Bank Robber Takes Pregnant Woman Hostage in Bogota, Colombia

Bank Robber Takes Pregnant Woman Hostage in Caracas, Venezuela

They sure give criminals the same treatment in Venezuela (correction on information from the video – this happened in Caracas, Venezuela, not Bogota, Colombia) as in China. Poof bullet in the head, no negotiations, none of that shit. Main protagonist in this video could confirm, but he can’t speak no more. He took that poof sniper bullet in the head.

It’s a few years old video from the capital of Venezuela – Caracas. The man tried to rob the bank but it didn’t quite go over as he’d wish, so he took a nearby woman hostage. Poor lady was scared to shit and was even pregnant at the time of this drama.

The robber wounded his hand and wrapped it up with fabric, but it still bled a lot all over the hostage’s chest. Then, before it could get any more dramatic, a sniper offed the hostage taker with a well aimed headshot. I’m not sure an attempted bank robbery and hostage taking is quite a deed deserving an instant death, but Colombian authorities thought otherwise so that’s the treatment they responded to the perpetrator with.

The headshot was rather daring. It was without a doubt well aimed, but given the proximity of hostage’s head, it could have gone all sorts of wrong. The assailant also held a handgun to her head which could have easily fired if it was cocked and with safety off just waiting for the trigger to be pulled. That simple muscle contraction could happen even if the gun holder loses all control over his body – couldn’t it?

Thanks a lot for the video, Mao. If that was a rubber bullet, it would have given the attacker a really nasty black eye. The hostage taker was identified as 18 Year Old Hector Duarte.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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62 thoughts on “Bank Robber Takes Pregnant Woman Hostage in Bogota, Colombia”

    1. US would do the same thing? Fuck no they won’t. Name a case where they did. They will never do this with a gun pointed to a pregnant woman’s head. They do the pussy move of sweet talking and stupid negotiating. This is why hostage taking takes forever… America is a wus when it comes to things like this.

  1. That’s one lucky lady, muscles tend to tense up during extreme head trauma. It’s a wonder the pistol in his hand didn’t discharge. I must admit that would have made for a better video clip, but hey it all turned out well, I suppose.

  2. I was in the Marine Corps infantry and learned a lot about ballistics and the traumatic effects on the body. If the brain stem is severed or otherwise destroyed there is no signals sent and the muscles don’t tense. That’s why the center of the face (mustache area) is ideal for total lights out.

    1. Exactly. Thank you for pointing that out.

      In my education in a similar subject, they suggested imagining a 2-inch wide sweatband, stretched around the head so it covered the base of the skull in the rear, the ears on the side and the eyes in front. Shoot into that “band” and you’ll hit the “monkey part” of the brain and they’ll fall like a puppet with its strings cut.

      In this case, the sniper hit that “band” perfectly, which is why he dropped like he did.

      Helluva a shot here. If that was where he intended to place that shot, then he did it well, IMO.

  3. The real beauty in this video is this … You’ve heard that expression – ” You’d better wipe that damn smurk off your face …. right now mister.”

    Well, if you look at the slow motion action at 0.26- 0.27 Right before the bullet wipes it off for him, he’s got that cocky little smirk on his face, like yea … what you gonna do now boys, I got a gun to this bitch’s head, and you guys gonna give me mine …. dhats Right, yeah! Then out of nowhere … B-L-A-M-M-M!!! Smirk gone / problem solved – Priceless !!

  4. WOW very impressive sniper video.. but I am still confused about the location of this video.. The news report says Bogota, Colombia and is spoken in English, but the news are being broadcasted in Venezuela’s (Venevizion tv channel). I grew up in Venezuela and I can 100% say news are in Spanish. LOL.

  5. that shot was awesome. it looks to me like it went straight through the center of his head and out the back of his head at the base of the skull. thats were the medulla and some other important shit are. you shoot someone there and they don’t even twitch. lucky for the pregnant woman.

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