Audio Message from Kenji Goto Jogo – Japanese hostage of ISIS Announcing Death of Haruna Yukawa

Audio Message from Kenji Goto Jogo - Japanese hostage of ISIS Announcing Death of Haruna Yukawa

After the release of obviously fake photo of two Japanese men allegedly captured by ISIS (see below), a video containing an audio message from one of them, announcing the death of another, was released.

In the audio message, accompanied by another obviously fake image, a voice alleged to be of Kenji Goto Jogo, says that because the government of Japan did not act on the demand of the Islamic State to pay $200 Million ransom for the captives within 72 hours, ISIS executed Haruna Yukawa.

Whether the audio message is authentic remains the subject of debate. The facts that the video was not released by any of ISIS’ official accounts, and that it does not bear the Al-Furqan logo which ISIS releases always contain, certainly don’t help in making it appear believable.

And of course… SURPRISE – it was once again the SITE Intelligence group that “confirmed” the beheading. The official media arm of the Islamic State – Al-Furqan had released neither a video, nor message confirming the Japanese was beheaded, but SITE already knows it happened.

The SITE Intelligence group is a Jewish organization that magically gets all the videos of ISIS beheadings before even ISIS has them. SITE also “leaked” those previous farcical beheading videos featuring Jihadi John, and also the videos that tried to pass somebody with a darker beard, flatter nose, and heavier frame for Osama Bin Laden in 2007.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:


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  1. Just like Zombie Land the fatties always get it first.
    Feel for these guys and their families.
    That poor guy will say anything to save his own life and who in his position wouldn’t.
    Still you have to be a complete idiot to go there in the first place.
    Looks like we can expect a couple more beheading videos soon.

      1. I’m not an expert on photography or photo-manipulation at all lol, so I cannot provide valuable insight about that.

        But you do have a point, maybe the positions of the people themselves might have affected the lighting therefore casting different shades/shadows. Still, the website I referred to seems pretty convincing that the picture might be a fake.

        Besides, it wouldn’t be surprising if they used fakes. Terror/fear is a very effective and persuasive form of propaganda, especially if it is sensationalized by the media.

        Just my thoughts, though. 🙂

    1. Hanabi….you do crack me up but you also worry me like I would my own daughter that’s your exact same age…being half Jap living in Mejico has to have been a challenge growing up…you are way too young to be so jaded, usually it’s after women are divorced with a few kids before they get so jaded in life…I have become an expert at jading a few myself but that’s besides the point…lol…, can you do me a favor and put off being so jaded until you are much older?

      1. It’s really hard to be in this country,I don’t know why I don’t like to people I thought moving would solve the problem but its the same I just can’t get along with anybody but coming here relax me I never say this things in public just here,I don’t think I’m jaded I’m actually a happy person 🙂 I’m gonna try it but I can’t promise much 😉

        1. I am sure Japan was a huge culture shock as it was when I first moved to Costa Rica, I didn’t know that they have a very old saying when it comes to gringos…we see faces, not hearts…too many Ticos love to screw over gringos any chance they get and most gringos average about two years before bailing…no one trusts anyone and people are so paranoid that their shit is going to get stolen…I have only been to the tourist areas in Mejico but have numerous Mexican American amigos that I trust more than most gringos I know…. Hannabi just be yourself and make the best of it, only one rodeo and life is pretty short as it is….So don’t worry be happy…are you living in Japan or Mejico now?

          1. Still in mejico,I wish I was in japan,people its so different there,no ones stare at me or laugh at me I’m really happy in japan I can pretend I’m cool with my cousins 🙂 maybe you’re right ,maybe I’m just paranoid(its really possible now that I come to think)but maybe you haven’t met a true mejican, mejican american are way too different they are like more open mind but here they just hate everything and everyone who’s different

          2. I’m not good at teaching I get mad really easy and you don’t want children flying thru the windows 😆 ijk, I can’t I still depend on them but in the instant I’m ready I’m gonna leave them and will never go back

          3. So you inherited the feisty Latina genes because most Japs are pretty docile….So, is your mother Japanese? Have you always had mood swings other than normal monthly pms symptoms?

          4. Yeah since I can remember but I think its normal,its funny how all the dudes think Japanese girls or woman are very docile they don’t know my mom and sister 😆 some don’t understand that its her job to be cute and kind and believe me that’s pretty easy to do 😉

          5. Ask your doc about trying a mood stabilizer like lithium to see if it’s helps…it’s been used for many years….yeah Japanese girls look cute and very innocent…it’s always the innocent ones that are the real freaks in private…lol…

          6. I’m already in medication I take a yellow pill every time I get a little bit crazy and it makes me sleepy,lithium its overrated everyone wants to say “hey look I take lithium I’m cool” they think its just a game but it sucks when you can’t control yourself

          7. Hanabi u sure do know how to crack me up…I don’t know if people think they are cool on meds but there are alot of famous people that are bipolar that when manic has racing thoughts, high energy, easily agitated and angry, rapid speech, high sex drive, spending money, risky behavior, big ideas and even watching to many best gore videos….lol..

    1. Der Kopf I’m hearing now the guy had mental issues and just “wandered” into the war zone and got snatched up.
      Makes me wonder what has happened to that crazy Japanese guy who was captured playing security contractor over there ?
      Why does Japan not cherish and keep it’s wandering idiots from getting themselves in over their heads ?

      1. Because Japan is kinda smart. They would just be slowing down their development, and they dont have time to waste with nutcases that probably dont want to get help in the first place, and allow them to be free… and suffering the consequences from their own actions… 😆

        1. I imagine most the people in Japan think those two were very stupid for being in Iraq or Syria…sorta like the Jewish American in Iraq during the invasion that was trying to sell telcom equipment before they beheaded him…

  2. Notice he called his captors “terrorists”, hmm? Do they think of themselves as terrorists? I don’t think so, would such a group of people let him say that? I don’t think so.

    Isis is a fake creation like the beheadings and all the fake shootings like Ottowa, Charlie Hebdo, Sydney the list goes on. All designed to demonise Muslims and create fear, then with this perceived threat of being murdered at any time we will beg our governments for more security. But in reality were giving away our freedoms.

    As we speak the UK and the US are colluding to stamp out free speech via the net and social networks branding people like us extremists.

    It’s not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true.

    Henry kissinger.

    1. Military men are just dumb, stupid animals used as pawns for foreign policy-Henry Kissinger….

      The same guy responsible for over a million people getting killed than gets the bogus Nobel Peace Prize…

      It’s so much easier to fool people than to convince people they have been fooled…..

      The more the media keeps saying Al Baghdadi said I will see you in New York the more it’s confirms that Al Baghdadi is a Mossad operative trained in military to create operation Hornets Nest aka ISIS…A Sunni group killing Shias in Iraq and Syria with the end goal being in Iran….Do you think it’s strange that a group calling it’s the Islamic State is mostly killing other people of Islamic beliefs? That would be like the Jewish State killing mostly other different secular Jews…How come none of the videos ever criticizes Israel even during the Gaza massacre or when they closed the Mosque in Jewslum….no doubt in my mind that the leader of IS is being directed by the USA and Israel with the only concern being exported retribution outside the middle east…the 100 year war on Islam is working out better than the people that came up with the ISIS strategy because it has definitely demonized the Islamic religion in the process…

      1. Like Chris Kyle – a cold-blooded killer who took it upon himself to be judge, jury, and executioner. He is believed to have killed 30 Americans from atop the Superdome in New Orleans during Katrina floods. He is also a court proven liar. Sadly, few American sheeple have the courage to look beyond the lens of star-spangled glasses…

        1. Homeland Security has stated vets like Kyle are considered more of a possible threat than any foreign terrorist…it’s kind a strange that a fellow vet took him out at a gun range that was being treated by a shrink…the irony of it really makes you think he was taken out by the very people that created him by the use of mind control assassination….vets killing vets …

        2. Judge, jury, and executioner you say? I guess every combatant should have to ask permission to shoot anyone. Even if they are shooting at you or your buddies. Pathetic. There is a ROE (rules of engagement)for a reason.

          1. Iraq was not involved in 9/11. This murderer killed countless people, with none of them being killed on behalf of protecting the American way of life, or America’s freedoms, when neither Iraq, nor its people were ever a threat to either? Kyle was a member of an invading force. To protect someone or something, an outside threat must first be made. The media portrays Kyle as protector, when in reality he was an aggressor. It’s unfortunate so many sheeple choose to be blinded by manipulative rhetoric about patriotism. A true American patriot would piss on Kyle’s grave.

          2. I’m not going to debate Iraq with you. Chris Kyle was a hero in the sense he protected his fellow service members. Even a leftist commie like you can’t deny he was brave. Id love to see you try to piss on his grave in front of other frog men. You wouldn’t last a second

          1. Jessie Ventura just won his lawsuit against Chris Kyle and the author of his book.
            I have read the book and watched the movie a few days ago after borrowing it off the internet. Both had entertainment value but I am in doubt about a lot of the “facts”.
            All kinds of stories about this fellow some probably true some more than likely not.
            Like him killing 2 guys at a gas station who tried to rob him ?
            Regardless of weather he was a hero to some or a villain to others I find his story interesting enough where I’d like the truth not a bedtime story.

    1. If all they’re asking for is their sister in trade i say give her to them! Obviously human life is of little value o them so why not? Oh , i wonder if this bitch gets the same 72 virgins in the after life? Allah crackbar……..

    1. @Stomper.

      I have a vague memory of the Japanese, after the war in which they were bombed after they had officially surrendered, stating they would never go to war again but just keep the forces for defence.

      I could be wrong but I’ve not seen any Japanese starting any wars recently.

      1. One of the biggest lies of WW2 is that Truman used the two atomic bombs to save lives….sorta like Hamas holding up their children as human shields….the masters of the art of deception and manipulation writing history and reporting the news…

        I wonder which country we will have to bomb for peace and democracy next….

  3. “You not japanese! Why you have gun?! ” I have been waiting since August for his inevitable execution, hysterical that they thought he was of any importance and might bring in a big bounty. I’d be embarrassed to admit such a fool got himself in such a pickle.

  4. The Axis powers of the future
    The American Capitalist Empire
    The European Capitalist Empire and The Japanese Capitalist Empire
    The Anti-American allied powers
    The Russian Capitalist Empire
    The People’s Republic Of China and The United Latin American Federation
    The A.C.E., your time of dissolution is coming. WWIII is your demise.

  5. “Everywhere the white man go, they bring misery. All throughout history–look it up. Everything the bald heads touch-they fuck it up. Every government they setup-it be corrupt” – Dead Prez

    “I wonder which country we will have to bomb for peace and democracy next?.” -Mike11111

    Hm… I wonder. Which one was given a big phat wake up call at 9:11 AM Probs that one!

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