Cadereyta Massacre – 49 People Found Butchered in Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Cadereyta Massacre - 49 People Found Butchered in Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Corpses of 49 butchered individuals – 43 men and 6 women – were found 10 kilometers east of Cadereyta, near the village of San Juan, at kilometer 47 of Mexico Federal Highway 40 on Sunday May 13, 2012 (Mother’s Day). The highway connects the metropolitan city of Monterrey in Nuevo Leon with the city of Reynosa in Tamaulipas on the border with Texas and it is speculated that the butchered people were migrants on their way to the United States.

According to preliminary reports, facial features of the deceased as well as tattoos found on body parts were indicative of people from south of Mexico and other parts of Central America.

Early reports had it that all victims were decapitated and/or dismembered and their body parts packed up in black garbage bags, but this was proven incorrect. The sicarios responsible for the Cadereyta Massacre must have run out of gasoline before each victim got a turn at the notorious Narco chainsaw treatment.

When they were found, many of the Cadereyta Massacre victims already started to putrefy signifying that killing took place at least 2 days prior to deposition on the highway. The authorities also haven’t discarded the possibility that the 49 were killed elsewhere and only delivered to the Cadereyta municipality for deposition.

Because many bodies were mutilated and started to decompose, usual means of identification may prove difficult so the authorities plan to turn to DNA tests.

The content of narcomensaje left with the victims was not revealed. As such, it is not 100% clear who was behind the massacre. What’s clear is that the Cadereyta Massacre is a result of bitter turf war between the Sinaloa Cartel and Los Zetas who fight for control of lucrative drug smuggling routes to the USA. All Mexican authorities said was that the following people were responsible for the massacre: Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, Heriberto “El Lazca” Lazcano and Miguel “Z-40” Trevino. The first two are two top Sinaloa Cartel men, the last two are two top Los Zetas men.

Perhaps the strongest indication that it may have indeed been the Los Zetas who butchered the 49 migrants is that the victims were uninvolved civilians. El Chapo has been making himself clear lately that he does not target civilians but is hell bent on sorting the Zetas out. There are many civilian deaths under the El Chapo’s belt though.

Los Zetas have been under intense pressure since coalition between the Sinaloa Cartel and the CDG (Cartel Del Golfo) was formed last year – which is something that the authorities only learned after Victor Manuel Felix Felix aka “El Señor” was captured in Tabasco state. El Señor is El Chapo Guzman’s brother in law. The documents he had on person when captured clearly indicated that an alliance between the Sinaloa and Gulf Cartels was a reality. And now they’re stepping on Los Zetas’ toes and unfortunately, innocent people get killed in the process.


Los Zetas distanced themselves from Cadereyta Massacre, claiming that they did not butcher the 49 migrants in Nuevo Leon and requesting thorough investigation by the authorities.

In the wee hours of May 15, 2012 several narcomensaje were found throughout northern Mexico, including Zacatecas, Guadalupe and Fresnillo with messages from Los Zetas.

Text on the banners said (in Mexican Spanish):

Javier del Real, Jorge Domene, Adrian de la Garza. El grupo zetas se deslinda de los 49 descuartizados en Nuevo Leon y les pedimos que antes de echarnos la culpa chequen bien, INVESTIGUEN. Hagan su trabajo como debe ser.

No solo porque van y les tiran un camion con cuerpos con un mensaje zetas, ya no van a continuar haciendo su trabajo. Y por hacer las cosas fáciles hasta conferencia de prensa están dando. Y así se quitan su responsabilidad de investigar.

Señores no sean tontos los que hicieron eso quieren que responsabilicen de eso. Por ejemplo cuando nosotros ponemos mantas decimos ‘Las Golfas’ y ellos se ponen ‘Golfos’, señores no sean tontos analicen las cosas y no hagan su trabajo a lo fácil. Ya para quitarse el paquetote ese y también pongase a pensar si lo hubiéramos hechos nosotros que nos cuesta tirárselos en Reynosa? Ellos los tiraron en Nuevo León porque es terreno de nosotros.

Srs. no sean tontos ni les sigan la corriente, investiguen, nos deslindamos de esos 49 muertos. Solamente los de Jalisco y los 9 colgados en Nuevo Laredo sí aceptamos nuestra responsabilidad y en la manta de Nuevo Laredo pongan atención y dice Golfas y chequen todas las que hemos puesto y dicen Golfas.

Los invitamos a que hagan su trabajo sin investigar y a los pendejos solo por quitarse la responsabilidad. Porque ustedes solucionaron el problema fueron los zetas. O cuantos detuvieron tienen que son los zetas. Que digan que ellos los mataron. No tienen ninguno, ni lo tendran porque no fuimos les pedimos al GOBIERNO FEDERAL QUE INVESTIGUE LAS COSAS

English translation according to Google Translate is:

Javier del Real, Jorge Domene, Adrian de la Garza. The Zetas group disclaims all responsibility for 49 quartered in California and ask that before placing blame on us well, INVESTIGATE. Do your job as you should.

Don’t just because the bodies were thrown in a truck with a message Zetas, you are not going to continue doing your job. And to make things easy to press conference being given. So take responsibility and investigate.

Gentlemen don’t be fools, whoever did this wants us to look responsible for it. For example, when we put banners up, we say ‘Las Golfas’ whereas they said ‘Golfos’, gentlemen do not be silly not to analyze things to make your job easier. And to take the load off, think if we had done it ourselves, we could have just dropped them in Reynosa? They threw them in Nuevo Leon because it is our turf.

Gentlemen don’t be stupid by following current investigation, we disclaim those 49 dead. We were responsible for 9 killed in Jalisco and those hanged in Nuevo Laredo and notice that our banner in Nuevo Laredo said GOLFAS as all other banners we placed said GOLFAS.

We invite those who don’t investigate thoroughly and assholes who wanted to be rid off responsibility. Because you solved the problem were the Zetas. Or how many of those detained said it was Los Zetas. They can say they killed them. You don’t have any, and you will never have any because we didn’t do it. We ask the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO INVESTIGATE THINGS

Video of the Cadereyta Massacre

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. It’s crazy how this kind of shit happens everyday a couple miles from the U.S. and the majority of Americans don’t even know it…yes they know that shits real bad in Mexico but they really don’t know to what extent its bad I’m sure they would be shocked to learn of the reality of things going on a couple miles from the border but even if they did know they would grow use to it as most of us who live along the border do and it wouldn’t really be a big deal till eventually some real hardcore violence happens on our side, I’m sure its only a matter of time till one of these cartels gets into a full on gunfight with American law enforcement or a massacre like this happens on U.S. soil, I’m curious as to how the American government would react against such aggression, the cartels know better than to do something that stupid and bring the heat down on them but I still wouldn’t put it pass them to eventually fuck up and create some crazy chaos in America

      1. Thanks my brother got me hooked on this site a couple months ago with the chainsaw beheading and I’ve been going thru every post starting from the back working my way foward before this I would vist blog del narco for my gore fix but best gore has way more for sure

    1. Hey, Your back!
      This slaughter was so severe, Yahoo News actually posted a story about it…nice when that happens, because we ALL know that it’s just a matter of short time beore WE get the fucking REAL exclusive story…….

      1. you know… i think americans would benifit alot with a good reality-smack every once in a while. i grew up with a dad who refused to let me grow up with any kind of false sense of reality. i can’t say i can look at any of this stuff and still come away with any sense of feeling sorry for myself. no matter how bad my day is, THIS is what makes me feel soooo fortunate to live here. work, bills, school, relationships, totally pale in comparison to ‘holy shit i might get beheaded today. yeah….and my family too…..well, at least they’ll die before suffering the indignity of seeing my head separated from and placed on top of my bloody corpse with my fingers in my mouth. ”

        i personally know a few people who needed to be kicked in the face with this shit. they whine about gas prices and high rent and the fact that mcdonalds never gives you enough sauce with your chicken nuggets. its all bullshit. im safe, my family is safe and the world can be a rotten, ugly, mean, merciless place. thank god that’s not the everyday world i live in. being in texas, i can honestly say that i never heard about things like this happening so close to me outside of my father and mother talking about it and that’s really sad.

  2. that’s the same number of victims to Robert Pickton (i.g.canadian serial killer in Vancouver. ) except these ones died about all at the same time….and imagine with all these killings and what,where still an over populating species on the verge of even greater problems.

  3. the fucking UNITED STATES MARINES would fuck up all these puussies up with these fucking gay ass nick names. in one day. Mexico is fucked up, Im mexican born in Mexico and I would never go there. Im a Marine if you didnt catch that. Fuck Mexico.

    1. You my friend are the stupidest person I know. First of all there is absolutely no guarantee that a U.S. Marine is better than any of these trained assassins. And second of all your ethnic self hatred makes real Americans like me laugh at your stupidity.

    2. Definately for sure you kick ass!

      I bet next president if republican will need to “solve” the mexican “crisis” by means of another invasion.

      Just watch.. They work together to move the new world order further. Democrat create crisis, Republican “solve” it.

  4. as long as US citizens keep demanding large amounts on drugs, and the US government keeps them illegal, this shit will only get worse and worse.
    If we learn from the past, from what was the result of half a century of “war on drugs” (that’s crippling the colombian cartels and moving the centre of gravity from faraway colombia to just down the border) my bet is that another ‘succesful’ “campaign against drugs” in Mejico will end with southern rednecks filling the vacant seat and founding their own cartels all over the south…no dope like USA-made dope, uh? 😛

    1. unfortunately this capitalist gov will be paid off by billionaire drug company owners (I.e elli lilly & comp revenue :$23 billion annually, Pfizer: 67 billion)and they don’t care about drug cartels.
      so you will be seeing drug cartels in the next 50 years or more.

      1. But I think the patent of the coke belongs to german MERCK, they invented it…That’s why it’s called “Merca” in banana republic; at the beginning of the XX century, when it was OTC and it was sold in those fancy little Merck-branded bottles…

        1. optimistically thinking, there’s various ways to produce a “unique” brand cocaine,
          just imagine stores carrying these drugs.
          a sweaty, tired store custodian cleaning up a heroin spill on isle 5.

        2. the problem is that, if you legalize illegal drugs, you’ll probably have to make all prescription drugs OTC, unless they plan to keep selling antidepressants and amphetamines with a script, and coke OTC….anyway, in USA they sell 200mg caffeine pills on any supermarket, who the fuck needs coke with that shit? hahaha, weird country

          1. speaking of caffeine, 99% of u.s is hyped up one coffee/sodas. if cocaine/meth is legalized, they’ll see the “productivity” of these substances, and 2 things could happen; 1. country will fall in shambles 2. it will advance immensely.
            bet on black, let it ride.

  5. all this killing and murder and humans are STILL breeding out of control everywhere. what is the solution to the overpopulation problem. the nwo need to step up the killing with chemtrails, poison food/water, sterilization, war, famine, pestilence, etc., they need to RELEASE the i am legend virus soon before it’s too late. don’t believe they have an i am legend virus for pop control? then you are a fool. they’ve had it for decades. just wait and see. what say you @tulio. you know it exists.

  6. the ONLY solution for the population problem is mass mass murder. mega mass murder. thats crazy insane right? welcome to the world of the fleshy virus. thousands of years in the making. we need an e.l.e…..extinction level event. even the fucking dinosaurs didn’t breed like cancerous fleshy virus. what say you superior brains of best gore? stench, tiger, professor tulio, mouse, mark?

  7. the numbers are staggering and astronomical. everyday over 7 BILLION fleshy virus must be fed and other needs met and addressed. how many of you fuctards can wrap you little brains around the # 1 billion? now keep adding billions more and your head will explode. fleshy virus is SUCKING THE PLANET DRY. i have not contributed anything to the planet except my insane hotness. well let me breed with @halie horror and we’ll have insanely hot fleshy virus rug rats!

    1. Really I read a scientific article way back the planet can easily support 21 billion people.

      The problem as I see it is we can not get to such a successful number with so many non-producers. We DO need a mass extinction but it needs to start with the nigger-savage, then take a break, look around, and see what direction we are headed. I suspect at that time we would see humanity zoom foward with only success.

        1. I was only reporting what I read. It involved using the Sahara desert and similar spaces to grow food efficiently. Although not exactly stated a country estate with bunker like I live would be a bit taboo.
          It was actually a scientific article that proposed humans live more centralized and develop now essentially wasted land. The 21B was probably a theorhetical number (I did not mean to state it as a fact).

          1. the planet is overrun with fleshy virus. our resources are depleted, our enviroment is poluted. we’re driving every other animal to extinction for our survival. you get the idea. what makes us so important and the beautiful animals expedable? i’ve been on this site long enough to become DISGUSTED with the fleshy virus and all the bullshit that goes on. well, i’m disgusted with everyone except hot bitches but that is only due to my own horniness and desire to spread DEMON SEED. seriously, for planetery survival humans must go. humans are a predatory invasive species worse than any other. sorry, its the hard truth if you don’t lie to yourself.

          2. You read it…and ti was written by WHAT?
            A FLESHY VIRUS smart-ass know-it-all….who, DON’T FORGET, wrote it to sustain their OWN ego.

            Think with Your own brain, not with what others feed you, written or not.

            Go people can be so fucking daft,

          1. haha @ stench.
            Anyone with a brain can see that our species is a plague.
            Go mouse for thinking he’s the only one who see’s it. proof of how arrogant we actually are as a species.

            How is everyone?
            Ive been neglecting to check for updates for fear that there would be none and that marc had actually been moose-trampled.

            Welcome back marc, you were GREATLY missed <3

      1. No she doesn’t if they nuke Mexico they’ll kill thousands of americunts living in the northern states, the radiation would fuck up important American cities like (ex: El Paso, Nogales, San Diego, Laredo) the American government do not have enough resources to deal with that crap besides if Mexico’s population is exterminated immigrants from Central America and Sudacas would take over the territorry and that will make it shittier than ever

    1. I’ve always wondered that myself especially with the whole women of juarez killings losing media coverage to the cartel violence…I bet a lot of the crazy serial killer types join with the cartels anyways, they’re probably the ones coming up with the fucked up torture and execution techniques we see here so often

        1. I also thinly someone like that would be more inclined to kill, for one thing they dont have capital punishment or life imprisonment, ithink this is why the cartel gunman dont have a real problem with killing cops let alone their rivals, the most they’ll get in prison is a twenty year stint in a corrupt prison system where they can do and have whatever they want

    2. There was one who killed over 300 young girls (something ‘Lopez’) he was actually caught leading a 9yr old girl away by her poor Indian family (he ALWAYS targeted poor areas) was about to be lynched, when some dirty, do-gooder missionaries stepped in, saved him and let him go! (couple hundred km’s away) well he just carried on murdering.He is famous for saying “I liked to look into their eyes as I squeezed the very life from them, I could tell the exact moment of their death” that sorta shit, I hope he was executed? Oop’s ANOTHER thing, er, he might not have been ‘Mexican’ BUT he WAS from South America somewhere!

    3. i never thought about that but thats an awesome question. i bet its like heaven over there for them. but i always figured that most serial killers loved the publicity. so yeah, im sure most of them are like ‘yeeeeah, so here’s that article on my…wait….woah, what?! that’s was me! TOTALLY not the zetas or whatever the hell they are. man i worked all DAY on that head pile….aww man..rats.”
      it almost makes you feel bad for them.

    1. go there so you to can participate in the mad killing spree also. you wouldn’t want to miss out. gore and violence are intertwined. with violence you produce endless gore. isn’t that what we all want?!!!!! let’s all go there and have the world’s biggest FUKING GOREFEST! yea, sounds like a plan!

    2. >but you can do anything in Mexico

      You are right and the life is cheaper aswell i’m talking about homes and medicine that’s why a lot of americunts end up in Mexico rather than being homeless in the USA

  8. With all that money at stake there will be no end to this blood bath even if they change president it will be same results. Instead of bribing politicians the cartels themselves should get involved in politics like Pablo Escobar did in Columbia.

  9. Isn’t life grand?
    Cartel, terrorist groups, rapist murderers, heroes, martyrs.
    Is it hard to believe all that is being shown to us is like a scripted show, the media is the T.v, and we are the viewer, sitting down, distracted by our phones, chips so on.
    once we turn off the t.v, we drop dead.

    1. 10 years ago, if i watched a movie with argument and gore at the level of current Mejicano state of affairs, i would’ve said “this is too much bullshit, even for a movie”…reality seems to always end catching up with fantasy….at least in MEJICO…

  10. Forgive me for being a tad off topic, but for all it’s worth this thought started with suicides… Anyway, I was just thinking how when you’re depressed the simplest, meant to be happy things can trigger a downfall.. Most depression involves a human source and after.. a wish, a smile, etc.. can have you awall depressed… It’s amazing how we obliviously alter others’ lives and vice versa…. It kinda sucks really.. emotions blow my mind.. I guess I’ll be safer sticking to robot asshole…

      1. that shit was discovered by Buddah some millenia ago: wishing things is the quickest way to despair and suffering, even if you’re obtaining most of what you want, in the end, you’re always left unsatisfied, and new achievments bring new stress related situations with them regarding keeping with your newly obtained wealth, ‘status’ etc…It remembers me of Alexander the Great of Macedonia, when he was dying of a fever in his campaign tent, in a delirious state, he called his generals and ordered them to bury him with his hands portruding out of the ground, so all his army could see that he left this world empty-handed……I bet Rotten Stench has even more enlighting comments on the subject

        1. Really? I like that Alexander the Great bit… I never knew that’s what he asked for.. I wouldn’t mind hearing some more… admire the enlightenment..

    1. @halie Hate to see a pretty face frown, so understand the intent here is to provoke a smile. I can’t help ya out on the whole robot asshole thing, but if ya like the taste of chrome I got your trailer hitch right here! 🙂

  11. some one,needs,to just bomb Mexico. they are invading everywhere. we r in America n must well paying jobs u have to know fucken Spanish! we shouldn’t give in if they don’t know English we shouldn’t make it easy for them they should fucken learn English if they want to come here! I even see asians speaking spanish wat da fuck! shaking my fucken head!

    1. girls don’t naturally think they are ugly. most of us are raised with our parents telling us how beautiful we are (or our mothers at least)

      we dont start feeling ugly until we start comparing ourselves to other women. sometimes though its when we get cheated on and the other chick is a nasty dog its like…so you had this and you wanted that? what the fuck is wrong with me?

      naturally most of us are conceited bitches. 🙂

  12. I’m actually with Los Zetas on this one…the other day they chopped up 40 people now they are being blamed for 49…What do they think the Zetas are animals? they never go beyond 40 in one sitting….c’mon

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