Breaking of the Borders – ISIS Video with Brutal Executions at the End

Breaking of the Borders - ISIS Video with Brutal Executions at the End

Since the beginning of Syrian Civil War in 2011, the corporate media has been feeding the public a bunch of lies about president Bashar al-Assad being the bad guy slaughtering peaceful protesters. Thanks to Best Gore and a bunch of other alternative news websites, the lies of the powers that be have been exposed but it didn’t stop “Israel First” war criminals from providing the extremists with billions of dollars in funding, weaponry and training. Thanks to that, within a span of a few short years, we have witnessed groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham, aka ISIS rise to extreme power at an unprecedented rate. Yet the likes of Kenyan still continue to bullshit the public with colorful “appropriately vetted” rhetoric from a teleprompter in order to spend more of western taxpayer’s money on militarization of extremists in the Middle East.

In this post, I have still used the label ISIS for the mujaheddin from the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham, but this label will need to be retired soon. On Sunday last week, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, unilaterally announced in an audio recording the creation of a new Islamic Caliphate. After 90 year, the vast swaths of lands that extend from Diyala in Iraq to Aleppo in Syria, have once again become an Islamic Caliphate they had been for over 1,300 year. At the same time, the group announced that they are dropping Iraq, al-Sham and/or Levant from their name, and are now called simply the Islamic State. Shortly after, it was announced that despite being former foes, a faction of Jabhat al-Nusra from Al-Bukamal merged with the Islamic State. While this doesn’t speak for the entire Al-Nusra Front, it is a rather precedent setting move that may see the rest of Al-Nusra follow.

What Is the Islamic Caliphate?

90 years ago, after almost 1,400 years of a glorious run, the Islamic Caliphates were destroyed. Khilafah, which represents a ruling system of Islam, existed in the Middle East from the time of Prophet Muhammad, until March 3, 1924 when due to the intervention from France the Britain, it was abolished. After re-establishment of the Caliphate, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said:

The time has come for those generations that were drowning in oceans of disgrace, being nursed on the milk of humiliation, and being ruled by the vilest of all people, after their long slumber in the darkness of neglect — the time has come for them to rise

I wonder what the response to the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate will be from the United Nations and the world. After the Yahoodi hacked their way into the Palestine and said “this is now a Jewish state”, they were recognized as such by basically the whole world. Yet the Yahoodi had no right to that land and took it by force. Will the world recognize the Islamic Caliphate in the same way, seeing that these people actually do have the right to that land as Islamic Caliphates existed on it for centuries? Nevermind, I think I know the answer to that.

Below is a new video released by former ISIS, now the Islamic State. It is titled “Breaking of the Borders” because that’s what the mujaheddin achieved – they brought down borders established by states they don’t recognize.

The video features prominent Islamic State figures Abu Muhammad al-Adnani (the official spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – shown at the beginning of the video) and Abu Omar al-Shishani (the ginger bearded Chechen mujaheddin who speaks Russian laced with occasional Arabic. His Georgian birth name is Tarkhan Batirashvili, he’s a seasoned soldier). Perhaps the Islamic State will re-release the video with English subtitles later on, the way they did with Saleel As-Sawarim 4, so we know what they’re saying.

The video concludes with images of brutal executions. First, three men are shown being shot in the backs of their heads at point blank range. The one in the middle took a shot from a high powered rifle so his head instantly exploded. You can see half of it flying away. The one nearest the camera was also shot with a rifle so blood and brain matter are visibly exiting his skull. The one furthest from the camera was shot with just a handgun – still fatal, but nowhere near as graphic. After the execution of the three, the video shows a glimpse of a mass execution of a large group of people who appear to be captives from the city of Mosul. That’s probably a teaser for an upcoming video.

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    1. Don’t worry they got some hurting coming to them. They are all pussies wearing mask only one that didn’t have one was the one who looked like a white boy. They are all gonna get fucked up very soon.
      Salami bacon to every one.

    2. Agreed, nice people indeed. In fact we should call them whatever they want and works best for them. Lets help them expand their power beyond Syria and Libia and call them Islamic State. They need this fuel to expand.. I know it is just a name, but lets not eat the Zionist pudding, we know where this is going.

      FUCK THAT… Lets see how creative we can be with names: I will start!

      Islamic Snackbar

      1. let them expand, because as they do, the world will see the truth about that ‘peaceful’ religion, then itll be the zionists youre all worried about who will have one less weapon for their plans

    3. There is some good news. The loser with the red beard – something Abu al Chechen – was taken out yesterday in a special operation. One less Chechen for the russians to deal with. or us.

    4. @ Tomcater

      you are right, the quran does have tolerance for others somewhere in it.

      but holding these scumbags up as examples of a good muslim,….. well, its just like holding jim jones or david koresh up as examples of a good christian?

    5. Tomcaster it has. The beheading was fake it was a dangerous game to play if they thought America would see a beheading and say fuck that leave them alone they will kill Americans they were wrong Obama would watch his own daughter be fist fucked then beheaded and still order bombing because that cunt would fuck his own mother if it meant a barrel of oil had 10% off the wholesale price

    1. It has all the signatures of your typical Mossad false flag operation to justify excessive killings and oppression of the Palestinians. But let’s not hijack unrelated post with this.

      1. Almost certainly a false flag, Hamas’ new unity government is trying to get world support for their cause and then they go and kidnap and kill these teens? Giving the Israeli’s an excuse to declare war on them.. like fuck.

        Anyway, that headshot in the picture is insane!

  1. “The time has come for those generations that were drowning in oceans of disgrace, being nursed on the milk of humiliation, and being ruled by the vilest of all people, after their long slumber in the darkness of neglect the time has come for them to rise”.

    They have a way with words these people, I will give them that. The above could easily apply to most of our countries as well.

    I am looking forward to how our media will depict this Islamic Caliphate situation, if they say that Muslims have no right to recreate what they believe to be historical land and border ownership then Israel equally has no right to do it either.

    Regardless, the west will not allow an Islamic caliphate to happen because it would threaten Israel and it would prevent the west from getting the oil and natural gas meaning that they would be even more reliant on Russian owned resources.

    I guarantee the armies will be sent back in because the west trained Muslim troops are now seen to be unreliable after the Iraq ISIS situation.

    It does prove a point I suppose in that they would have to have a permanent army presence in order to keep control in the Muslim countries because as soon as they pull out again the Muslim fighters will move back in again, full circle.

    If they do decide to have a permanent army presence they would have to bring back conscription in order to keep and maintain the number of troops necessary to hold the ground.

    Our future is not looking good.

    1. yes, @empty – they have a way with words

      good to see that our english university education is furnishing these ackbar-stards
      with a colourful ,descriptive and apealing vocabulary.
      Also good to see that the film-making techniques, also learned in our english universities are being put to good use – and on such expensive HD epuipment, funded by money chanelled from our goverments.

      as a side note – i applied to sheffield castle college for 3 years running (starting 2008) to do an access course (diploma) as pre-requisite for university entrance. – after the 3rd turn-down i became rather frustrated over the phone with one of the intake staff, “……ive done what i need to do, ive refreshed my qualifications needed for the diploma, i tick all the “boxes” required for entry – why refuse me three years running? ” – – – -“between you and me,the answer is easy.” replied the woman i spoke to, “the first year you applied, the quota we usually have to fill with mature students has been replaced by a quota for immigrants who have arrived up to 24 months before application- they now have priority”

      nice eh? one of the students who took “my” place on the access course may have appeared in a BG video …… snackbarring or murdering……
      (yes, a silly thought for me to dwell on, but still……..)

        1. you know what @ilovegramps? im really not bothered that immigrants are offered further education in our country – its fair enough.
          but you are right – being told that they are given priority over me really was a kick in the teeth.
          ok – i did piss my younger years away, i take full responsibilty for that – but now when i wish to improve my life as a mature student, it appears i am sidelined in favour of others

  2. One wonders where Pakistan sits on this issue of the rising and the reemergence of the Caliphate . Are there varying extremities of Sunni Islam ?

    Pakistan being a majority – approx 75% Sunni Muslim state , and a nuclear power , negated of course , by their Indian neighbours own nuclear capability .

    Where is this all leading to !?

    1. I live in the states. But I have pakistani blood. Ill tell you where we sit in this situation: Absolutely no where, but under dicks, balls, and assholes.
      If anything, there should be a civil war in pakistan. The fucking leaders are so fucked up there that its unimaginable. Our last leader was a billionaire, so is our current leadet. They rent penthouses when they travel, and ride in rolls royces, while 20% of the population of Pakistan dies of hunger. The middle class of pakistan lives without electricity for several hours a day and the upper class? Dont ask… they burn money on weddings.
      So…. our leaders just wanna keep sucking western dick and spend their millions while their people die.
      Only thing good about pakistan today in my opinion is their inteligence agency, the ISI

      1. I was contemplating exactly this, last night

        70 – 90% of Muslims are Sunni; the extreme faction are the ultra-orthodox Ahl al-Hadith (Wahhabi).

        Pakistan has, maybe, 80 – 120 nuclear warheads dispersed across the country for security.

        Afghanistan will be a magnet for IsiL once Obama pulls out the rmajority of US in December; 9 – 10,000 troops are not going to be sufficient.

        Nuclear warheads will be difficult to obtain but the use of ‘dirty’ bombs is entirely plausible..

  3. I just had to register because I wanted to post a comment.
    first of all, it amazes me to know that there are other people of different religion that know who are behind the fuckfest of this world. my understanding was that only a few Muslims were aware of this fact due to our religious history with the Jews and their mentions in our holy book. And that we were the only people who possibly knew what the f****** Jews were all about, but apparently I am very wrong, and this makes me glad because I don’t feel alone anymore. I feel the problem is that these zionists are extremely intelligent and rich.
    another thing that’s puzzling for me about this website is that how open leave this website tries to convey the truth. I am always advised by my elder family members to keep my mouth shut about the zionists or anything relating to these f***** up people at least in public, because they are afraid that I will be arrested or something, as there has been cases where random innocent muslims have been arrested for the random commons at random times. 1 instance that I can remember is that my cousins friend got arrested by an undercover jew posing as a new convert muslim eager to learn about the religion. my cousins friend made a random comment at a random time which the guy recorded and the poor guy got arrested for years and years. The jew got a reward for 50 grand or something. so it puzzles me the organization which is basically controlling the whole earth can’t take down a single website?
    now I would like to add something relating to this topic. I have seen before and in this post, the original poster claiming that Isis are being funded by the f***** up people.don’t get me wrong, I’m not pro I s I s, but I’m not totally against them either. I disagree with a lot of their methods, but that’s a whole different topic to discuss. my feeling is that the isis would carve their hearts out before recieving any kind of help from the fucked up people.
    israel is using america as a puppet to fuck things up in the middle east and funding different rebel groups in syria and the leaders of iraq and and al sham to keep the fighting against each other. But in case of isis, I do not feel thats the case, I feel whatever equipment/money they posess, they have gained through their battles. but again, these are only my thoughts. I guess only God knows the real truth.

    1. True, Israel is draining America’s economy and is trying to get us to fight their battles. But, at least they don’t act like these animals, executing POWs and playing with their heads. And, so far, it seems like Israel is the only one who’s gonna be able to annihilate these fuckers

    2. im glad you registered @PeacefulMuslim

      i for one (and i assure you,not the only one)
      will be happy to hear your input.

      yes my friend, many of us have known the truths for some time – and now the grubby yid veil is being lifted – and more and more people simply cannot deny what their eyes, hearts and common sense is telling them.

      welcome to BG my friend – and as isaid, ilook forward to and welcome your input.

      hope to see you around the site mate

    1. I read it and welcome @Peaceful Muslim .

      I believe the insurgents in Syria were funded and armed by the west to begin with , and there is s recent post which mentions the further half billion dollars that the Kenyan is going to throw at this . Then of course ISIS took the spoils when the Iraqi army fled .

      One thing is for certain , this mess is only going to get even messier .

  4. I’m just glad I’m a million miles away from all of these diglets.

    Although their probably walking around the same supermarket as me before jumping on a plane to go and fight with them. 🙁

  5. Funny how when russia somewhat does this in ukraine the u.n is right there saying”no no no” but when towelheads do it you hear nothing, if anything they fund them lmfao, theyre silence speaks loud volumes

  6. They are getting better at film making. Two camera production and creative scene transitions. I wonder if they paid royalties on the music in the beginning. It would be great if they start doing more high quality executions. The freeze frame at the top of the post is something you do not see very often. Imagine a slow motion decapatation. That would be a nice 19th birthday present for Hanabi.

  7. Right at the end of the video during the mass execution one prisoner right at the far side gets up and runs at his executioners.Hes the only one who puts up a fight yet all the ISIS guys at that point are backing off shooting.He is shot down of course.Shame the other 200 just sat there and had their brains blown out.

    We need to import more of this religion of peace into Europe.Then we can be even more on our knees.

  8. The identity of these people has been forever tainted. Whatever wisdom they might have had, it’s now transformed into strategic army movements. They live for their weapons, for fighting each other it seems, killing people of their own religion, their own country and language. It’s insane. IT seems they cannot exist if it isn’t with a weapon in their hands, reciting verses and curses at their enemy. There is an end to their lives but no beginning, their death is life. What a sad life they have.

  9. So, as to every story, there are two sides. What are the gun wielders fighting for, and what are the ‘victims’ viewpoint.
    Obviously, they’re all Muslims – Muslims are by doctrine the most murderous as it is directly and plainly written in their scriptures to kill anyone non-muslim. However, they’re killing each other on the basis of something that appears to be far greater than religious intentions.
    Money, Obama, Jews… wait, they’re all the same? heh.

    And here I am thinking that all we would all like to live happy lives without causing harm to each other, in prosperity and harmony. Perhaps, in a bubble, on the moon.

  10. That was no amateur film, that was purposely directed. All slick zooms and fades multiple angles? Then as we go on, bit less colour, bit more grainy? Like a film don’t you think? Lots of western motors, watches, very white hands? Oh! and an invisible leader. ?20 says it’s Tarrantino.

  11. The ZOG will surely try to prevent a new caliphate emerging using all means possible, it would be the biggest threat to the Jew World Order since Adolf woke the Germans. Things are gonna get messy.

    1. they’re not white, they’re chechens. but ISIL does have foreigners in its ranks. i’ve heard a lot of talk and read a lot about them, and one theory sounds the most plausible. ISIL are mainly trained in chechnya by the russian government. the russians need idiots like ISIL to keep oil prices high, or else the russian economy faces a complete collapse. there’s nothing special about ISIL, they’re just another group of puppet fanatics used by foreign businessmen. i live in a country that is has a border with iraq and i certainly would never give up the life i’m living now for some caveman ideology. ISIL will never be able to rule anything beyond sand dunes. sure they can keep terrorizing people with scum like chechens, niggers and pakis, but all this talk of a caliphate with no borders is shit. if they have the guts to come near my homeland, i’ll be the first in line to volunteer for driving these lowlifes back to where their smelly asses belong. for some reason bestgore gives these scum support, while not realizing that these lunatics have their eye on the europe as well, and not just the middle east. what do you think will happen when these sand niggers get back to europe (because they’re so called european citizens)? it’s going to be another reign of terror in your own back yard.

      1. The true terror in (not only) Europe’s own backyard are the Yahoodi. Muslims can be reasoned with, Jews cannot. ISIL are a problem, but they are not THE problem. They could actually be very useful if they stopped killing the Shias and instead joined with them to focus on disabling the real enemy of not only all Muslims, but mankind as a whole.

        1. ISIL are Sunni. they don’t consider Shiites muslims. in fact Sunnis consider Shiites worse than jews and christians and even infidels. any fanatic is impossible to reason with, doesn’t matter if he’s a jew, christian or muslim. problem with most people here at BG, is that they think “the enemy of my enemy, is my friend”. living in the middle east, i can assure you that people here hate the western world just as much as they hate kikes. it’s what they’re brought up with, and what they’re taught at school. the threat in europe and north america is not just the jew, but most BG users are too busy ranting about their Kampf and how much they hate kikes, instead of taking a thoughtful position to what’s happening in the world. does it mean i like jews? No. I dispise jews, but there are a lot of other people around the world that have the same greed as the jew.

  12. Pretty soon the gov’t of the world will end religion because of these weirdos..the bible speaks about all makes since..all these since less killings in the name of religion, all these wars in the name of religion all these terrorist attacks in the name of religion.,it’s getting worse and worse..

  13. @peacefulmuslim,man its taken me a few days to get back to your post(used all my gigs somehow prob from pinching flicks) i really enjoyed reading your insight into this dreadfull shit, really fucken refreshing hearing from someone in the thick of the shitstorm

  14. I’d love to fight any of these yellow bastards man to man naked, yep butt fucking naked! No ak’s no knives or any of that cowardly crap just bare fucking hands and brutal strength, i’d twist there fucking head round the wrong way then watch them walk stupid!

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