Burning of Turkish Soldiers by ISIS

Burning of Turkish Soldiers by ISIS

Newly released ISIS video shows the mujaheddin burning to death two alleged Turkish soldiers. The claim obviously stinks of bullshit, because Turkey has been a friend and supporter of ISIS from the beginning. This has got to be a well timed attempt to whitewash Turkey’s involvement in destabilization of the region at the behest of you-know-who.

The video shows two men leashed to the ground with chains. The chains and the men appear to have been doused with a flammable liquid, which is remotely set alight. Both men writhe in pain as flames slowly consume them and burn them to a crisp.

Props to Mickey F. for the video:

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288 thoughts on “Burning of Turkish Soldiers by ISIS”

    1. Of the two prisoners, one seemed to accept his fate far more readily than the other. He knew there was no escape, and he seemed to just lie there and accept burning to death, seemingly with little more than a half-attempt at a struggle. He also seemed to utter a word or two towards the end. Can anyone translate?

      The other guy did precisely what he should’ve done, dropped and rolled in an attempt to put the flames out. But, even had he been successful, he wouldn’t have been. It was clear at the end of the video that the captors had plenty more gasoline to use, should the flames have gone out before the barbeque was over.

      1. He also seemed to utter a word or two towards the end. Can anyone translate?
        he says Mother!!! Save me!!!

        The other guy did precisely what he should’ve done, dropped and rolled in an attempt to put the flames out.
        he says Help me!!!………. Brother!!!! Brother!!!(as from his family)

        1. Im turkish and I do not believe these men where Turkish. Its not hard to give someone camouflaged clothes and a buzzcut
          secondly I dont believe that any man or women would get captured alive without a fight.
          I would rather be shot and bleed out than get captured by ISIS due to their videos.
          So i believe its staged.
          And Lastley the turkish soldiers deployed do NOT wear that camo cloths.
          ISIS need to do some homework before a video is preduced

          1. As are liars all the members of “strong” goverment of “strong ” countries. Nothing to the quote, that muslims are liars (because they are, according to Korán – in Czech) but I realised few days ago that all the goverments lie more and more – lie as you print (Lže, jak když tiskne in Czech language, but its exact as it is real). And the attacks on civil buildings… it was just an mistake, hospital… it was just mistake¨… and everybody takes it as nothing happened…

          2. Turks are animals disgusting Muslim vile beasts, you sandnigger Mongols don’t even belong in Anatolia/Europe. go live with your kind in the Arab world and have fun beheading each other and fucking donkeys, you Islamic fucks killed millions of Christian Greeks and Armenians and Assyrians for no reason other than being a different peaceful religion, get the fuck out of our lands, you fucks aren’t caucasian, Mongolian pieces of shit, look at your kind on the screen, where do you think Muslims learned to behead from? do you remember the Armenian genocide? killing innocent women and children slicing pregnant women’s belly open. leave us civilized people alone sand nigger monkeys

          3. Yeah its definetly fake the turkish army is no jokes its nato’s second largest military I’d be really suprised to know that some sandniggers with ak-47 would capture member of TSK who has f-16,huge armored vehicules,heavy artillery and not because im turkish but turkish soldiers would never let themselves get captured that easily I’d personaly prefer dying from a bullet then getting captured

      2. I don’t think that was gasoline, maybe more like vegetable oil. Gasoline will ignite when the fumes are around an open flame. But maybe they just got lucky. I know of people who have squirted lighter fluid (not gasoline) on fires and the flame followed all the way back to the bottle and it exploded. You can actually toss a lit cigarette into a pale of gasoline (petrol for you Eurotrash) though and not have it ignite if there’s not enough fumes in the air. I seen a mechanic do it and I just about dived around a corner.

        Torture & destroy all muslims.

      3. @cincy What ever it was he said, it was their language. They even put captions underneath. With all these videos we have here from ISIS and shit, we don’t have one person that can interprete for us. I never know what they’re saying so it literally means nothing but shit to me.

      4. No way that was gasoline. You try pouring gasoline to an open flame in that close proximity and see what happens. Whatever that flammable liquid was it burned with a white hot flame. Gasoline burns with an orange to red flame.

    2. This is the sickest,most barbaric shit I have ever seen in my life. I hope the people who made the video suffer the same fate. They will in hell that’s a given. Watching insanity like this makes me realize how blessed I truly am to be living in a civilized country. God Bless America and all Civilized nations that fight to keep these people out of our societies.

          1. Texas is a desolate piece of shit with with a bunch of ignorant shits squatting on the shitty land and harping about how great it is. Texas is just Oklahoma with assholes.

            Flys like to cling to shit the same way assholes like to accumulate and squat in Texas.

        1. No, it really wasn’t. These people and their ideology have been around for 1400 years, the ideology is Islam.
          The USA may have stoked the fire a bit but they didn’t cause/create the ideology that fuels groups like ISIS.

        1. hope people just say fuck it too faar guys lets actually try living life that goes for everyone on earth yeah fuck the whole 75 percent of the human race or what ever percentage it is must die in order to save earth bullshit and lets actually be civilised

      1. Benny patterson with americas gun policys, treatment of minority’s and the black community and certain states still having the death penalty i wouldn’t call america that civilized compared to my country england you are pretty backward and your certainly not the standard the west should follow god save america for you will need it with trump being your president

        1. He was saying that America and the west (UK) are civilized compared to countries where you get burned alive or beheaded with a pocket knife because your not Muslim enough. I think America is pretty great compared to that. Treatment of minorities? You mean like Affirmative Action and free housing and free healthcare and electing a black president twice? Yeah, they’ve got it so bad. If you can’t make it in America then you’re fucking retarded or lazy, regardless of race.

      1. Death to liberal degenerates. Their blind ignorance is more evil and barbaric than these sand niggers who got stuck in the fuckin’ stone age. When I see this barbaric shit I don’t feel anything, I have seen a lot of it, and I am even amused to see muslim vermin and turkroaches eradicate themselves . But when I see a “Refugees welcome” sign, I am deeply traumatized and have nightmares for days. Hehe

      2. While the left disgusts me (the traditional meaning of liberal is completely different to what it means today so I tend not to use it) I can’t really see how you can say “any European allow Muslims” etc, Muslims have infiltrated every country on Earth, America has plenty and so does Canada. Even Russia and Japan (two very culturally closed countries) have large Muslim populations.
        1 Muslim is too many for me, I would see them all deported. If they won’t go then I would see them executed, I am happy to use violence to protect the Western hemisphere.

    3. here is the video explanation;
      2 soldier is not turkish, im thinking arabic or syrian.
      available sound masking and replaceing. (for showing soldiers is turk, its fake)
      2 terrorist iss, is talking in turkish language, and possible pkk soldiers.

      this is not real, not possible; turkey have been here for thousands of years(and old from amerika), if it was true turkey can do directyle get 10 thousand and can rescue own soldier, there are no escape and way to escape from this. turkey have gunless soldiers, not useing gun. just knife and fataliy deadly, iss soldier like a baby :)))

      and last words; there are no will escape, u and ur country, u will get punished, no bady can escaped this, its a just time problem. u will really really will be sorry..

      we are here, we will be here.

    1. IS should use some music when editing this stuff. Elton John’s candle in the wind should be good for the easygoing people. For people like me Prodigy’s Firestarter should be spot on. For those IS sympathisants I hope they all die by having an itchy anus.

    1. It’s great, ain’t it? The Turks should be proud of this one. Also, the assassination of the Russian ambassador was top notch as well. I was hoping Russia would put sanctions on Turkey again 🙁 Ah well, at least Israel is mad at the entire world now. I hope those jews get blown the fuck out. Let’s just hope somebody assassinates Donald Trump so this world will finally get some juicy headlines again. Hopefully Britain will leave the EU pretty soon so they fuck themselves over big time. I just want WW3, okay? Is that too much to ask for? I didn’t experience 1 and 2, so I put all my hope on 3.

  1. Just when I think they couldn’t do any worse giving a forced feeling to want to help go the extra mile to make these soul less beings disapear.. the world has too much hate and materialism as it is than these shitsinthecunt have to keep setting more n more examples to add to it,

  2. These gross sand monkeys that smell like piss and a 4 year old’s rectum are fucking drama queens too. I’m going to set up a go fund me page, get enough $$ to buy me a nuke and bomb these child rapists myself! Merry Christmas snack-bar fucks! HA!

  3. I’m wondering if those spiked neck collars were put on incorrectly? In medieval times, similar spiked collars were used as torture devices, but they were placed such that the spikes pointed towards the neck, not away from the neck as we see here. The purpose for placing the spikes facing inward is such that the prisoner can’t try to lay flat or relax his head in some manner. Doing so would inevitably force the spikes in toward his neck, causing a considerable amount of pain.

  4. The messege= never be taken alive..
    Does who fall to thair heands will never be as a pow,and thats what happend when arduan choose soldiers that wont fit and well trained to fight with gerila fighters.
    Better to bomb the islamic state from far.
    Dont be a man trying to prove your self as a good soldier…use what you can to avoid and contact face to face only if you dont have other options or only in extream condition..

  5. A few thoughts here, did anyone else notice the irony of the snackbarists torching turkeys right in front of a nice cool refreshing stream? One of the turks was playing it so cool that he was blowing his bubblegum at the end…and finally, if ISIS is taking requests for how the next bunch should go, then ive got a couple.. 1. Human sized microwave 2. 100ft. bungee jump with 100ft cord. 3. Leave em in a black neighborhood with an “I HATE NIGGERS” sign strapped on. 4. Put em in nazi unis and drop them off in Telavev. 5. Send them to Brazil and force them to steal something…nuff said!!

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    Ah, I feel much better now getting that off my chest.

  7. Ass-lifter flambe. Even the one that was dying while ablaze still lifted its ass for allah to do what allah likes to do best – such a fellow muslim goat-fucker in the ass.

    I love dead muslims. Love this vid.

    Nic post.

    1. for insulting animals whose are much better than humans you should be tortured to death…and tell me you retarded moron what animal burining someone? only humans…all scum who inults animals like you should be killed much more violently than this faggot who deserve for it

      1. lol such propoganda. the guy lighting the flames with a remote control lol. like is that supposed to make us believe these arabs are so high tech lol. they’re so progressive they’ve gone from stonings to starting flames with a remote lol.

        1. Arabs are quite smart. They preserved Greco-Roman literature, gave contributions to math, medicine and were great merchants. They keep their immigrant workers in stocks at night, for they know how harmful to society it is to have a bunch of foreign males strolling around the city, and they kill pedophiles, quite different from Europe’s posture. They used to castrate their slaves, so that now they don’t have black lives matter in Saudi Arabia. They used the only resource they had in that sand wilderness to prosper. Nevertheless, they are quite bloodthirsty, greedy and treacherous.

          1. Too bad they hadn’t castrated all the slaves in time coz almost all of middle eastern populace has at least some nigger blood. Now they’re all uncontrollable apey half castes :/

          2. most of the middle east doesn’t have black blood at all. yemen, saudi arabia those. well a lot of arabs might have some black blood. if you count persia as part of the middle east/ turkey they have zero black blood.

  8. I condemn you as a Turk and a Muslim. We have not burned Muslims, we have burned up terrorists and have taken great sin by saying “KAFIR”. Allah (cc) will ask you why you are close. There are innocent people killed innocently in the city. I pity Allah (cc) will give you your punishment. You are not MUSLIM!!

  9. “This has got to be a well timed attempt to whitewash Turkey’s involvement in destabilization of the region at the behest of you-know-who.”

    You mean Bert from Sesame Street? I always suspected he was evil.

    Gotta say that ISIS out did themselves with this video. Those slow motion flames are gorgeous. The men look like phoenixes, flapping their wings to create a conflagration before they arise again. Then the charred bodies with those bubbles coming out of the mouth. Wow…

    1. Those two men were taken prisoners in 2015 and since that day their mothers were hoping and waiting for their unharmed arrival …

      You “jokers” are the worst type of humans… The Republic of Türkiye has never supported any terrorists against Muslims or Christians or any other ethnicity yet world especially usa and Europe have always supported any organisation that is against her… I am too sad to see these two men die like that, their names were Serter Taş and Fethi Şahin may their curse and grudge upon the ones that dared to mock their deaths and upon the ones that murdered and caused their capturing.

      I hope you get to be burned like this too and survive it to be burned again!


  10. I’m Greek and turks are our traditional enemy. We are taught since birth to hate them and there are many good reasons for this. Furthermore I was part of an elite group during my military service in Cyprus, where we were taught to hate them even more and specially trained to kill them if necessary. But this…this is pure brutality and I wouldn’t wish that not even on my worst enemy. I feel sorry for them…I really do.

      1. Hahahaha!! I like it!! I’m not stupid to pay anything or to work!! Why to do so when I can “borrow” from you even more free money, tons of money and never pay back a single penny!! So, go fuck yourself asshole! Oh, and send me some more money.

    1. The Turks deserve every bit of it, Islam is evil and so are they, what they did to our beautiful people, tot he Armenians to the Greeks for nothing. FUCK THEM, they massacred over 2 million of us. Greeks and Armenians brothers for life

  11. Wait aren’t the Turks supporting them?

    Anyways I wonder how long they felt it and how long they were alive. I hope not too long. I also wonder why anyone lets themselves get captured, running like a free man being shot down by AK47 fire sounds a lot better then this.

  12. Seriously, I have a very fast fibre optic internet connection but this video loaded so damn slowly… please sort out the hosting or feed…. not good, it was like watching a old flicking animation….

    Otherwise, once it eventually loaded, a very good BG post

  13. il break something down for all you people, especially europeans. when the numbers are at such a ratio that muslims feel they can perform a coup on a country THEY WILL. little mo who runs the corner shop WILL turn on you if his book requires him to. abdul the smiley taxi driver WILL turn on you if his book requires him to. ikram the friendly logistics guy from the office WILL turn on you if his book requires him to. when it came to civil wars and if the numbers gave them chance to kill or fight you then they have to obey their religion. their religion supersedes any morals or way of life that europeans have. they are in the background now but if it came to it they would flip that switch and act for their religion.

      1. look beyond your ‘job’ ‘family life’ ‘sunday day out with the kids’ and realise that we live in a fabricated world run by evil zionist illuminati members that are scripting europe into a war with islam to further their NWO agenda. and look beyond the friendly veil of the muslim next door …. thats what they are now but when it comes to it .. you will see a different side to little ahmed from the local takeaway. they are being used for their fanaticism just like american children have been used for the american military machine.

  14. ananızı avradınızı bacınızı sikiym orospucocukları. Türkçe konuşan bu isidli kopegın turkıyedekı evını aılesını colugunu cocugunu boyle yakacaksın ki anlasın… YAŞASIN TÜRKİYE INTIKAM INTIKAM!!!

    1. A torturous fire death would be very different, as it would seek to actually maximize pain and not allow the victim the release of unconsciousness. It would involve a well-ventilated burning area that prevented any smoke/products of combustion from reaching the victim’s airways, placing nonvital body parts over the flames first and using relatively low intensity fire. This could take place over many hours and probably be one of the worst deaths in history. I don’t know of any modern published research that involves this kind of torturous death, though I’m sure that it has been known in the past.

    2. When people hate something or someone and pissed off they become a sociopath. We should try not lose our mind when we extremely angry. If you catch a thief or pedophile you want to beat him to death but instead just call police.

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