BOPE Sniper Takes Out Armed Drug Trafficker in a Favela

BOPE Sniper Takes Out Armed Drug Trafficker in a Favela

As an extansion to the documentary from the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, here’s a video of a BOPE sniper taking out an armed drug trafficker in one of the favelas. The take out was filmed from a distance by someone who knew it was coming. Good long distance shot.

Dancing with the Devil documentary portrayed the favela drug traffickers as the good guys who want to make the life for fellow favela inhabitants better whereas the police as the bad guys who come to the favela in armored vehicles and kill at will. I’m not sure I tend to lean towards the drug traffickers who promenade themselves around with automatic rifles in hand.

Props to Best Gore member @Brazilian_NOTDASILVA for the video:

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36 thoughts on “BOPE Sniper Takes Out Armed Drug Trafficker in a Favela”

    1. Urban combat is suppose to be one of the most difficult and deadly environments to fight a battle in not to mention the most frightening its also suppose to the best environment for snipers to thrive in. Would I wanna play paintball in a favela?…hell yes! But without Narcos or BOPE to interfere and ruin the game by killing everyone, now would I wanna have to fight a real life battle in a favela…hell no never. Look up the Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of Monterey, the Battle of Stalingrad is famous for being one of the deadliest urban battles ever fought and it was fought mostly by Soviet and German snipers during WW2. The Battle of Monterey was Americas first time fighting in a true urban environment with true modern weapons and tactics…Americans did fight urban battles during the American Revolution and Civil War but they did so with older weapons and napoleonic tactics.

      1. Urban combat *is* one of the most difficult and casualty-intensive environments to fight in. And yes, snipers and designated marksmen are great force multipliers. That said, some corrections:

        1. Stalingrad was not fought “mostly by Soviet and German snipers”; trained and equipped marksmen made up a small portion of the respective Orders of Battle. The best German successes came from ad-hoc battalion-sized mechanized infantry task forces with copious assault gun and tank support. Read David M. Glantz’s “Armageddon Stalingrad”.

        2. The Battle of Monterrey is hardly a relevant example; it took place prior to the invention of close air support or armored vehicles. Much better examples are the Second Battle of Grozny (Jan 1995), where experienced light infantry crushed Russian conscripts in armored vehicles, and the Second Battle of Fallujah (Nov 2004), where well-trained and aggressive Marines and Army Soldiers, with extensive armor, artillery, and aviation fire support, battered through well-fortified defenses held by fanatics with relatively light casualties. Read David Bellavia’s “House to House” .

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    1. i have the same problem most of the time too.. i just tend to click back and try to post it again because the comment is still there and i just click post comment heaps and then it comes up with a duplication warning or some shit i cant remember and thats when i know my comment posted

    2. I don’t consider it a problem. It just works that way and it’s up to us, the clever users, to work our way around it., which we do. Like all things, it will be temporary. I just blame the complicatedness of modern website technology.

    1. Yeah, that was awesome, must of been a graze or the bullet did not expand inside him properly. If you get a good mushroom expansion, they usuallly drop immediately. That dancing with the devil documentary was awesome. Long but very interesting.

      1. @Senor, Ohhh… thats what I expected to see, the trafficker drop instantly, now I get it. (Did you know that from hunting?) Thanks! Yes, agreed! I thought dancing with the devil was fascinating, loved how everyone justified what they were doing…

        1. Bullet probably went right through him you only die instantly if it’s a head shot anything else even the heart you have a little time. You can live about 20 seconds or so with a bullet right through the heart, I have seen it with my own eyes more than once.

  2. It wasn’t really a nice shot.

    The shot was taken from 250 yards away.

    There were two shooters in the room, plus the camera guy, that’s why you see dust kicking up, that was the missed shot.

    The target was hit in the hips, which means the shooter was simply going for a center of mass shot, which is considered pretty basic marksmanship tactics.

    They are not from BOPE. These guys are just hired militia from other favelas.

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