Amon Goeth Execution Video with Botched Hanging

Amon Goeth

Amon Goeth (full name Amon Leopold Göth) was a Nazi SS officer who was in charge of concentration camp in Plaszow, Poland. After the war, he was apprehended and sentenced to death by hanging. The Supreme National Tribunal of Poland found Amon Goeth guilty of murdering tens of thousands of people. The execution took place in Poland’s Krakow, not far from the Plaszow concentration camp. The video of Amon Goeth’s execution is below and it is one of the biggest FAILs in history of executions ever. The executioners not only looked like fucking Batman and Robin, they also totally sucked at guessing the proper length of rope necessary to successfully hang the man, so when the trap door opened for the first time, Amon Goeth landed on his feet.

As if that weren’t enough, second attempt at hanging failed in exactly the same way due to complete incompetence of the executioner. I can imagine that by this time even Amon Goeth felt like he has had enough of this bullshit and wanted to be hanged and done with it. He was probably thinking to himself: “Look at the dumbasses. This is why I was trying to kill you all.

Third time was a charm, however. After two botched hanging, Amon Goeth was eventually successfully executed after third hanging attempt went… well right. Even though Amon Goeth didn’t have his feet tied up – he could have stepped on the sides of the trap door and just stand there. That would have made the executioners look like complete idiots already.

Check out the execution video below. If I were the Batman and Robin executioner, I’d probably also hang the cameraman and destroy the tape just to make sure no one gets to see how much I sucked as an executioner. I guess it’s only good we don’t actually see them tying up the noose 😀

Oddly enough, Amon Goeth seems entirely content with himself as he’s being executed. You’d think he’d look scared knowing his life is about to end, but that definitely doesn’t seem to be the case.

Amon Goeth in Schindler’s List

If you have seen Steven Spielberg’s academy awards winning pro Jew propaganda movie Schindler’s List, then you may remember the ruthless commander portrayed by British actor Ralph Fiennes. That ruthless commander was Amon Goeth. While Schindler’s List is based on fabricated facts and complete lies that the movie would have you believe took place in Poland and Germany during WWII. some people appearing in it were real, including Oskar Schindler and hereby mentioned Amon Goeth.

Historic Amon Goeth Execution Video with Botched Hanging is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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53 thoughts on “Amon Goeth Execution Video with Botched Hanging”

  1. I’ve seen this. All I can say is that Ralph Fiennes was convincing and definitely did not have a belly as huge as the real thing in Schindler’s List LOL

  2. They should have hanged the executioners instead,haha what a bunch of morons.

    Btw have fun in Iceland i live there and you can e mail me if you Want.

  3. I wonder how he felt when he thought he was about to die…then it turns out they made a mistake on the execution! I wonder if he was close to getting a heart attack…

  4. there is no way this could have been real. When he is hanged he is limp suggesting he broke his neck but the problem is he did not fall far enough to break the neck so he should have been flopping around from getting choked to death.

  5. Actually, you’ll probably find that the equiptment used in the hanging was made in America. Those Poles are bloody good at constructing stuff – they built my kitchen and bathroom =P

  6. Imagine you’re the one standing on the platform. You know what’s coming, and then the floor drops out underneath you and you fall, but it doesn’t happen, so they do it again, and it doesn’t happen, and then at this point maybe you’re thinking it might turn out to be a good day. Third time is the charm. I wonder what He was thinking on that last attempt?

  7. First death vid I laughed at, especially reading the comentery beforehand….

    “As if that weren?t enough, second attempt at hanging him failed in exactly the same way due to complete incompetence of the executioner. I can imagine that by this time even Amon Goeth felt like he had enough of this bullshit and wanted to be hanged and done with it. He was probably thinking to himself: ?Look at the dumbasses. This is why I was trying to kill you all.?

    Too funny

  8. hahaha. you got to laugh about the botched hanging of a war criminal like this. ive seen worse laurel and hardy spoofs, and i like the way batman throws the rope twice in FAIL rage. its quite comical.

    however, a few points.
    1. seems on the first attempt the rope actually breaks.
    2. the 2nd he manages to fall on the inner sides of box.
    3. about time and he gets a short drop.

    karma police.

  9. just reviewed it again.

    attempt 2. he seems to not have the rope tied as you can see it slip out of his hand. he falls to the ground and onto his knees inside the box.

    i think it was done on purpose. and probably, rightly so.

  10. After seeing Schindler’s List many times, I have no sympathy to Amon Goeth. He didn’t ‘die like a man’, there was no honour it what he did or the way he died. He was the perfect symbol of Fascism, something the rest of the world must be grateful that was confined mostly in Europe.
    Not one person on this site would have liked to have crossed paths with this man, who was a murderous cunt.

  11. Just love the reaction of the executioner on the right! He kinda gives a huge “aw shucks” on the first and then cracks a huge hissy fit on the second. I almost expected him to do a lap of honor on the third. Magnificent video

  12. People still are being duped with this whole “Holocaust” LIE!! I beg you to do some open minded research and re-learn history correctly. Don’t believe me? Watch this link to Spielberg’s fabricated and historically WRONG movie and hoaxamentary being torn down WORD for WORD! If you think after just watching that one debunking that MAYBE it didn’t happen how we are supposed to believe without question. If you do question it and want to research yourself , be careful because they throw people in jail just for questioning in some places. This footage is just more bullshit to keep the hatred going.

    1. You are so stupid. What do you mean with “Holocaustlie” The history say`s the truth and the truth isn`t a lie. Here in germany we have a lot of new Naziarseholes ( you heard from the “NSU” and the slut “Beate Zsch?pe ? ) Peoples with brain doesn`t want the same shit again and some of us have seen the bloody walls of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentraiten camps.
      Sorry, my english isn`t good….

  13. I?m german and so i say it in german.
    Hahaha ! Jeder deutsche Nazirassist sollte so aufgekn?pft werden. Menschen ( ? ) die Anderen solch ein Leid antuhen haben es nicht besser verdient und im Angesicht der heutigen, wieder erwachten deutschen Nazimentalit?t ; “wehret den anf?ngen” !!!

  14. This was deliberate. The idea was to make it take an hour or so. After the wrong length of drop a couple of times… the hatch was gonna fail to open a few times… then the rope was gonna snap a couple of times… then they were all gonna have a break for some snacks and take a shit.. then resume the pantomime.
    I’d have bought a ticket.

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