Man Executes His Own Cousin to Prove Allegiance to ISIS

Man Executes His Own Cousin to Prove Allegiance to ISIS

A young Arab man kidnapped his own cousin, took him to a desert and executed him in cold blood to prove his allegiance to Abu Bakr al Tel Avivi, leader of ISIS.

A friend who speaks Arabic translated roughly what the pointing guy says:

I pledge my allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, to listen and obey, in hard times and in good times, and he ordered to kill the soldiers of the tyrants Al Saoud, protectors of the Christians, and here we are obeying his order, in service of Allah and his prophet, any infidel gets killed, and this guy is an example to you Al Salool.

The victim responds with: “Msaaed, I swear no, please no…” And keeps pleading for his life until he’s shot.

Props to Best Gore member @Baby14 for the video:

197 thoughts on “Man Executes His Own Cousin to Prove Allegiance to ISIS”

      1. Yea I’m not going to shed a tear over it but the family member angle is fucked up.
        That guy was so terrorized he hid his face in the sand… it just seemed a little extra sadistic.

      1. Russian is gone killed all these nasty isis back
        isis finding likely by Obama likely any ways that’s who he will not killed any of them and may that poor man rest in peace his own blood killed him he was bagged for his life

    1. Ok kid , you’ve shot your cousin to prove your allegiance to ISIS … But that’s only the first part of the initiation , the other part is that you have to suck all our cocks !

      Ok that’s no problem , anything to prove I’m worthy !

      Don’t get too excited son , you have to watch us all bum each other first !

    2. What a piece of shit thing to do. You murder your own fucking cousin who was probably begging not to kill him, just to be with these isis assholes. Isis tbh is so fucking pointless and they just kill each other.

        1. They did a documentary on the inbreeding of the Amish and the birth defects its of course causing, when they asked the Amish what there thoughts on the subject they simply replied its “Gottes Wille” (God’s Will) its both sick and stupid.

          1. @AmOur, “Gottes Wille” (God’s Will) for a second I thought it was ‘got willy’ – got a willy, might as well use it. 😉 I have to shake my head at their ‘God’s will’ shit too. Your young child was kidnapped, then stabbed to death – God’s will. A drunk driver crashed into a family car, killing all onboard – God’s will.

        2. Lol. Yeah I’ve heard the storys about Scranton, I’ve only driven threw it a couple times and from what I can remember it was a coal town, the setting that would seem like people do the dirty with their family. The town I live in has a university so I meet alot of people from Scranton at the bar or club, and not that it’s a popular topic, I’ve asked and they generally know someone, who knows someone, who does Oit. (you know how that goes). Were im from tho a common inbreeding hotspot is in the hills of West Virginia. Some fucked up people down that way. O_O

    1. What’s coming to him, is a one way ticket to Europe, when he flees there as a “refugee”. He’ll probably get a house, car, and monthly check. Courtesy of the tax payer. Just like all the other muslims running into Europe. My only hope is that he commits a violent crime against some liberal, who stood at their border with a big “welcome” sign, in their big, stupid hands.

    1. Give one example of what God is great at?
      Give actual date, time and place when god did this thing that he’s great at. Aside from you, who else witness this great thing that god did. Has he done something great lately? What? While I wait for response, I will continue doing what I’m great at, eating vulva early in the morning.

      Oh yeah, fuck the Jews and their god. Fuck the Jew God, who just happens to be jesus dad, who happens to be the God of the Catholics and Christians. The Jew God is also the God of the hebrew abraham. The muslims consider this jewish dude, abraham, a very important figure in their history – this is the guy that left instructions about the Hajj, you know, the crap that towel heads do in mecca every year. The muslims also believe that muhammed is a decendant of abraham. I get the feeling that the muslim’s allah is the same as the jew’s yahweh. The jew’s yahweh is the god of the christians and catholics as well.

      No matter. Fuck them all!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. It’s crazy just how close those 3 religions are – Christians, Jews and Muslims compared to say, religions from India or Japan for example. They all came out of the same small area so it’s no wonder they follow the same ‘God’. I was shocked too, when I read the Hajj was something about Abraham (but I shouldn’t have been) Muslims do recognise Jesus as a prophet but they don’t think he was Gods son, something like that!

  1. Geeeesh… all to enter a damn popularity club that praises an invisible space spargetti monster they call “alah”…

    But still, i kinda liked his last “Aloah Snackbawwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… Aloah Snackbawwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….” 😆

      1. Well, we can issue a new and improved comic book that commands the hajj be performed twice a week, along with some little tweaks here and there like, “Thou Shalt Eat Pork” or something. Hell, we can become prophets and make a few bucks! Btw, can you walk on water? Nah, doesn’t matter, we’ll make it work.

        1. Did you know that their prophet was a puppet . Talking of revising their forsaken scriptures in comic book fashion would be grand idea .But there has to be one “comical prophet ” and I wouldn’t wanna play that character .Wish you nod to playing it .
          We will begin the prologue with your chosen caption ?Thou Shalt Eat Pork?

          and Epilogue suggestively would be ?Thou Shalt keep pigs as their pets ?

  2. I often wonder about these guys. Are they truly brainwashed or is it mental illness. I’d say it’s 50% of each. I realize there its a worse stigma there than other parts of the world. Sickening because it will never get better.

  3. These guys must have had some ongoing childhood dispute for him to pick this particular cousin. Maybe the killed cousin was very mean to ISIS slave here, when they were kids? Or it could have been his favourite cousin, killed to show he means business? Who knows how they think, how can they not ‘question’ their decisions?

    1. @tas This cold blooded bastard meant more than showing his loyalty for the ISIS faction . It could be that he had ; had some personal grudge or a score to settle and that was an enough excuse for this gun totting son of a bitch to shoot him dead in cold blood. .
      More than being his favorite he instead must have been a real sore to his eyes ; I suppose.

      1. @blucon, you think he might have been the favourite grandson? If you think about how many very close family members are going to be affected by this nutbag’s actions, it makes it all the more disgraceful. To be truthful I get a lot more upset by ISIS destruction of the ancient temples, statues etc. some over 5000 years old.

        1. tas ,I wouldn’t care one bit who gets affected by this nut bag’s action but as you said worryingly about ISIS faggots on a rampage destroying and reducing history to rubble .These maggots are slowly erasing, not just pre-Islamic culture, but Islamic heritage, too and they are audaciously bold in their actions. While the world sits watching ISIS will not stop rupturing more of the ancient heritages one by one .

          Worse atrocities may be yet to come.

          1. @blucon, that’s right, some of the ancient buildings, statues etc. are PRE-Islamic, not that it would matter. You know they do it because it causes so much sorrow. It’s not theirs to destroy, it’s heartbreaking. @blucon, please *google* Bamiyan Buddha’s, the 2 ancient statues that the Taliban blew up in Afganistan to understand my outrage. 🙁

  4. I knew a guy who wanted to be a helps angel so bad they asked him to bring his ol lady to the clubhouse and let them fuck her, which he did, and they did, then they told him to fuck off cuz he’s a weak piece of shit with no back bone. They were right O_o

        1. Lol do you honestly think boozer is going to let anyone touch me?!?! That’s been done to fools before they never had the intention of excepting him but wanted to have fun with his wife just to insult him if you will that has been done by a number of MCs before some have a name for it but hell if I can think of it.

          1. No I wasn’t insinuating boozer would do that. In fact I’ve watched some documentary were the women spoke about how well they were treated. It’s a common misconception from what I’ve gathered. I was merely making a joke about bonemans post. Lol

        2. To make one thing clear, the Angels treat their women with much love & respect. No Angel would ever even think of touching his brothers lady,wife etc. Its all a matter of honor.

          @Amour is 100% right in what she said! & she knows what shes talking about.

      1. @Persian, anyone claiming to be a prophet these days would be labelled a loony, the days of prophets are long gone. I can’t understand why people still believe the crazy stories they came out with back then. ie. the bible or the quran.

        1. which means @ tas you are an atheist . There must be sufficient ground to their origin. By the way ; am I to surmise when you said “crazy stories they came out with ie. the bible or the ……….” that you are not a christian but coming from a different faith or a religion ?
          Your expression is slightly way off for me to grasp or let alone understand .

          Take no offence pse . just saying

          1. @LF, while eating with your fingers/hands is sometimes ok, (you ever tried eating a chicken drumstick with a knife and fork, lol) wiping your greasy hands on your clothes is not.

          2. Haha I had a friend once who tried to eat a bbq chicken wing with a fork and knife, it took her forever before she said fuck it and used her hands. And I agree, wiping grease on your clothes is a big no no. Maybe the towels on their heads are really big napkins?

          3. @LF, mmm. chicken wings are my favourite part.
            @boozer, eww, now that just sounded gross, their beards would eventually get all hard and sort of ‘crunchy’ like when a person uses too much hair gel.

  5. two things that really got on my tits about this cunt….

    his finger pointing like he had just poked the rectum of the dude he knocked off
    and the “rrrr” on his alluah snackbarrrrrrrr the “rrrr” goes on for too long for my liking.


    1. hahaha, i felt bad for the guy that got shot but then the “alahu abarrrrrrrrrrrr” made me laugh haha fucking idiots.

      I don’t like hating on someone due to ethnicity or race but i think arabs are one of the dumbest people in the world, along with blacks. who the fuck would think it’s okay to murder someone and then yell “god is greatttt!” fucking retards.

      I also hate arabs bc they invaded my country persia, and brought their stupid ass religion and now it looks like it’s happening again, their retarded “caliphate” is coming back.

  6. Motherfucking scum is scared beyond comprehention.
    He masked fear with forced loyalty that is supressed inside, even out of conciousness.
    His demeneour is deeply forced.
    Sellout rat just need to survive and will do anything for it.

    Killed dude was innocent to the core. I bet he even use to avoid bugs while walking.
    Rest in peace man

    Cypress Hill told once:
    “…can’t even trust my own brothers…”

    1. i felt bad for the dude that got killed, you could see how scared he was, and for your own family to do that to you is so fukt. that asshole will get the same very soon, as they say live by the sword die by the sword.

  7. Cousin with AK47: is camera on? How’s my towel? Should I wear it to the front or to the side?
    Cameraman: stop being a pretentious Bastard.
    Cousin with AK47: shut up!!!!! OK, I’m going to perform some magic and I’ll need a volunteer. Oh look, my cousin has agreed to volunteer in the name of Allah.
    Cousin on the floor: volunteer? What volunteer. Why am I tied up? And why do I sound like a little girl?
    Cousin with AK47: I will now make my cousin’s head disappear.
    Cousin on the floor: Head? Dissapear? “What you talking about willis?” Waaaaaiiiiiiiitttt. I did not volunteer for…
    Cousin with AK47: the God of the Jews is the God of the Muslims and christians/catholics.

    It does not matter who’s doing the killings. It’s all being done for the glory of the same mythical god.

  8. Propaganda news tries to worry us with the continued expansion of the ISIS raghead empire. They appear a real threat now that they’ve progressed onto murdering their own closest relatives. Shaking in my boots now I am.

    And what is tha little bitch whinging about? Isn’t he going to a better place with his 33 and a 3rd virgins?


    Raghead 1: I kill you in the name of Alla Snackbar!

    Raghead 2: Don’t kill me cousin! My corrective dick surgery has not been completed. The virgins will laugh at my small man thing.

    Raghead 1: They will not laugh at you cousin! They are virgins, they have never seen a real dick!

    Raghead 2: No Cousin! My dick is so small the virgins will mistake me for one of them.

    Raghead 1: Do not fear cousin. If that be true then in the name of Alla Snackbar I shall fuck you instead.

    Raghead 2. That is very kind cousin. But you already have repeadedly along with all the other relatives.

    Raghead 1: Shut the fuck up and die!! ALLA SNACKBAR!

    Bang bang bang

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