Body of Executed Syrian Soldier with Eye Popped Out

Body of Executed Syrian Soldier with Eye Popped Out

The victim appears to be a Syrian soldier that was executed with a headshot. Bullet flying through his head created inner pressure that resulted in an eye popped out of the socket. He appears to be in full gear with lots of ammo magazines on him. Perhaps he was gunned down during a shootout?

Also, I think he’s been dead for maybe a day or two cause his head appears slightly discolored. I wonder if that was caused by the headshot, or if it means that his head started to putrefy.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video:

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52 thoughts on “Body of Executed Syrian Soldier with Eye Popped Out”

  1. He kinda reminds me of Large Marge from Pee Wee’s big adventure. When they were in the semi truck. Lol. Like this could be her skinnier brother! Trippy eye but kudos to him because this is definitely a little different than what we’re used to seeing! Unique. I like that..

  2. Translation :”These are the corpses of the dogs of Al Assad, I swear by Allah that their dogs are in hell and our martyrs are in heaven”

    Wake up my little snackbar, heaven and hell are fantasies, childish stories for people who are affraid of the dark.

    1. Thanks for the translation and video DerSteppenwolf, it?s good to have your input on any Muslim related topic after all the vast majority of us, myself included, understand very little about a people that, thanks to our rulers, we are at war with.

  3. my uneducated guess is that the discolorization is not from being dead for 2 days, because the Nigh Indestructible Eye putrefies real quick , it would’ve sunk in and become cloudy soon.

    This vid is a proof that even the Syrians have nigh indestructible eyes though.
    Steppenwolf, you bring in serious footage, man.

      1. @ dersteppenwolf where do you find all these syrian videos the good ones, im on liveleak the syrian section all the time and every video you post i havnt seen. i see alot of them sayin that its dead saa but they are always wearing sneakers. i always think to myself wtf army dosent give boots to their soilders ya kno thas how i kno that its bullshit but this dude actually had boots so i believe hes saa. ive been on syria tube and the likes but i cant read arbic so it must help that you can. you gotta give me some lessons, be cheaper than roseta stone lol

    1. I thought exactly the same thing about the ammo he still packed in his pretty vest. Total oversupply of bullets over there it seems.

      They won’t even take the opponent’s ammo, how posh…

    1. Respect to Steppenwolf indeed. And I like to call all religion a plague. It’s a sickness that clouds people’s thinking and judgement and even their view of reality. I’ll stop right there since i could go on for days about religion

    2. santa claus for adults. I should have started a doomday cult for all of that 2012 bullshit. people will sign over their entire lives to you if your charismatic enough and play with people’s beliefs in an afterlife.

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