Alleged Rapist Executed by Hanging in Iran – New Video

Alleged Rapist Executed by Hanging in Iran - New Video

The Iphone plague – now also in Iran. Stupidity has no borders. It doesn’t seem to matter whether one is from the USA, Canada, Brazil or Iran, if they can’t understand that human eyes are horizontally oriented, they will naturally want to own an Apple product. They can’t merely settle with being moronic, they need to double their stupidity up.

Iran Human Rights watch group reported that alleged rapist Abdolreza Damankeshan commonly known as Navab was publically executed by hanging outside Lar prison in southern Iran. If I learned anything about human rights watch groups in alienated countries, it’s that they are usually more corrupt than the governments they speak against.

This is the first time I see a video of an Iranian execution carried out at night. The Iran Human Rights said that the man was executed in early morning hours – must have been very early morning hours it’s so dark. But the fishiest part about the Iran Human Rights’ report is the fact that the execution was allegedly carried out in order to “set an example for others”.

First of all – what kind of public execution is it when it’s carried out at night while everybody sleeps? And secondly, if you hang a person using a crane, it’s because you don’t intend to leave them there on display for very long. You wouldn’t call a crane in to hold a body suspended in the air. You’d hang him on a stationary structure. Case in point – the report by Iran Human Rights watch group stinks.

But what stink even more is the execution itself. The alleged rapist was loaded on a truck bed and then stood on top of small table. Noose was put around his neck and table kicked while truck slowly moved from underneath the body. The drop was not long enough to break the man’s neck so poor guy struggled for a long time as he was being slowly strangled.

You can see at the 4:15 minutes mark that he was suspended by a crane because crane operator raises him up a little. You can also hear the crane’s engine rumble off camera.

According to Iran Human Rights, Abdolreza Damankeshan was accused of rape but later during the trial, the victim withdrew her accusation. Iranian regime allegedly dismissed the withdrawal and ordered to go ahead with the execution to set Abdolreza Damankeshan as an example for others. Since we’ve already established that Iran Human Rights’ stinks to begin with, I have my doubts about this part of the claim too.

The video is new, it was filmed on May 25, 2012. It’s over 10 minutes long. The drop takes place at the 4:04 minute mark:

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104 thoughts on “Alleged Rapist Executed by Hanging in Iran – New Video”

        1. I agree, I think the flipping and flopping had more to do with the death spasm than the idea that the alleged rapist is conscious and flailing to get away, in this case, my heart pumps, well you know….

          1. Not true. When you watch the video, the movement are clearly very deliberate movements, him trying to raise himself up because of the agony of his body weight on his neck. A hanging victim can take up to 30 minutes to die.

          1. Yes you can see him struggling to free his hands. This movements are from the body’s natural instinct to breathe. Even ppl who commit suicide by hanging will thrash about.
            Depending on how the rope is tied and the knot unconsciousness can take between 5 -10 seconds.

          2. I agree with you that not every person who has been accused of a crime is guilty of the crime. This happens every where and it makes it hard for woman who truly have been raped to be believed by the police

        2. If this had been a drug dealer, and he was clearly guilty, I would love nothing more than to watch him flop and struggle in agony for several minutes. We need to take dealers, 16 and over, and do this to them in the states.

          1. hey, i agree. but – i ALSO would like to add to that category those addicts who without conscience or sense of guilt, coerce & introduce the trusting & naive among their personal acquaintances TO their insidious poisons, enslaving them hopelessly to them in order to enlist new sources for their own selfish greed & gain, all the while smiling encouragingly in their faces as if theyre giving them some great gift in generosity. Those people should be doused with petrol & burned alive. As for this hanging, id think it would suck to have to die with the kind of migraine the sudden burst of intense blood pressure that rope would force up into the brain before you could even strangle to death. Excedrin, anyone? 😀

          2. I used to sell drugs when I was 16 bro. I didnt know any better, I thought I was cool and I had money and girl friends and stuff. I am 28 years old now and am a professional married man who abstains from all sorts of illegal activity. Violent crimes rape and child molesters definitely should be tortured to death but drug dealing, especially on a small scale, less then kilos, should not be. Especially for youth.

  1. I was wondering why he took so long to die. The fall wasn’t long enough to break his neck. Guy slowly suffocated to death. He sets a shining example in the dark for some to follow while the majority sleeps.

  2. Never trust Iran. Even with all of their “All Talk, No Action” saber-rattling and posturing, never trust Iran.
    I agree with Mark. “Public Execution” held in the late night hours with a handful of witnesses, a makeshift gallows, and a vertical-eyed idiotPhone user as the only recording of the event… it stinks.
    Of course, I’m a cynic, so fuck Iran.

    1. Iran is one of three countries on this planet I would authorise urgent military action against (The others being North Korea, Saudi Arabia and perhaps Pakistan).

      A nation ruled by the Tenets of the most violent and corrosive religion this planet has ever witnessed is a recipe for disaster.

      I pity the Iranian people though. They should really pull their finger out and do the job themselves.

      1. Scratch out North Korea.

        My POA would be to strike Tehran and decapitate the leadership. I would let the Iranian people take over then.

        With Saudi and Pakistan. Their entire fucking nations need to be cleansed. A strategic Nuclear war against civilian and military targets would be the only remedy to the disease.

        1. The theory may work trooper,
          if saud is attacked by the west
          every flea infested rag head
          will get on the bandwagon,you
          know they are bad now,just
          wait till their top 2 holy sites
          are descecrated by the infidel.
          You would have to use so many
          nukes that the planet would be
          And how do you deal with the
          wads already within friendly
          Do you really want that??
          Personally i believe this is
          inevitable…..but to wipe out a
          billlion people is a big under-
          Plus every country that has nukes
          will get the jitters.

    1. I don’t care if the video is an HOUR long. I like seeing dune coons die. Fucking wastes of sperm. Shooting a girl in the eye with the cum that would create another camel fucker is more worthwhile than actual conception, if ya ask me. Which you did, because you posted your comment. You’re welcome.

  3. My drunken mind is trying to compel me to make a movie reference about Blondie saving this guy like he did for Tuco, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to risk insulting one of my favorite movies for this piece of shit. I’m sorry, Mr.Leone. The thought should have never entered my head.

      1. YES, this is how you properly STRETCH somebody, we only break the necks cause its humane, people cant let evil people suffer, which is the stupidest thing ever, I say let them suffer, eye for an eye.

  4. Those with power and authority will always find a way to twist and corrupt the laws of the land. Wonder what the government was trying to hide under the cover of night? Perhaps the victim lied in court and the authorities had no choice but to execute the guy in order to save face and not seem as if they were being led on by a civilian. If this guy was indeed a rapist then good riddance, should have suffered longer in my opinion instead of floundering about for only a minute and a half.

    1. It’s possible that it wasn’t nighttime. I’m not saying it wasn’t, because what the hell do I know, but where I live in the winter the sun doesn’t come up until almost 8:00 a.m. and is down by 4:30 p.m. It’s fucking dark all the time. That said, I’m fairly far north and Iran isn’t, so I really doubt they have the extreme long/short days we do.

  5. What a f’ked way to die.

    How’s the retarded crane driver revving the engine, he’s thinking hmmmm I better give it some gas cause this guy heavy and if I rev it more the noose will get tighter and he will die quicker…………. retard.

  6. Hangings is the reason I came to this webise, three months ago I found my 18 year old neighbour hanging in his garage, the cleaner screamed at me to phone 911, so of course I found myself staring at his tall limp body, his tounge curled into his mouth, that was the freakest thing was how long and curled his tounge was, so I’m not sure if I’m fucked in the head or I just wanted to see a man actually hang (not already deceased), I’m uncertain but since then seeing death interests me..

    1. I totally understand, when I was four I saw a very fat lady get shot in the head, her head exploded, the top of her skull went strait up, about two feet in the air, and, well, I’ve never been the same, people may say your all kinds of bad things, I say we just have a broader understanding of life.

  7. @ phatman, for some reason I’m unable to comment underneath your comment, it keeps skipping me off the page, but anyway I’m glad someone understands me, I think with it being suicide’s which we both witnessed, emotionally I feel nothing, at the time I was in a state of shock for about two days, but because they took themselves out I just think what a selfish thing to do, that would of been something watching her brains fly everywhere, seeing it on the internet to actually seeing is slightly different, I guess the fat lady was sick of being fat or something, this young lad was extremely good looking, talented and rich, fuck knows what was going on up stairs..

    1. She wasn’t a suicide, she was shot in the nose from about ten feet with a 44mag (I think), her face exploded and her crown went strait up, I never heard why, thats alot for a four year old, I can tell you that what you saw will always be in your memory, shit like that doesn’t go away.

  8. @phatman, thats way too much for a four year old to take on, the flashbacks and memory of it must be just as clear to this day, I hope you received councilling at such a young age, thats fucking sad, but hey it also makes you who you are today, even though we like to watch gore and be reminded of death everyday, perhaps thats just our fucked up way of dealing with it..

  9. Hardly was any kind of drop. More like a tip over with a long strangulation (1.5 minutes) and then using the crane to swing the sand monkey around a bit just to make sure he’s dead. And no, I didn’t take the sorry ass sand monkey across the river Styx ether. Left him hanging around on the other side. There’s no way I’m going to let a sand monkey stink up my truck for a trip to the other side, Fuck em’…

          1. @odgoso no worries there – im pretty good at distracting myself …but i do so enjoy playin with others..heh…..ive been meaning to ask you…where are you from? US? thats my guess anyways..

          2. @alicatt,why would i hate
            you??,am probably over
            12,000km from where you
            are,little place called
            new zealand(next to the
            great continent of aussie)
            took a while to reply coz
            3G went down as well as
            the power,2 feet of snow
            here,everything happens
            at once.
            Hate is reserved for
            religous zealots,kiddie
            fiddlers,rapists and nwo.

          3. @odgoso snow?!? EGADS! I just now put my air on…..hmmm….make sure you keep yourself warm…i could offer you some tips but im sure you dont need em! I dont think i have ever encountered a new zealander before. Oh and thanks for being nice to kitty cat – its been a shite week

          4. Well,heres hoping things
            get better for you,strange
            to think snow/winter here,
            hot/summer where you
            are,yet we are all on the
            same planet….keeping
            warm is easy,i find a
            blanket lol,dont want my
            imagination to run away
            with me(wont sleep)

          5. Yep,thats me,totally boring,
            been a long shitty day,kids
            have only just gone to sleep,
            have forgotten how to have
            fun,anyways getting funky
            on here is not me,such
            pursuits are beyond me now,
            a joke and kind word,or a
            witty comment is a good thing,
            just as a word of encouragement
            to someone who needs it is a
            precious thing,

          6. @odgoso and you have always been super kind to me…so i thank you! You are never beyond fun my friend..although i agree with you – usually online stuff bores the bejesus out of me but lately ive been one raging sexpot – i have no idea what thats about! But i will say i do enjoy, there, everywhere…in a house with a mouse…in a boat and with a goat…errmmm k that sam i am line really doesnt work in this situation!

          7. Hahaha,green eggs and
            ham…..there is no
            substitute for the real
            thing kitty kat,to feel the
            warmth and hear the
            heartbeat,to intwine your
            bodies and senses while
            trying to please each

          8. @Ali,ahh deep thought,
            you should go deeper,
            like a train speeding
            thru a tunnel to get to
            the daylight,the promised
            circle of light near the end
            of its journey,where its
            warm and you are briefly
            blinded by the light (giggle).

          9. Hehehe,think yourself
            lucky i am not there
            with you,chasing that
            train thru the tunnel,
            you would have to
            shower for a week to
            get the smell off…..
            anyhoo,i had better
            slip away,and behave,
            i think baked is chasing
            the dragon.ta ta.

          10. @odgoso
            alicatt68 at gmail dawt com
            you should use that sometime 🙂

            as well as anyone else who feels like emailing me 😀

          11. oh for the love of pete!!!!

            am i annoying or what?!? don’t answer that!! Sorry ppl for the repeat post
            apparently hitting the cancel reply button doesnt always work
            *mental note*

    1. @mracer… see its people like i want to make in face….the thing about the sex offenders list is that you cant see what they did just the fact they are on the sex offenders list…..heres where things get weird….

      in the UK if you come out of nightclub drunk and get arrested for pissing in the street you get charged with indecent exposure (which is a sex offence) so if you do get charged in court you will be charged with indecent exposure hence getting your name on the sex offenders list…..

      no by your reckoning you could be hanging a normal dude who in fact did not actually commit a sex offence but only pissed in the street at 4am

  10. Yeah, and i thought this one was bad.
    It seems a couple yrs ago, somewhere in the good ol’ US of A.
    A guy was walking around INSIDE his house, and a woman and her daughter walked by and looked into the house through opened curtains and called the powers that be.
    The guy was arrested, and the rest is history….
    Such is the sex offender hanging policy….

  11. Thought he was an escapologist lmfao
    Serious though, this is not Halal friendly is it, though I believe for this crime it should be slow and painful. But the Knot should be at the back
    (no good at priming bombs either)

  12. Oh sh*t, that was gruesome excruciatingly dying :/
    It must be quicker dead; Guy is fully consciousness about 1 minute! I fell bad watching him in panic and fear. I put myself in his place and i was seriously aghast.

  13. It seems odd to hang him in the middle-of-the-night to “set an example for others”. People are asleep. If they are confident in his guilt, why not execute him during the day? Saudi Arabia doesn’t behead the condemned in the middle of the night. Executing them at night defeats the purpose of public executions, which is to send a visible reminder that there are dire consequences for committing crimes.

  14. Despicable, deplorable, and against anything we stand for in this country. Was he found guilty of his crimes? Was he convicted before a jury of his peers? not one of these mother fuckers standing around tried to stop this. All you prick mother fuckers are going to be asked by the All Mighty why you didn’t feel the need to intervene, I wouldn’t wanna be wearing your shoes when that day comes

  15. Often in the United States we make mistakes here even with our ‘prized’ judicial system. I’m hoping with all my heart that he was guilty. My feeling is this: If someone is truly guilty of crimes such as this then why house them in prisons?

    That being said, I sure would hate to be executioner especially if the accused was not guilty. Being executioner carries a heavy burden within you until the day you die.

    I like hanging. I think it’s clean and even quicker if you get high enough and snap the neck from a drop!

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