Boxes of Dead Bodies, Brazil

Boxes of Rando Bodies

Boxes of Rando Bodies

Video From Brazil shows some boxes, full of a bunch of dead bodies, awesome right? This is gang related and all the women appear to be fondled, all of their pants are unbuttoned and unzipped and their tops are rolled up exposing their tummies and some other things. One of them looks like a ten-year-old, sad being that these women were used to sexually attract men in order to rob them, guess they are teaching them young down there, as if we didn’t already know that..

In Brazil, police officers pick up gangs specializing in stealing truckloads, thieves used women to seduce truckers to then surrender them and steal all the goods, this gang was already well known for their deeds but this Time did not end well for them, the policemen ambushed and they reacted and ended up dead (they surrendered the truckers and then killed).

Props to Best Gore member @blackskull45 for the video:

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      1. Y’all bitch and complain about them yet wanna fuck em no logic there just retardation and I notice it’s mostly the same folks from other videos probably just needing some attention

        1. Quite a few VIPs can now breathe a sigh of relief. But, I honestly believe the ones that now hold all that incriminating evidence will pick and choose which political enemies to blackmail. BTW… Did you see how that island was raided by authorities? By Land, by Sea and by Air. A mini-Normandy invasion.

      1. I have never been next to a stinking corpse. The only bodies i have been next to have been looked after professionally under Aust funeral standards ie freezing and embalming ,thank god.

        Yet ,i have been around freshly slaughtered pigs and sheep and know that shit comes out and stinks to high heaven if you pierce the bowels etc. Also my grandpa told me war stories. He actually slept with gore all over ghim to keep him warm in winter just like “walkingDead “characters did to hide from zombies.

        Have you been near decomposing corpses? How come?

        P. S you arecright about ebola and other diseases killing us. Libtard policies and lac standards dieto big business have allowed disease to spread like wildfire now.

        1. Well it’s not th same as freshly slaughtered animals or the contents of their bowels which is bad enough. i used to play this trick on people i hated in the office. I wouldt ake a pice of chicken and just hide it somewhere near where they sit. They could never find it, best place was behind a radiator, that stink becomes so unbearable they can’t concentrate on their work. You should try it.
          As for the dead body question. I take the fifth as is my right…lol

        2. Y’all bitch and complain about them yet wanna fuck em no logic there just retardation and I notice it’s mostly the same folks from other videos probably just needing some attention don’t get me wrong I’m a gun totin trump loving rebel flag flying don’t tread on me American but my family didn’t fight for racism in the military they fought for equality rights our rights for everyone

  1. Freeze, thaw, screw… Freeze, thaw, screw. For those sick fucks that need to delay that gross decomposition… Unless you’re into that too! Then you’re a REAL SICK FUCK. Lol!

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, other than Western Europe and a few ex British Colonies, this planet is full of savages. There was method behind the old Christian Mission’s madness. Alas, one can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.

  3. had to sign in for this one_So what we have here is young women and children FORCED into prostitution either by poverty or gunpoint, raped, murdered and boxed. And u slimy fucks think it’s funny.
    I honestly think u scumbags are even worse than the child murderers. most of u are soft, scared american sack of shit christians. In a perfect world you’d be delivered to me where I’d take days to torture each and every one of u. I’d even give u a fair chance to fight for your freedom first, but it wouldn’t end well for u all believe me. u guys are honestly a vile branch of evolution that needs to be eradicated. sub human mammals.

    1. Wow. Did anyone else take note of the shear hypocrisy being spouted here? Where does one begin? From the use of his online name, to the violence he wants to bestow on those who act out in violence.
      Let me guess; your a “Christian”.

    1. its called mixing of the races. the Portuguese went insane fucking Africans, breeding them, acknowledging their births with whites. Plus you have the indigenous tribals who were also bred but mostly died of diseases when the Euros got within nose-range

  4. This is all fine and dandy but what I want to know is if they have any boxes with chocolate-covered Macadamia Nuts. (FACT: Macadamias are ONLY indigenous to Australia! I shit you not. I learned that at the Big Pineapple in Australia. Too bad they’re closed now…last I heard.)

      1. Fun? Natures way to handle over population?
        It would be interesting to interview one of those involved and ask the age old question: Why?
        And if he/she shrugs their shoulders; slit their throats.

  5. They appear to have been caught in the act. The distortions of their face seem more as common expressions of fright and mischief. Body language also, does the body release chemicals and signaling that prohibits the body from relaxing? They seem very.. aware.

  6. Oh! So this is what the Meat Delis in Brazil look like. Funny. I thought most furniture stores had their inventory’s neatly displayed. However, this dead Spic market takes the fuckin’ cake! Cannot wait to see more past Cartel body markets such as this one.

    Should have taken up a different career other than sacrificing your fucked up self for some nigger who bangs children.

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