Brain Leakage Out of Skull After Lethal Headshot

Brain Leakage Out of Skull After Lethal Headshot

Brain Leakage Out of Skull After Lethal Headshot

Angie claims that this headshot is more picture perfect than previously published picture perfect headshot. This kid took it pretty bad, skull blasted open right between the eyes resulting in brain leakage that looks almost as if you squashed a caterpillar. Poor kid got to stare at his own brain leaking out of his skull as he lay there dying in pool of his own blood. To be honest, I’m not that sure if it was a headshot that cracked this skull open. Could have been a heavy blow to the head with a blunt object. Either way, some seriously lethal force ended this life in a truly horrific way.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Actually this looks like the results of an ATV (endo) accident. Very eary as Ive seen the results of just such an accident, that other then the person in this pic everything looked identical to what is burned into my memory forever. the mud, everything,,

  2. Kevin, salmezz, ash, Josh, Callum, and bozo all left comments similar to mine, so why did you choose just me to pick on?

    I’m going to assume this is a sexual advance. I respectfully decline, hatefigure.

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  4. Something about this pic…it gets to me more than anything on this site…maybe it’s his facial expression…looks like he really did see his brain coming out and his last expression (and possibly words?) said, “Oh Shit!”

  5. Shooting my own head with a “Smith and Wesson P99” would be the best death for me and not on the hospital bed, dying of nothing until I forget how to breathe and die… Then atleast those devils in hell won’t laugh at me when I get there as I don’t expect to be very welcome in heaven… But as I look very closely at this image, I’m having second thoughts….

    Best Gore in deed….

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