Burning of Turkish Soldiers by ISIS

Burning of Turkish Soldiers by ISIS

Newly released ISIS video shows the mujaheddin burning to death two alleged Turkish soldiers. The claim obviously stinks of bullshit, because Turkey has been a friend and supporter of ISIS from the beginning. This has got to be a well timed attempt to whitewash Turkey’s involvement in destabilization of the region at the behest of you-know-who.

The video shows two men leashed to the ground with chains. The chains and the men appear to have been doused with a flammable liquid, which is remotely set alight. Both men writhe in pain as flames slowly consume them and burn them to a crisp.

Props to Mickey F. for the video:

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288 thoughts on “Burning of Turkish Soldiers by ISIS”

  1. Guys i have a question, are these 2 soldiers Turkish? what is there identity?
    This is possible that these 2 are Turkish soldiers but also maybe 2 goatfuckers with Turkish uniform?
    the burning (soldiers) are saying some Turkish words but thats not a proof that they are Turkish, everybody can say some words in other languages…

    btw: Im Turkish also and i want the know are these 2 soldiers Turkish or possible 2 goatfuckers with Turkish uniform?, Sorry for my English and have a nice Day 🙂

      1. It’s real man!! They’re just trying to make it look Hollywood. Everyone knows a beheading has a fucked UP sound. Lungs trying to breathe when the wind pipe is cut. I know it sounds nasty but that’s reality. They have their stupid FUCKING music playing nonstop. They’re getting good at editing. Yes it could look fake. It’s not!! No WAY would i buy these scumbags are spending money for fakes. They have unlimited bodies to fucking torture. They try to recruit young radicals idiots by making it look Hollywood. Genius idea. So genius they need to be extinct. MERRY XMAS EVERYONE !!!

  2. Peace love and bring them all into our hearts,countries and homes,open the borders,open the doors,enjoy our hospitality,set up your mosques,enjoy our benefits…fuck that it’s been done,and doesn’t work.one word ..eradicate.

  3. This was a good video. And by good, I mean brutal and difficult to sit through. Its almost as if they read our comments on the last shite video and thouight “here’s one for ye, ye feckless infidels”. Years and years of gore watching, from rotten.com in the late 90s, through ogrish and everything else that has come after. I am still occasionally moved by the torment and anguish of others, from time to time.

    This shite is exactly why I visit this site. Having come down from a serious night’s binge, kicking myself in the arse having spent nearly a grand on booze and blow for me and the mates, wondering how I will survive the holidays on the pittance I have left. Watching two good lads burn to fucking death, writing and frothing at the fucking mouth certainly puts whatever self-inflicted trivial problems I am experiencing into perspective.

    1. them days are long gone for me. the money and weeks coming down i have wasted on nose-candy is unbelievable and a time in my life i regret. get off cocaine it truly is the rich mans drug and even those who are very fucking rich can be brought to their knees and bankrupt by miss coca

      1. oh yesmate –30 grand in 3 month easy done –enjoyed it, but what a come down and regrets after–fuckin hell, whathappened?? four of us in a fukin right state on living room floor !! with bloodhound gang playin —holy macaroni!!!!

    2. Rotten.com. Omg that’s the site. I was on that too In the 90s. Also I’m in recovery mate !!! Ruined every fucking holiday. Tired of saying next year is gonna be a great xmas. Finally did it. . You can do it brother!!! GOD BLESS and merry xmas. Now I wanna do a fat line of blow. Lol. Good luck

  4. When I watch ISIS video I’m always courious – are they drugged? I mean victims. Mostly they looks calm, they don’t even try to escape or whatever what is a naturall reflex of human – to save a life.

  5. Im turkish and I do not believe these men where Turkish. Its not hard to give someone camouflaged clothes and a buzzcut
    secondly I dont believe that any man or women would get captured alive without a fight.
    I would rather be shot and bleed out than get captured by ISIS due to their videos.
    So i believe its staged.
    And Lastley the turkish soldiers deployed do NOT wear that camo cloths.
    ISIS need to do some homework before a video is preduced

  6. No other people accept their death to be shown of as propaganda of terrorist more then the muslims …why would you accept to be filmed while youre getting killed? By me , i would have done whatever i could to not make my death an exemple of terrorist , would rather kill myself then being filmed and humiliated like this ..stupid jihadists..

  7. I couldn’t watch anymore after they were on the ground. That was the super painful. Not a slow death at all. I hate these mother fuckers. Omg keep releasing these videos ISIS. PUTIN OR TRUMP ARE GONNA DROP THE NUCLEAR BOMB!! I look forward TO cartel videos Brazil videos are my favorite. EVERYTIME I see an ISIS video posted I’m like ohhh man what now. I still have to watch. anyone else feel this way. I just want these fuckers gone already

  8. It looks like he got a brand new utility belt and gloves just for the event. With a cute little pocket for the remote. So gay. What is it with that fucked up music? I can’t stand it. Poor bastards. When the one guy on fire opens his eye at 130 i really felt for him. The isis dudes communication style is horrible. Pointing and yelling with a whiney tone. I wish this on him: the brazilians beat his hands with sticks thief style. Then guys make him eat his own fingers and drip molten plastic on him and shove broom stick up his ass. Then the mexicans peel his face with box cutter misting with alcohol. Then his legs cut off with an axe up to knees, one eye poked out with pencil and finally set on fire for a slow burn finish. The guy is butt ugly also, even sporting his cool new terrorist outfit. They could use a better spokesman. I wonder why the sand nigs are better videographers than the mexis.

  9. Hello everybody, THESE ARE NOT TURKISH SOLDIERS. Both The Turkish and Russian staff have confirmed it. These were 2 man that had contacts with YPG terrorist organisation, which is an enemy of ISIS. These 2 toasted idiots lived In Northern Iraq, Southern Turkey. But no Turkish army staff, it has been prouven that this is just propaganda made by ISIS. Turkish soldiers don’t surrender. It’s a military tradition that if they do, another Turkish soldier will shoot him down himself. It’s a very respected military code in Turkey. My uncle is an Albay, I think it means Colonel in English. He said the same thing. Just saying dont believe things so easily. These soldiers don’t even look native Turkish. More Iraqi

  10. Hopefully one day we will rebuild a Colosseum and have live human sacrifices, ISIS soldiers will be in it for the show. We will turn them over to the lions, the bears, and maybe even worse. All at the same time, ISIS will only have a tooth brush or a spoon to fight back with. One day, once we get ourselves a T-Rex revived, we can feed them to that. I have high hopes for ISIS, they will make a good treat when they’re under the mercy of the actual world.

  11. I know all the adjectives/expletives to describe thee people have been used! I will never understand this level of evil

    I know they hate people due to their own people being bombed etc… this creates real hatred and bitter retaliation! As a human how can you stand there and watch a person die in such an extremely painful way? Slitting their throat seems like a mercy killing in comparison

  12. I can see some serious shit happening to these evil cunts. SOON. WE will take prisoners, but now the standard has been set. I can see some serious pig mutilation occurring to facilitate these cunts not going to heaven.

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