.

  2. The only way it can go better in Syria is that Bachar closes all borders and eradicates those who seeks for Syria’s fall. Then things would go back to “normal” and maybe he’ll do the right moves by giving the people what he truly wanted at the beginning : free speech.

  3. Could someone fill me in a little about this whole Syrian-Al Qaeda conspiracy? I just recently started paying attention to all this but I believed I missed a few things as the connections are not clear to me.

    First of all, why would the governments of the world and the U.N. support the rebels if it is really Al Qaeda trying to make a power move? I doubt the terrorists are making a good enough show to actually convince governments. Their propaganda may be pointed at the mass but I would think the governments would counter those articles in support of the rebels with the actually truth.

    And the second is I just need a better explanation of all the dots that are connected.

    Any other inquires I have will be addressed after I see a few comments.

    Also please do not comment if you are going to say something like ‘research your own damn self’ because I am also doing that. Leaving a reply is just one of my approaches.

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