Canadian RCMP Arrest Passed Out Man and Execute Dog on First Nation Reserve

Canadian RCMP Arrest Passed Out Man and Execute Dog on First Nation Reserve

Canadian cops don’t lag much behind their American counterparts, as the world’s only two nations where the greatest threat to life and well being of citizens are police.

In July 2014, Canadian RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) arrested a man on the Key First Nation reserve in Saskatchewan, and during the process, shot and killed a dog from the community. Both American and Canadian cops are notorious puppy killers, with Canadian cops being happy to execute just about any animal.

RCMP had a warrant for arrest of 28 year old Adam Cote, who was allegedly wanted for assault causing bodily harm, possession of a controlled substance, break and enter and failure to appear in court. The cops found Adam Cote in a home half naked and passed out, apparently from drinking alcohol.

Since in a police state the cops don’t care about citizens, it didn’t bother the RCMP that Adam Cote may be needing medical check up, given that he was unresponsive, and merrily proceeded to handcuff him and potentially caused more harm to him by dragging his limp body like trash.

In a police state, in the view of the enforcers, you are not considered a human being with human rights. Likewise, in a police state, in the view of the enforcers, only the lives of their pets matter. Lives of your beloved pets are merrily taken away.

And, of course, it goes without saying that after arresting Adam Cote, the cops threw in another charge – resisting arrest. Nevermind that he was passed out. This tells you just how reliable the other charges are.

RIP Dukey:

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161 thoughts on “Canadian RCMP Arrest Passed Out Man and Execute Dog on First Nation Reserve”

      1. I’ve never cried from watching a video on here but any that contain any kind of animal cruelty absolutely infuriate me. The one about dusty the cat was the one that pissed me off the most

          1. The annoying screaming woman could have AT ANY TIME have gone and controlled the dog!
            But she chose NOT to. She chose to stand by screaming at the police which would have only excited the dog more which was barking at the police. They told her to control it. She did nothing so in fear of their own safety they shot it.
            Personally I would have emptied the remaining bullets into her to shut her up!

        1. I just watched that one. It upset me very much and I’m a hard OG shoot the system in the face kind of guy.
          Have they managed to get the little fucking cunt who did that? If so, were they able to light him on fire and watch him burn? I can only hope.
          Fucking hate from hell must come out upon these cocksucking motherfuckers. Advocate!

          1. Which video? I’m not sure if I know what you’re talking about. And by the sound of it nor do I want to. When I have questions on the details of a video, I search for it online. I can usually find my answers that way love

          2. First I want to shred those Storm Troopers? Don’t fuck with the animals. They are loyal innocent friends.
            You take a bite if you have to. You tough as nails studs.

            Can I imagine being part,of that side, the side with the weapons. Power fantasies. We’re they ever truly protect and serve or ‘is it simply start as evil end as evil.

          3. JUST doing their job arresting a fuckwit and had to put up with a potentially vicious dog attacking them. They told her to control it. She didn’t. THAT was the consequence!

        2. I just watched that just now. Disgusting. Now, the little rotting cunt who did this act.. have they managed to hunt him down and set him on fire yet after cutting his eyelids off and pulling out his fingernails? If not, what is the problem here?
          He must be burned.

        3. @Jack doe, Im so glad I never seen the dusty cat video. Its hard enough for me to watch dog videos but I am a cat lover. I cant watch anything with a cat on it. I love my two cats like children. They are my heart.

        1. I seen that. He was looking at everyone amused wondering wtf was going on. If he bit the police dog, then why the fuck did they leave dukey there next to him?! There was no heart throughout that. No one even looked at her. It was if she didn’t exist.

          1. We have seen cops being thugs and murderers on here many times, I don’t dispute that. I simply don’t see enough evidence to say definitively that the cops shot the dog inside the house for no good reason. Criminals lie, the families of criminals lie, especially when they have dollar signs in the eyes. How many times have we heard the family of a violent career criminal and murderer describe them as a ‘good person’. The Sandra Blands of the world, she was suffering from mental illness, during the post mortem it was discovered she had been cutting her wrists for a period of at least three weeks prior, but, to many it’s a done deal that the police murdered her, that she would never have taken her own life. Her family didn’t bother to bail her out but now they are seeking damages, clearly she is worth more to them dead than alive.

          1. True, the dog had attacked the police dog in the house and already been shot, you hear the police officer say, ‘get a shotgun and put the dog out of it’s misery’. Very sad but totally different than just shooting a dog that’s lying there wagging it’s tail.
            Adam Cote was wanted for ‘ several charges including aggravated assault, assault causing bodily harm, break and enter, fail to attend Court and breach of undertaking.’. He sounds like a piece of shit to me, a violent burglar who probably prays on the poor and vulnerable in his community. I would have dragged him out like that as well.

          2. Yesm’ I went to other sites and found out a lot more. The dog did what the dog does. Protect his self and his family. But vi definitely understand what you’re saying. There was far more to this story

          3. Umm, cops say the dog attacked the police dog. Cops are pathological liars who cover up for their abuses with lies like that. We have a lot of evidence of that at BG. Cop are also notorious dog killers. We have a lot of evidence of that too. Likewise, cops falsely accuse and charge people who don’t submit to their authority all the time. We have an overflow of evidence of that at BG.

            The cops never attempted to save the dog’s life. They just executed him. The line about putting him out of the misery was for the camera, similar to the way they use “Stop Resisting”. If police dog was wounded, would they execute him on the spot?

            The fact that they chose to execute the dog in front of the woman should be a clear give away. The dog may not have been wounded mortally and may have been able to survive. But they showed no interest in investigating that possibility. However, even if the dog was wounded mortally, it should have been the owner’s decision to put it down, not theirs. But no – they shot it in the face with a shotgun. There really is one and one only reason to do that – to inflict pain upon the owner, and nightmares upon the witness.

            I don’t for one second believe the dog attacked police dog. The community dog was used to roaming around among other people and animals. The cops, on the other hand, constantly resort to shoot first, ask questions later tactics. Though in this case a more probable reason for shooting the dog is just to cause intentional grief to the family.

            Adam Cote may not be the saint, but just because the cops cover up for their crimes and don’t have a criminal record as a result, it makes them no better than him. I would expect the people on here to know better than judge by what the people in power want you to perceive things as. He whom they picture as a criminal, may not be as bad as they picture him, whereas them who picture themselves as protectors of the law, commit more wrongdoings than most actual criminals.

          1. Sure, A week with anarchy and you”ll be prayin for cops to come back and protect you from the crackhead niggers breaking in your house to steal your TV.

          2. I’ve already been in situations like that. I don’t back down even though I was stabbed multiple times. I stabbed him back with his own knife. They caught him after he sent to a different ER. I thankfully was in another ER getting surgery

        1. Im with ackneska. Police lie all of the time. We have seen enough puppycides on here to know that.these copsarent very honest if they drag an unconscious body out of a house and call it resisting arrest.

        2. The dog probably wasnt fatally wounded. Like everyone noticed, dukey was in the grass wagging his tail after the police shot him once. They enjoy murder so much they made sure this innocent doggy was dead before they left.

          1. @atucker, I wonder why the woman didn’t go over to her dog while he was sitting there, shot once already? It can be dangerous to approach an injured animal (even your own dog) but Dukey wasn’t yelping even though he might have been badly injured? He probably could have been treated at a vets? I think she was half pissed too?

        3. I’m not even a dog lover but idk man who the FUCK do the cops think they are that they can come to someone’s home or property and just destroy people’s shit,pets,loved ones? …vid doesn’t show if Dookie (stupid name btw) was attacking or not, but to then to execute it,after it was already shot and grounded,and no longer a threat …at sole will of officer is disturbing! Who the fuck is he to make that decision? What if she shot their dog in the head cuz it was threat to her,and home? She would have been shot 100 times prolly. Glad she dint try to intervene or brandish any kind of weapon in retaliation… For her own safety.

      2. Same here, Trainwreck, I can’t believe how these kind of “people” can be so full of shit. Not even a miserable bit of respect for anything but themselves lays within them.
        This video it’s too fucking sad.

      3. Yea he dident need to shoot that dog he wasn’t causing any threat to them he just walked up and put a shotgun round in him wow be cool when something like this is going on and someone out of nowhere pulls out a AK47 and unloads into the police that would be so awesome to see that

    1. These cops should be beheaded for this crime.
      I believe I’d snap very quickly if someone harmed my dog, and I would do my best to hunt them down and burn them.
      May Satan have mercy on anyone who harms any of my family, because I won’t.

    2. They should all be burned alive. Look how they walk around like, “who gives a shit”. I’d walk around them on fire and wouldn’t piss on them to put the fire out. Plus, it’s hard to take a piss with an erection.

    3. All cops are lazy, and full of fear. They hide behind there guns and tazers and each other. In order to control the public they try to spread their fear to you. They would like to just shoot you because it is easier than policing you, and if no one is left standing to give testimony there is less paperwork for them to do. They are pussy gang members. Shameful cowards.

  1. Rest in peace indeed Dukey.
    Wonder if the Judge who signs these arrest warrants doesn’t have a little box in the corner where he can check off that it’s okay to kill the pets as well.

    1. if people dont want involvement with police they should be legal from birth then poor dukey was a victim of his master being in low consciousness drawing the negative energies near him aka the police.Life is a progressiin of mistakes which leads us to events happening in our life in which we must take personal responsibility and not take part in

    1. my View exactly, i certainly hope this is the Last “Video” if you want to call it that, that this bitch ever shooots. It would probably be better just listening to the recording., that way you csn make up your own visuals.

  2. I guess it’s just too easy to get rid or any threats what so ever. If some mother fucker threatens my dog (s) he better have already killed me because I’m surely going to protect my property at all cost

      1. @trainwreck
        while the hard core criminals mostly remain on lose and are a tough lot to contain you often see them going unnabbed and that quite humiliates these Bastards.
        Because the sissy men in police uniform haven’t got the guts to tackle after whom they should be ‘ but on the contrary what by the end of the day one ends ups witnessing are these nauseating repulsive ,brutal acts of empty bravado shown against some of those who are just too weak to stand up in their face or may be some poor animal who may be around by the side of his master but thats enough reason for these bastards to be further provoked if they hear a bark or two ‘ thus prompting their gun totting fingers odiously firing at the poor animal leaving it dead .
        But seriously that poor boy was simply wagging his tail and was there in the grass not even moving or seen charging at any of these Motherfuckers .

        These Bastards always must know of a saying that goes ” What goes arounf ,comes around”

        Oh God !My heart just bleeds seeing all this .

          1. @blucon. No trump meaning the police are going to start trumping each other meaning the crimes will only get worse to see how far they can’t take it. Silly

  3. If you are not 100% compliant, you are charged with resisting arrest. It’s a garbage charge and will most likely be dropped in light of the other charges against him to force a plea deal. It’s a common tactic.

    If a police officer fears attack, or perceives a threat to either him/herself or a police dog, deadly force is authorized. Note: keep your dog on a leash or restrained when the police drop by. Plus, I am skeptical of all the vids now. How often do you see them grab the camera at the last moment to capture a “brutality.” You have no context. I am not in anyway saying what they did was right or wrong in this case, just that you don’t really know.

    1. And likewise, you have no context, and maybe it is YOU that doesn’t really know. Simple as that, it works both ways. Police are jus pansies these days, their the ones whose weapons should be taken away, if one happens to die on duty, I doubt much people would care nowadays. They brought it on themselves, abusing power

    2. You are taking what’s totally absurd, and accepting it as something that’s normal and tolerable. Police killing everyone around because they perceive threat – that’s not normal. It doesn’t happen anywhere in the world but in the two police states in North America. Nowhere in the world do the cops murder citizens and their pets at the drop of a hat. Nowhere. If you find such out of control police brutality and oppression acceptable, it simply means you’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated and can call yourself a proud sheep.

    1. So, you would violently assault people, burgle, not attend court and have a dog that attacks that you can’t control because your so drunk and your woman is totally ineffectual at keeping it under manners as well?

    2. @Darththork99
      Have you seen the flick

      Man’s Best Friend (1993) ?
      I wish Dukey had turned exactly the same “moment s before the shot ; in the way the one in the movie was shown . Atleast for this cruel live episode ” This dog should have turned from being man’s best friend into man’s(Canadian cops ) worst nightmare and he should have gone tearing these jerks apart as soon as had seen them moving around
      I just wished that it had happened that way , cause my heart can’t easily accept if someone does this to these adorable animals.

    1. As far as I’m concerned, you’d be justified in this action. Cops are humans just like us, if they murder, they deserve to be taken out as well. An eye for an eye will keep the whole world seeing things perfectly fine.

  4. Duke had already been shot when this video started, she says at the start “you didn’t have to shoot my dog” she didn’t go over to check on her dog though. Then the cop goes over and finishes the job.

    1. I think the officer with the patrol dog tased the dog and asked for assistance in putting it down with the shotgun.

      I don’t like the fact that we have dirty cops in my town that get away with alot of shit. I have pit bulls that do bite intruders or people that shouldn’t be cruising on my fence so it is a worry for me. I would not want to have my family pets go through pain like that.

  5. What needs to happen: Anytime somebody kills your family or dog and it’s not in self defense, the perpetrator must be hunted down and burned. It’s really that simple. The law can only go so far before it’s a case of ‘us against them’ and historically speaking, the law never really mattered to begin with.

  6. There are very few sounds worse that someone in genuine grief.

    I truely wish that those police – and their families – get every bad thing imaginable happen to them. I wish them nothing but pain and sadness and grief. I hope their seed are born deformed and have to be spoon fed or eat through a straw and I wish their adult siblings get rogered by a tree trunk.

    Wankers and shitebags the lot of them.

  7. None of this will change until Citizens get their arms and start taking the lives of the wretched fake authoritarian cunts. They’ll do anything for money. Put them in a grave and there’s nothing left they can do.

  8. The ground attrition caused resistence on his boddy when he was being dragged, the victim didnt cooperated, resulting in extra effort that swines had to make, burning their morning donuts callories… wich is considered a crime. Therefore he was charged with “resisting arrest”. πŸ˜†

    Ahhh i cant wait when people actually starts rallying up, and plant bombs in front of poowleece stations, killing swines by the dozens… πŸ˜†

  9. It’s fucked up that the US seems to have countless people who are prepared to arm themselves to the teeth,but then go and slaughter a group of relatively innocent people. (I’m not including the false flag bullshit ones).When is someone going to get a sniper rifle and set up in some city and pick off a few pigs here n there?Similar to the what the IRA done to British soldiers.

  10. > Canadian cops don?t lag much behind their American counterparts, as the world?s only two nations where the greatest threat to life and well being of citizens are police.

    For sure.

    Mark knows, Canada is more of a police state than America. They have perfected the art of shutting people up; of destroying people through the “justice” system. Censorship by omission.

    I would say the canuck cops kill more citizens per capita, than yankee cops. But they don’t publish the stats, so we can’t prove it.

    1. Exactly. Canadian cops don’t make their kill stats available to the public. From the few cases we find out about, which is nowhere near a complete picture, Canada is not far behind America, both of which are way ahead of all other industrialized nations.

      When it comes to crack down on, and prosecution of dissidents, Canada is way ahead of everyone else. We really don’t need to go far to see that. American webmasters published the Luka video too, as did webmasters from Russia, Chile, Venezuela, Australia, France and other nations. Only Canada persecuted the webmaster for it. No other nation would ever violate the right to freedom of expression that way.

    1. So its OK for the pigs to murder his best friend (probably) in the world for getting a couple of charges?? And I’m not talking about what happened to the dog,thats horrific in itself,i’m saying that when he comes round,he going to be told his best friend has been killed by them.That’s a bit harsh.

          1. “Shepherd”…a rare typo and my error (yours too baboon-boy)
            Isn’t it nice to be able to easily correct a typo? Can you do “dat” regarding your flawed monkey DNA???

  11. Real douche beggary.. they did this simply because they had the power too. I would fire them all. These guys would not be able to work at McDonalds when i was finished throwing the book at them. Terrorizing a young girl, and shooting a dog. Simply because they can.. Sad, very sad to see Canada cops this cold and brutal. I think that was harmless Labrador. You know the guy was drunk… Cops are some of the biggest drinkers. Not all cops are like this.. But i would charge this whole squad.. Menacing, Disorderly conduct, Cruelty to animals. Disturbing the peace, and whatever else i could find in the law.

    1. I would not matter to me, Black, or White, or Neanderthal. There is Good, and bad in all races, my friend! I never put them all in one basket,,, unless joking, of course! If a Jew is being a cunt, then i will call him one! The same goes for a stupid Chink, if he does a stupid stunt, then stupid Chink he is! It all depends on the individual, as i have had Many good, and Little Bad, with all races, my B-G Brother πŸ™‚

  12. Dog was already shot, probably went at the cops. The shotgun was to put it out of its misery, the cop even says that. This was actually an act of compassion. Urbanites don’t understand rural living, they think that you’d put the dog in an ambulance and take it to a vet hospital for a 10K procedure, but here in the country you just end the dogs suffering, and get another dog.

    I don’t expect the citiots on this site to understand , but the cops did what they had to do. Leaving the dog to die slowly would have been far more cruel.

  13. “as the world?s only two nations where the greatest threat to life and well being of citizens are police.”

    LOL, not even close. The greatest threats are third world immigrants.

    As for the video, good riddance. Natives are shitheads.

    1. You got it all wrong. Look at america. Now look at Canada, First Nations. They get only A FEW MONEY and CREDIT. Plus, the whites stole their land. AMERICAN/WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE IMMIGRANTS.

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