Babi Yar Massacre Photos (Kiev, Ukraine During World War II)

Babi Yar Massacre Photos (Kiev, Ukraine During World War II)

Ukrainian capital city Kiev fell under German control on September 19, 1941. With the city captured, invading armies did not waste much time and started lining up the city’s Jews for execution. The first order to assemble for resettlement was issued on September 28, 1941 and came into the effect the following day. 33,771 Jews were marched to a Babi Yar ravine in northwestern Kiev and executed in a single operation that became known as the Babi Yar Massacre. All 33,771 Jews were executed during a two day shooting spree between September 29th and 30th.

It is estimated that as many as 50,000 Jews lost their lives at Babi Yar, but they were not the only ones taken there for execution. Between 100,000 and 150,000 non Jews, including Gypsies, Soviet POWs and suspected communists were also shot dead at Babi Yar after World War II German Major-General Kurt Eberhard issued orders to retaliate for alleged guerrilla attacks against German troops.

Babi Yar Massacre is considered to be the largest single massacre in the history of the Holocaust. Most executions were carried out by Sonderkommando (captured Jews forced to execute orders under pain of death) commanded by SS colonel Paul Blobel. After the end of World War II, Paul Blobel was sentenced to death and hanged at Landsberg Prison on June 8, 1951.

When Germans invaded Kiev, many locals thought foreign army came to rescue them from oppressing rule of Joseph Stalin. The Babi Yar Massacre was successful because after Germans issued a command that all Jews are to assemble at the assemble points for resettlement, they could not wait to be taken away and many showed up early to secure their seats on a train. Germans anticipated maybe a couple of thousands Jews who would follow their order right away, but were surprised that tens of thousands turned up on the first day. Carrying their valuables, the Jews were lead towards the Babi Yar ravine where to the last moment they all believed that they were about to board the trucks that would take them away from Kiev. Because of huge crowd, they did not find out that they were about to get executed until it was already too late and they couldn’t escape.

All Jews were forced to strip naked and deposit all their baggage at appointed areas before being taken to the edge of a mass grave where they were executed by either a gunshot to the head, or later by machinegun fire after being lined up. Some were laid on top of already dead bodies and shot in the neck with a sub machine gun. Germans had many people to execute so in order to save burial space, they made them pile up on top of one another to create organized layers of corpses. Mothers got to hang on to their children and were shot together with them.

Below is a video of (improvised) Babi Yar Massacre from a 2003 movie by Jeff Kanew.

And a gallery of Babi Yar Massacre Photos. These are rare WWII black and white photos, with one of them being especially rare – it’s the colored image which are not often seen given the time period. Thanks Phil for photos:

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  1. I’m german, but I hate this stupid Nazis, all Nazis in our generation should be dying. My grandfather was a soldier at the Wehrmacht, but he wasn’t a nazi. The most germans didn’t know about the crimes against jews and other people.

  2. These old WWII photos are shocking. I believe I’ve seen some of these photos (#2, for example?) mixed in with other photos of what appears to be a French post-war “settling of accounts” (DeGaulle’s phrase) against female collaborators (ie, girlfriends) of the former German occupiers.

    Many, many times I’ve seen horrific photos on the Web and wondered what on earth the back story was.

  3. I hate nazis, what a bunch of pussies, murderers. Hope they all fry in hell. My father’s side came from Germany between the wars, his uncle fought in the army in Africa. What a disgusting bunch. There’s no excuse for what they did.

  4. How does what Nazis did to the Jews differ from what Jews do to the Palestinians? Or Barack Hussein Obama to much of the Middle East? Millions have died and continue to die in the hands (or as a making of) the Jews and if it’s true what the likes of Barack Hussein Obama say – that in order to instill peace, one needs to remove the wrong doers, even if it requires the use of deadly force and innocent casualties, then by that logic, by killing the Jews, Nazis did the right thing. By the same logic – since Nazis deserve condemnation, so do the Jews and Barack the teleprompter Obama.

  5. 11 million human beings were murdered by the nazis. This doesn’t compare to the current middle east issues. It wasn’t Obama that started this mess, it started in 1967, when Obama was only 5 years old. Therefore the logic of the Jews in the current middle east and the current administration is not applicable.

  6. Nowadays, only Jews and Americans would use incendiary weapons such as White Phosphorous against civilians, despite the 1980 Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons Protocol III. Jews are worse than Nazis.

  7. Is that why saddam hussein used mustard gas on his own population? What does white phosphorus have to do with the nazi war crimes? Dick Cheney is a war criminal, why isn’t he facing trial?
    There is no justification of using chemical warfare on anyone. The average American wouldn’t even think of using such means on an enemy. It has more to do with the military industrial complex selling their nasty weapons to a government willing to accept being criminal. Obama isn’t the only culprit, the sum of our presidents are. HW and dubba did the same, do did Clinton. Palestinians aren’t all that innocent, either.

    The dirty little secret of the Vietnam war, under Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford all used Napalm on the population. The forerunner of Napalm was first used in the second world war in Japan and later in Germany. The firebombing of Dresden is an example of retaliation for the perceived German war crimes. It was the nazis that did the war crimes, not Germany as a whole.

    Looking for an excuse to hate a certain group makes the hater no better than those they choose to hate.

  8. Palestinians aren’t all that innocent – that’s like saying that Jews were not all that innocent when they were getting slaughtered by the Nazis. Obama, Bush, Cheney and whatever else there’s been lately – they are all the same. Bush was a war president, but he has nothing on Obama. Obama deepened two wars and started two new ones. He has more blood on his hands than all previous US presidents for the past 100 years.

  9. Is that why Obama is pulling out of the wars that bush started? Mobilizing air support is not the same as starting a war. I do think, though, that we have no business in the air strikes in Libya, it isn’t just obama, its nato. Libya is only one country, by the way.

  10. Bush was one of the worst presidents in world’s modern history but lost the title to Obama, who criticized Bush’s wars, but went on to expand them and start new ones. Attacking people of a sovereign country, such as that of Pakistan is an act of war.

    NATO is commanded by the USA – which means it’s commanded by the very unstable person with finger on the big red button – Barack Hussein Obama. It works well for him because this plausible deniability enables him to start and command new wars but wash his hands clean off it, even denounce it, which is something a spineless person like Barack Obama would not have any issues with.

    As a matter of fact, if we really took the definition of war for what it is, then Obama started more than just two wars. Killing people and destroying targets in foreign land and that’s what Barack Hussein Obama, the bloodiest dictator in modern history wants.

    And… did I really hear you say that Obama is pulling out of wars Bush has started? Pull you head out of your ass, kid. There is no pulling out. There never has been an intention to. Obama lied like he does with every sentence he lets out of his mouth. Actually, it’s staggering how your able to have your head both up yours and up his ass.

    I just can’t believe the sheep. How can people completely abandon rational thinking and live in denial to a point that they would start attacking anyone who show them the reality.

    Being an Obama apologist is the biggest fail you could have possibly achieved in life. Congrats.

  11. He didn’t attack Pakistan, he extracted a terrorist. If he had attacked Pakistan then there would have been much more destruction as well as fatalities. I guess you want to justify obl living in Pakistan while we hunted for him in Afghanistan, causing many more unnecessary death of innocents.

    Speaking of unstable persons with the big red button, what about Reagan? I recall his presidency very clearly. HW was a great president but he didn’t quite finish the war in Iraq. Clinton was a slut, his major fuck up being nafta. But dubba, with advisors like rumsfeld and cheney, was the worst of them all with the button. Nato isn’t just America’s baby, other countries also agree or disagree with the decisions. Nato is nothing without the support of other nations. What part of treaty organization don’t you understand?

    Which, exactly, are you talking about starting more than one war? Could you be a little more specific or did beck and limbaugh tell you to think that. In essence, what the fuck are you talking about?

    My head is firmly on my shoulders, not in my ass. Yes, there is, in fact, active troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq. Where are you getting this information, faux news? Since you think I’m so incredibly stupid as to be compared to a sheep, then you are obviously a hatemonger fan of limburger.

    I am not apologizing for Obama. There is plenty I disagree with in his administration, especially his economic policy. Y’know, the economy that dubba crashed? Not to mention the first responders in Katrina hearing human beings eaten alive by alligators because dubba couldn’t get it together in the weeks ahead of katrina to have a viable rescue operation?

    I find it sadly amusing that you resort to name calling and childish sheeple mentality when faced with the facts. Also, what the fuck does nazi murderers have to do with anything that is currently going on? Not a damn thing. Like the drug addled drunk that limbaugh is, you seem to miss the reality of everything quite readily. Clearly staying on topic is above you, CryBaby. You sure fit your name. Speak for yourself about failure, you’re obviously good at it. Want some more flame or are you going to grow up and discuss the topic at hand instead of dragging modern politics into a thread about nazis? I doubt it. You aren’t happy unless you are trashing someone.

  12. Uh, Slicer, no I won’t shut the fuck up. Too bad. And my name calling is no different than anyone else. I keep up with history and I read a lot. And the post was aimed at Crybaby, not you. Believe it or not, I agree with most of her other posts. If the webmaster wants me to shut the fuck up he won’t allow my posts. It isn’t up to you, deal with it. If you don’t like what I post, too bad, don’t read it. Its that simple.

  13. BTW, did you even bother to look at the other heaps of bullshit and finger pointing that were posted by other or are you just illiterate. Gasp, I actually remember most of this, and when Reagan was elected I was over 21. So, Slicer, why don’t you just shut the fuck up?

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