Alleged Rapist Crucified in Michoacan by Knights Templar Cartel

Alleged Rapist Crucified in Michoacan by Knights Templar Cartel

24 year old Eladio Martinez Cruz was tortured, killed and crucified because some ho whined to a drug cartel that he had raped her. How much do I believe a ho who took to a drug cartel to take revenge upon a guy to speak truth?. About as much as I believe the Jews who whine to the sheep about gas chambers.

Eladio Martinez Cruz was crucified on a traffic sign in the municipality of Contepec in the Mexican state of Michoacán, about 45 miles north-east of Morelia and 50 miles north-west of Mexico City on September 7, 2012. Rumor has it that he was crucified by members of the Knights Templar Cartel (Los Caballeros Templarios) or possibly La Familia Michoacana, though the former is more generally accepted. Neither cartel accepted responsibility and authorities have not named anyone either.

Since it was a Narco execution, he was hung there with a narcomensaje attached to his body with two ice picks (did Narco sicarios watch the Luka Magnotta tape?). The narcomensaje bore the following text:

Esto me pasó por violador y esto le va a pasar a todos los chismosos, dedos traidores sépanlo que esto no es un juego

English translation:

This happened to me for being a rapist and it will happen to all the gossipers, snitches, traitors, know this is not a game

This was the first execution by crucifixion by the drug cartels in Mexico. While it is not seen in the photo, the victim’s genitals had reportedly been cut off and stuffed into his mouth.

Thanks Pussydealer666

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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89 thoughts on “Alleged Rapist Crucified in Michoacan by Knights Templar Cartel”

    1. I have to agree with you, Hawk. It is a big problem with women lying about rapes to cover up their own infidelity. It hurts genuine rape cases.

      Even though a man is eliminated as a suspect and a woman exposed as a deceitful whore, the suspicion over that man still hangs in the public mind as a dark cloud.

      Nicole: Where are you hon? Are you okay. Please make a big sound very soon!

      1. I’m in college and its ridiculous how many times people or places are put under suspicion just for everyone to later find out another dumb drunk whore was just making a last ditch attempt to preserve her social image. Bitch pleaaaaase, we all know you get down like that.

          1. Bro Over Hoes Fiend!

            No, but serious, those Whores who lie about getting raped hurt Females who are actually raped more than it hurts men. Its the females who should be outraged at these lying bitches.

          2. According to a republican senator, us females have a built in anti rape device, and if we are truly raped it’s because we secretly wanted it. I knew about using ones pussy as a weapon, but what the hell runs through a mans mind when he says that in a public and televised speech?

          3. @hh
            The senator is most likely filled with guilt for all the women he has raped… trying to justify it with his ludicrous cock talk.

            Ever seen the film “Liquid Sky”?
            It’s a weird ass film (I love it), the main character kills with her c**t.

          4. @Happy Hooker
            Well, according to this one Justice department court case, a Nigger tied up and beat and Raped a young woman, and he charged with Man-Slaughter and was release 5 years loater to rape and murder again… He was charged with Man slaughter because accord to the lawyer and Judge the girl that was tied up beaten and murdered was just a case of “Sexual Misadventure”. So anything can happen with this current fucked up system of Negrophilia.

          5. @fiend
            I was a rp junkie/geek for years. One of my best characters had microscopic tentacles in her snatch that injected men with venom that they became instantly addicted to and would this become enslaved. It was fun and funny ^_^ I will look into the movie.

          6. Happy Hooker…

            I hate Racism too. I hate the fact that people are given important jobs in this country not based on their Skills or Capabilities… But due to what the colour of their skin is.

            I hate the fact that the country that my forefathers built is being raped repeatedly by the World’s never ending tides of Human Waste.

            But most of all… I hate the scum who hold the floodgates open… The Fifth Column. The Enemy Within.

            True. White Men rape White Women… Although you find Negroes are more prone to all sorts of crime then any other race.

            Ignoring the FACTS will result in maybe you falling into trouble one day.

          1. I’m not saying girls don’t get raped and I’m also not butt hurt. It’s a matter of observation not opinion. If guys had the same problemyyou would hear me talking about that.

  1. The problem with crucifying somebody on a traffic sign and positioning him in the middle is that the public will not be able to tell whether to go east or west to avoid crucifixion themselves.

    It is all very well crucifying someone with their genitals in their mouth, however they should obey the rules of traffic control, the traffic laws state that all instruction must be clear, concise and easily viewable, the message therefore should be taken down for violation of protocol.

  2. No need to go to farm world or a golf course when there’s a perfectly suitable tourist attraction that the whole family can enjoy right here.

    With that cornfield in the back it almost seems like the cartel was reenacting a scene from Jeepers Creepers.

  3. I think it was the guy who sent the pics!


    Anybody with a name like that would be pissed over the forcible taking of his commodity! A pussy thieving rapist took what didn’t belong to ’em, and your source dealt with the situation. 😀

  4. in banana republic (and probably in most latin countries like mexico too) sexual offenses are taboo even for the most hardcore criminals. The guy who gets convicted for rape, sent to a high security prision and word spreads on why is he there, is as good as dead in most cases, or even worse. The banana republic tradition is to turn “violines” (sexual offenders) into homemade LIPSTICK TRANNIES for the enjoyment of the rest of the convicts.
    In other order of ideas, is funny to see how even BR’s bank robbers, cop killers and other social detritus are morally above the alleged allahuakbur raping someone in the other day update. Send these meteorite worshippers to a mexican prision and they are going to teach them what is good and what is evil by reaming a huge QURAN trough their asses

    1. In the UK sex offenders go on the ‘nonces’ wing. They are seperated from the rest of the inmates for thier safety as they will be beaten to a pulp. What that actually means is that they have a ‘cushy’ time in prison. They have the same facilities as other inmates but there are much smaller numbers. So, they will have a pool table but with fewer prisoners so they don’t have to fight over it. Not that they would as traditionaly they are cowering little individuals who lick the ‘screws’, prison officers, arses all the time. The general prison population despise them and will pour boiling water with sugar over them at any chance they get. Still, they get a much better time in prison then anyone else.

      1. Mandatory castration for ‘instinctual’ Paedophiles… That will soon sort them out.

        Execution for the ‘sadistic’ Paedophiles.

        I make the difference because the former type of Paedophiles is afflicted with a mental illness. They cannot help their attraction to pre-pubescent children.

        I like to compare Paedophilia to Homosexuality in that regard.

        Although, unlike Homosexuality, Paedophilic desires should NEVER be acted upon. Medical assistance should be sort IMMEDIATELY if one has Paedophilia desires.

        The latter type of Paedophile however… The ‘Sadist’ type. Is less interested in the sexual aspect of the act, and more interested in the act of harming the child… These individuals… Although exceedingly rare. Need to be exterminated.

    1. We have no need to “improve our image” people love us in our homeland, they have us over for dinner I have many pictures from children thanking us for bringing peace to them, getting rid of the drunks bringing legitimate jobs and building homes for the poor. Please do research before you throw us with the filth that we are sworn to eliminate. ? Viva la Orden de la Caballeros Templarios
      El Soldado

  5. I live a mile from one of the borders into Mexico. Every so often you’ll hear grenades if you’re close enough. Just the other day a Mexican fishing in the river got shot down by a BP agent. Some of the fuckers in the cartels have “soldados” in the city I live In.

  6. In Mexico a lot of the times your better off reporting crimes to the cartels because one the cops are so corrupt people dont trust them at all and most of the times the cops are involved with the crime anyway so if you report it you’d just be reporting yourself to the same people your snitching on, and two the cartels deal out street justice which is always faster and more brutal than anything the Mexican courts could ever hand out, not to mention the cartels are connected to everything and anything that happens they know about it…for instance your car gets stolen the cartel will find and return it that same day, your house gets broken into they’ll find the thief make him return everything he took and let you punish him how you see fit. It’s very much like the godfather. The funny thing is the cartels cause crime but if you report it to them they’ll make it better and try to make things right, the cops cause crime and you report it to them they’ll threaten, intimidate, assault, frame, or even kill you for it

    1. We are not a cartel, we are a brotherhood of good men who have sworn to protect the motherland and rid the filth from it. It’s Caballeros Templarios, a worldwide brotherhood with strict rules we all must abide by. We are not street thugs most of us are college educated and sworn to a life of poverty. We do not even have a reason to do any of the things that you say. You need to realize that these filth too scared to do their crimes alone falsely use our good name to scare people into thinking they are one of us in turn tarnishing our good name that many good men have died to protect. We are not Cartel De Caballeros Templarios. Please research us, we are not what those doing the filth seek to make us to be. They seek to destroy us because we are sworn to eliminate them.
      El Soldado

    1. in any case, baked, from what I saw of AMERICA in these 2 months that im living here as an illegal alien f1 visa student, the only way in which americans try to pick up, convince someone else to exchange kisses, intercourse, etc is being COMPLETELY DRUNK, and in the case the counterparty is not drunk, the drunk one will spend copious amounts of money buying her/him drinks to achieve union in mutual drunkeness.
      Miami is probably slightly different because of the cuban/latin american influence.

      1. yeah its the same, (one of my best friends from high scholl, now, not surprisingly, a diplomat used to adulterate with vodka the SPRITE bottle for the chicks in our teeny parties) but women tend to remain a little more on the sober side…well, everyone past their 21 birthday tend to remain a little more on the sober side than here…the other weird phenomenom that I witnessed is this strange America Fuck Yea drunk-mating ritual called GRINDING or grind-dancing…also called the “strike from behind” by one of my classmates (brazilian!)…I think I will dedicate another post exclusively to discuss that cheesy local custom later…

  7. Mark, please I understand that you are entitled to your opinions but it seems you have quite a following now and your opinions get taken as fact by people on this site. Please do not throw us in the pit of the filth that we , Los Caballeros Templarios are sworn to eliminate and protect the innocents and children. Especially with this story se?or, the young girl was found by her father attempting to hang herself. She did not come to anyone, her father came to the police, and once we heard of it we took appropriate action. This dog admitted to raping at least 27 girls and liked young girls. How can that be ignored?? How can someone let this filthy animal possibly walk free if he pays 400 pesos to hide evidence. We are loved in our territories which are among the safest in Mexico. I am not looking for supporters or things as such, I just need to speak the truth. Glory to the order, honor to the brotherhood, peace in the homeland, and respect towards you mark. ? viva la gloriosa orden de los Caballeros Templarios
    El Soldado
    Protector De La Orden

      1. It is a mis translation se?or in native tongue it means fakes or those who use the power of our name to commit these acts, he told the young girl he was a brother and threatened her with an ice pick this is why he took two with him to hell. We can no longer stand by in silence while our people are under the boot of the filth. Power to the innocents you no longer alone we are with you we hear your cries
        El Soldado

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