Ansar al Sunnah Execute Iraqi Police and Military Personnel

Ansar al Sunnah Execute Iraqi Police and Military Personnel

An old gore classic from Sunni Jihadists known as Ansar al Sunnah. Ansar al Sunnah formed in Iraq in 2003, shortly after the invasion and has carried out a number of successful suicide bombings, kidnappings and beheadings.

In this video, Ansar al Sunnah interrogate several captured members of Iraqi police and military. The captives are filmed holding photographs of themselves in police or military uniforms, presumably as proof that they were with the forces.

Half way through the video, audio goes out of sync and stays out of sync all the way until the end, which includes the execution. While the interrogation involves at least 4 different people, only 3 are executed. They are brought with their hands tied behind their backs into an open field on a truck bed and gunned down with fire from automatic HP rifles. Courtesy headshots are also delivered to ensure that none accidentally survives and that’s where the video ends. Allahu Akbar!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  2. I’m almost sure that Iraqui policemen also scream Allahu Akbur when torturing or executing jihadists, it’s like the Zeno’s Paradox of Akbarin’ , not even being the most zealous of the Akburs you can be safe from being AKBARED at some point.

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            Nice to speak with you by the way. Its nice to see that you are holding back. You don’t have to hold back if you don’t wish to, no holds barred. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It will not offend me.

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  3. Strange. In most of the videos where extremists have prisoners, they are made to hold up any identification they have in the same way depicted here.

    Regardless. They shouldn’t have been kept in such fear for as long as they were. They should have made it quick.

    1. I completely agree! Unfortunately some people like to drag out a kill for as long as they want until they actually take care of business. Torturing is a part of our animal nature. I wish torture would have been bred out of people but it still lingers.

      1. I’ve noticed that only the seasoned life-takers or the completely emotionless possess the ability to simply end a prisoner’s life, even when they have the chance to hold power over their existence. I think that feeling of power is what will keep things like this alive.

        1. Agreed! Once someone has a taste of power, its over from there! When it comes down to it, its actually all about power. “Who has the most drugs?” That turns into, “who has the best drugs?” “Who owns the most guns?” That turns into “Who has the most nuclear missiles?”

          Power never ends, it only grows stronger.

          1. Good food for thought.

            Recall that conversation we had yesterday about social understandings in different parts of the world? I wonder how the honking passerby’s responded to seeing them being drug out of the car. I also wish they were given their last words, that’s something everyone is privileged to.

          2. I wonder that myself. I wonder if seeing those ordeals are normal to them? I have always heard the expression, “Don’t meddle in things you can’t get yourself out of.” That is what I have come to believe their motto is in life in certain areas such as this one.

  4. For a long time it gave me nightmares, witnessing an injustice like that… It’s a constant reminder of just how unfair this world can be… I can still hear them taunting him…
    “Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!”… I mean, why couldn’t they just give him some cereal?!

      1. I think this was in Family Guy. The way they partook in the commercial was absolutley hilarious!

        Instead of the rabbit frowning after the kids said, “silly rabbit, trix are for kids!” In a Asian accent he says, “YOU SHARE!!!”

        He then drop kicks two kids and twists the neck of the last kid. Runs off with a bowl of trix..

        Loved it!

          1. I wish I had some cereal to munch on right now. I am bored as hell right now actually. I have terrible nightmares and it has scared me from being able to sleep properly.

            I regularly check this site just so I can talk to people sometimes. apologies @phatman lol

          2. Apologies for what? I believe you missunderstood me, It seems life’s got you right now, so you take everything seriously, try not to, I’ll chat at you later, I must go now.

    1. I wonder if the answer to the questions that they are made have any incidence in the result. As those logic problems that the teacher used to treat us with. (sorry, my google translator is disabled right now)

  5. Ansar al sunna excist earlier than 2003 they are almost 20 years active in northern Iraq ,their leader Mullah Krekar lives in Europe and is free to live here , their territoria was the kurdish region what now is known as Federal Kurdistan, they are a Kurdish jihadi group active in Kurdish territoria and claimed the region for them selves end 90’s and set the sharia law in kurdish regio and execute a lot of kurds, muslim christian jew,zaradosht etc… after the kurdish marxist PKK guerilla’s set their training camps in northern iraq and set there the headquarters of them they fight those jihadis and get back the places in the region that were invased by those ansar al sunna dogs…the pkk is still there and they dont let those piggs enter kurdish region and protect our region against them… so now they unite with other jihadis and commit attacks .

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