Allied War Criminals Massacred More than 1 Million German POWs in One Month

Allied War Criminals Massacred More than 1 Million German POWs in One Month

If your grandpa is a WWII veteran, I have but one question for you – have you already spat in the loser’s face today?

What you see above is a screenshot from The Evening Independent – a St. Petersburg, Florida newspaper printed on April 24, 1945. I contains a report of Allies boasting of killing more than 1 Million German prisoners of war in just that one month. You can access the scan of the entire newspaper on Jewgle Newspapers and read it there for authenticity. The article reads:

April Prisoner Bag Over 1,000,000

Paris, April 24-AP- The allied bag of German prisoners during April already has passed the one million mark with six more days left in the month.

From April 1 to 22 inclusive 992.578 prisoners were killed. It is estimated that well over 20.000 were captured yesterday.

It is time to put the Jew propaganda aside and start to understand the real truth about World War 2. The bad guys in the conflict were the Allies, not Germans. It is time to stop blaming Germans and it is above all important for Germans to stop blaming themselves and feeling sorry for things their forefathers have NOT done. We have all been deceived, we have all been lied to. It should be in everyone’s interest to understand the real truth and hold those actually guilty responsible for the crimes committed, not their victims.

The execution of one Million German POWs as reported in the above listed article was just direct murder of imprisoned civilians. The crimes of allied war criminals did not end there. Millions of Germans were deliberately starved to death, their bodies filmed as they were being bulldozered into the pits and the videos used to spread lies that these were bodies of victims killed in the concentration camps. Allied expulsion policies implemented after the Second World War had one quarter of Germany annexed and 15 Million Germans expelled in what became the largest act of ethnic cleansing the world has ever seen. This large scale human suffering and deliberate mass murder are concealed and denied by our governments to this day.

Video below (in German) shows mass execution of German victims of expulsion (Vertreibungsopfer) by Czech war criminals. As you know Czech Republic is one of 13 most Zio friendly countries in the world which makes the country one of the despicable shitholes on this rock floating through space. The video shows war crimes committed on Germans by Allies, not vice versa:

It is also important to understand that Germany was provoked and pushed into corner until fighting back was unavoidable. What really started World War II was deliberate massacre of 58,000 German civilians in the Danzig corridor by Polish Bolshevik Jews in what became known as the Bromberg Massacre. This happened before the invasion of Poland and it was the pivotal event that made Germany have to invade Poland in order to protect their citizens.

On one day alone – appropriately named Bloody Sunday – Polish Jews, under the protection of the Polish Army, attacked a small German town and viciously murdered 5,500 Germans. More groups of Bolshevik Jews attacked Germans in Ponz, Lotz and Warsaw, killing the farmers on the outskirts, having their children nailed to barns, and their women repeatedly raped before hacking them to death with axes. Men were executed wherever they stood.

On August 20, 1939 Warsaw newspaper Depesza published the following statement:

We are ready to make a contract with the devil if he helps us fighting against Hitler. Listen: against Germany not only against Hitler. The German blood will be spilled in a future war in such streams like it wasn’t seen since the beginning of the world.

In his 1936 broadcast, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said:

We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not!

And so they did indeed.

Here’s a video slideshow of photos from the Bromberg Massacre. These atrocities were carried out in order to provoke Germany into invading Poland, an idea the UK and US war criminals have drooled over for years. Notice all the children massacred by notorious baby killers – the Jews:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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72 thoughts on “Allied War Criminals Massacred More than 1 Million German POWs in One Month”

    1. Now you are on to something. You are on your way to wisdom. The purpose of ww2 was to steal the wealth of the Germans. And the dirty crooked legged Jew stole the language from the Germans, raped their women, and even stole their fucking DNA for blonde hair blue eyes. The world needs a REAL hol0caust to wipe out the fucking dirty stinky rat jew.

      1. Boo fucking hoo, war is hell, 1 million, 6 million, hell 3 billion, wouldn’t be enough, kill em all, who cares what nationality they are, we have too many fucking people on this planet.

    1. Brother, are you kidding me? I am a german, and mark protect the real germans for the jewisch Zionists, and please hold up. My problem is, I think you a jewissch one that defend Zionism and Ill hate you. Your country have take our souveranity and UK bomb our citys, thats why I hate you bro. So, bequite or Ill hunt you!

          1. If you actually knew what you’re talking about. The U.S. stayed out of the war until Your Fuhrer declared war on the USA. So they crossed the ocean and kicked your ass not once, but twice. Now you welcome their bases because your more afraid of the Russians than the USA. Keep in mind, the victors write history.

      1. My Mom and her Mom were in Germany and lived with General Krauss. (Not sure of the spelling.) They fled from the Russians.

        One day some Jew kid was being hauled off to a train and she yelled and pointed at my Mom that she too was a Jew! The German soldier looked at my Mom and just smiled. She did not look like a Jew at all! She also spoke what was called Reich’s Deutch. Clear and pure correct German … thanks to the General’s Mrs.

        Lots of other stories …

      2. if you ever had the chance to talk to real surviving people from WWII you would find that Hitler wanted a pure dominating race free from any thinking except that of Mein Kampf. Taking control of the world for natural resources that Germany didn’t have. Now not been alive & living in Germany or any country I can’t say what is real or made up. Except their are the real facts that several high ranking officials in Hitler’s inner circle that spilled the beans in their books they wrote from countries they managed to except to before the fall of Germany even Japan official admits to the truths of Hitler’s crimes against non pure white race people. Even if you disprove the books how do you destroy the evidence that was unearth in 2004 when a company wanted to build near what was suppose to been a concentration camp the thousands of bones and Jewish people proven by DNA memorabilia from Jewish coulter and proper time frame books jewelry and religious artifacts that the Germans felt no value of it or it was worthless to keep and discarded it with the bodies? I wasn’t alive then and I don’t have proof either way but won’t stand by and let someone bash something they have no facts about.

        1. stop bickering As long as your white you’re alright so let it go and don’t let a language and lines on a map get in the way, I’m German born with half German half Irish blood in me. We all have the same blood in us. The British isles, France(Gaul), Italy, Spain(Celtiberia), Belgium,Norway, Holland.ect they all mixed together throughout history. like The Saxon tribe from Saxony,Germany conquered some of England thousands of years back then later the Angle Tribe from Angles Germany conquered settled in england as well and their languages mixed to become anglo-saxon or what we call today “Old English”, Shakespear talk which evolved into modern english after the Norman conquest, the normans were a viking and gaul mixed culture in northern france. So don’t hate the french or english or germans or anybody for that matter, if you do have to hate someone hate no people of other races. Keep the race right. white power!

  1. My one Grand Father was an officer in the Austrian army. The other was a physician. My Mom told me some horror stories about people being herded into school buildings and being slaughtered. Blood flowed out from beneath the door into the street. She never forgot the screams from within. This was in Poland and due to the Russians. Don’t t know the year or exact location.

    She told me a few creepy stories and bet she kept the worst to herself. :-/

  2. Eisenhower Death Camps. More German POW died there than all the Jew during WWII.
    Now that’s how you exterminate people…. you don’t build Showers, and barrack, and feed them and cloth and de-lice them…
    You just surround them with Barbwire and armed guards in barren and exposed area… and you don’t give them food or water and they’ll all die.

    Fuck Churchill, Eisenhower, Rosenfelt, and Stalin.

    The only Hero of the era, the man who offered countless compromise and peace, and who tried to avoid another world war at all cost was Adolf Hitler.
    A true giant among pygmies.
    Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess! Let their Spirit be with us, may their Souls rest!

    1. @Hawk well.. Not exactly hitler was an attention seeking whore that wanted power the stupid idiot was from Austria not German I don’t even know how the fuck he got to be dictator of Germany, hitler and Stalin have killed alot more people I’m not just talking about prisoners but innocent people too -.- but what do I know I’m just a guy from California.

        1. @Sunray65 well he was be he forced his way into power by killing and making opposing government members to disappear so basically using fear at his great advantage. He would have lost if he didn’t have his secret police and snitches. -.-

          1. Hitler was elected because none of 12 previous chancellors succeeded in overcoming high unemployment rate and bad economy. Hitler came with a plan and gave people hope. That is exactly what happened, jobs were created economy started to recover – he had overwhelming support all over, including in German territories occupied by the French and Belgians. Referendums were held to give people in border territories a choice to stay in foreign country and become Germans and going German was overwhelming. Everyone wanted Hitler as their leader. The same was done in Austria where 93% of people voted in favor of joining the reich.

          2. @slicer hitler was pusses off because the allies took everything from Germany in ww1 they had a crappy economy so that’s why he used the war to make more jobs ^_^ then after world war 2 Germany goes to shit and that’s were every bullshit starts it’s funny Germany gets analy hurt they try to start something then get their asses handed to them not once but twice..

  3. A few news clips don’t even come close to showing that happened!And if a MILLION german pows were murdered why has no American GI EVER said anything about it! Im not believing this propaganda for a second.Just like Obama is supposed to a muslum,a terrorist and not even a citizen of the US yet NO PROOF has ever been shown just doctored up phoney birth certificates from crazy people. Propaganda is what were ALL under NOW the Corperate/military industrial complex is driving all common people into the ground and a early death due to the lack of health care,crappy processed food ,pollution,and overall poor living standards for the masses! We all have a lot more to worry about than what the germans did or didn’t do!

  4. Well seems the new trend is now Hitler is a good guy. I wonder whats the explanation for invading France? Maybe they were drowning Germans in wine or planning a evil Zionist music hall

    1. We have ourselves a king sheep on BG. That he’s never heard of the French violating the Pact of Locarno is one thing, but to blindly follow Jewish brainwash, that takes an uber sheep.

  5. It’s called WAR. If you leave your enemy behind you, thinking he’s been defeated and has given up, you’re a fool. That’s why to the victor go the spoils.

    It’s the same everywhere, it’s always been the same, and it will forever be the same. No point in crying over it.

  6. The germans had it coming to them so i feel no remorse or pity for this scum. Although i agree in wat they were doing in getting rid of the zionist scum but they didnt have to slaughter poles russians french ect.

        1. Polish Jews provoked invasion by massacring almost 60 thousand Germans. Should Germans have just watched the Jew continue massacring their citizens instead of exercising their duty to protect them?

          1. Please tell us more about this ” massacring almost 60 thousand Germans. ”

            And this time perhaps more proof so that you don’t just sound like a history-denier. no offense but that needs more then your word.

  7. My Granddad fought the Japanese in Burma.Told me a story off how the slitty eyed little bastards would send out a snatch squad during the night to abduct a Tommy under the cover off darkness.Stealthy little fuckers they were,often the Tommie’s did not know one off their mates was gone until the sun come and they heard their torturous screams coming from the jungle ” help me………” Please God help me”…….”please someone help me”………..went on for hours and hours.

    The Soldier the Japs had abducted during the night,had been skinned alive and hung from a tree in the Jungle to burn in the mid-day Sun,the Japs would put snipers nearby by waiting for the Tommie’s who would inevitably come and try to help their poor mate .

    The Tommie’s got wise to this trick,so often the poor cunt skinned and hung in a tree endured hours upon hours of searing agony burning in the sun until death came as a welcome relief for their living hell.Their screams literally sent some soldiers insane

    He Said many nights after the war and right up until his death the screams woke him during the night.

    Also told me a story off how his mates intestines had been blown out off his stomach and he was on his hands and knees struggling to pick up the bits,he asked an Army Chaplain to help him,the Chaplain refused,said he was not putting his hands in that.He lost all belief in God after that.

    War is a cunt.

    1. So sorry to read that! The Japs were / are horrid yet they proclaim to love all living things and errect supports for their beloved cherry trees.

      Bataan Death March?!?!? Anyone remember. or care as they buy their Toyota or Mitsubishi?!?!?


    2. Why didn’t his mates just shoot him dead? It’s not like you can heal back to life someone who’s been skinned: they were dead already.

      Just shoot the bugger and end his misery. Stupid Poms.

      1. The Jap,s would abduct someone during the night,skin them.Then hang them from a tree in the jungle.The skinned would be screaming when the sun come up.The Japs would lie in wait in camouflage for those who came to rescue or put the poor bloke out off his misery.It was all an elaborate trap

  8. The greatest nations on earth operate like gangsters and the smaller ones operate like prostitutes. Oh yeah and ill eat the hell outta some Latkes and Boudin regardless of what culture it came from.

  9. Dunno. If so many were killed … wouldn’t the German people report it to the high heavens? If not then at least a decade or two later? :-/

    I am first generation American and proud of it. NO apologies!

  10. Americans are so fucking stupid. Ask any American who won WWII and they would say they did. When in fact it was the Russians who were mainly responsible for the downfall of the Nazi’s. Total losses by both the US and Britain in WWII totalled less than 1 million whereas total Russian losses are estimated to be 27 million..

  11. Regardless of which side you take or hate, it just serves as an epic example of the depths of depravity and evil that humans are capable of. We truly are a species unlike any other with our violence toward each other, animals kill to survive; out of necessity and we kill each other for no real reason other than we have the ability to come up with reasons to do it in the first place. The saddest part is that we have the intelligence to not do this kind of shit, but it gets bypassed. We have a natural ability to make our most fucked up ideas become reality, but rarely make our ideals become reality. We could have everything we want but instead seem to follow the template that seems to be in place since society evolved; money, greed, fucking over your fellow man for your own gain etc. I think the world in general is fucked, you are either part of the bullshit, a blind ignorant participant, or normal and a member on this site. Thats where I place myself anyway. I have no desire to fuck with anyone who doesn’t fuck with me.

  12. hitler was a god among men. anyone who disagrees is a filthy zionist cock sucker.

    the holohoax: no gas chambers, no mass graves, no order to gas jews, no physical proof, diesel exhaust can’t kill anything in 30 min, no proof anyone saw or operated a diesel engine, only enough hcn to kill 12, 000 people, the holohoax of WW1 that no one talks about.

    gotta love the myth.

    fuck the holohoax.

  13. I think fighting over land is the most absolute dumbest shit ever. Who the fuck cares what area of land you happened to come out of your madres vagina. Fighting over power. Useless. Over land. Useless. Over religion. Probably the most absolute facepalm uselessness Ive ever heard of. Why we cant all fucking coexsist I dont know…

  14. If something like this has happened then entire human history needs to be rewritten. Human beings are nothing but savages. It is amazing that we are still alive. I am very much inclined to quote from ‘Planet of the Apes’:
    “Beware the beast man, for he is the devil’s pawn. Alone among God’s primates, he kills for sport, or lust or greed. Yes, he will murder his brother to possess his brother’s land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him. Drive him back into his jungle lair: For he is the harbinger of death.”

  15. Bullshit, the Germans started the war in the 1st place both world war 1 and 2, they are barbaric and has a strict personality,the Jewish people are good people and also the French! why now the Allies are evil? a BIG BULLSHIT.

    1. It was more like WWI part 1 and part 2. The space before WWII was just long enough to breed another generation to fight the next war. The Russians fucked up when they chose to train Germany’s army before the Nazis attacked them.

  16. All of the bombing at the end of the war was for vengeance. Its why the Allies fire bombed Dresden and other cities. It was retaliation to what they did to the British on Christmas Eve of 1940. They fire bombed any city that gave them any resistance, including their own cities in Hitler’s scorched earth policy.

  17. Cut it out. The person who wrote the story – and it could have been some cub reporter – plainly meant “captured” and not killed. And of course the error was reproduced by umpteen thousand newspapers. That happens all the time with AP, then and now.

  18. The more I thought of this the madder I got. The soldier were CAPTURED only, and not even one of them was killed. Do you really think the US could murder a million people in 22 days, and the story would rate only a 2 inch item on the back pages. Mr. Author you are an intelligent guy, and surely you wrote your headline just to be a provocateur.

  19. It’s funny to see people in comments here and everywhere on this site getting up in arms about “zionists”, revisionist history, and their hidden take over of the world, eager to show they are not one of the “sheeple”. The people who believe this crap really are the sheeple.

    Yours truly,
    The CIA

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