Atrocities of FSA Mercenaries in Syria – Compilation (35 Minutes)

Atrocities of FSA Mercenaries in Syria - Compilation (35 Minutes)

Here’s 35 minutes long compilation of atrocities committed on the Syrians by the Fake Syrian Army. We all know the terrorists are not Syrians. They are foreign mercenaries hired and paid by the ZOG, armed by the international arms dealer and known war criminal Barack Hussein Obama of Kenya. Syrians are the victims in the conflict and die in large numbers because they are the targets of the ethnic cleansing ZOG terrorists.

The compilation is captioned with names of places where the atrocity took place and brief info on who the victim was or what exactly happened. English is broken, but it doesn’t take away from message it delivers. Are any sheep still so helplessly brainwashed they to this day think the FSA terrorists are “the voice of the Syrian people”?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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32 thoughts on “Atrocities of FSA Mercenaries in Syria – Compilation (35 Minutes)”

  1. These kind of people are the metastasis of the human genre.

    -35 minutes :
    -too long to watch
    -too short to show the stupidity of terrorists

    Je pense qu’aucune vid?o ne suffirait ou pourrait pr?tendre rendre compte de l’ampleur de ces horreurs.

    Countries like that are rotten, blasted, corrupted… So sad we can do nothing to help innocents.

  2. Unfortunately sheeple still see the FSA as the good guys, not sure how many people keep up with world news but the new Secretary of State, John Kerry is giving the rebels another 60$ million in direct aid, so this war in Syria is long from over.

  3. The problem with people like Saddam, gaddafi and Assad is that they are/were wise to the Jewish ways.

    They understood that you have to keep control, keep the extremists from taking control because the Jewish led power base is always looking for a reason, any reason, to invade your country and suck it dry.

    This is why these leaders had to be crushed and it is why the extremists are aided and funded by the west because once the extremists are in control they will give the west all the reasons in the world to go in full force and take control and of course strip them of their assets.

    Brainwashing the western masses was the easiest part of the plan after all most people in my humble opinion have shit for brains because they have been taught to be that way since birth.

    Rule number one, if you want to control your population its best not to educate them properly.

  4. The foreign secretary of GB (a little bald headed man who was no doubt bullied as a child) has just today promised (publically) armoured vehicles and support to the terrorists. It amazes me how they claim to be doing it to stop oppression. What about the oppression in N Korea, Bahrain, Saudi etc etc etc. They are full of shit and I wish a nation would finally stand up to them and start an all out war with them.

    1. I’ll jump on board for this statement. I feel way manly when I slap my woman for cooking the shit out of dinner.

      There’s a lot of Allah snackbar whooping in this video more then I care to hear

    1. It means “God is great” or something along those lines…but I’m pretty sure “killing other people for the higher power” is frowned upon by the establishment if it was me I’d kill them for killing the other person and make their pants wrap around their ankles…just because it would be funny

  5. I think it’s safe to say these “people” are atrocious animals. If this kinda shit ever went down in my neighborhood I’d do more than shoot a fucking AK in the air. I’d be blasting bitches left an right. Not in my gotdamn town! Merica!

  6. The description of this video claims that the “atrocities are committed on the Syrians by the Fake Syrian Army. We all know the terrorists are not Syrians. They are foreign mercenaries”. This is actually not true. The sad truth is that there are many Syrian soldiers in the FSA and they kill their own kind. There are also mercenaries and volunteers taking part in this civil war but the majority is represented by the Syrian army/Syrian soldiers, loyal to Al-Asaad.

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