Chinese Protester Crushed by Steamroller for Opposing State Takeover of Land

Chinese Protester Crushed by Steamroller for Opposing State Takeover of Land

How very Jewish of the Chinese to crush a protester with a steamroller. Jews are still more violent with their actions and have a far longer list of human rights violations, but the Chinese are not doing too bad either.

The photos were published by who are fake whistleblowers so there’s no knowing how much of the backstory matches reality but that’s all we have to work with at this time. There’s however no doubt that growing industrial sector in China demands more land and resources so people are being removed from the lands on which their predecessors lived for centuries the Zionist way – by force with no regard for the lives or wellbeing of the oppressed.

Protester identified as He Zhu Hua from Changsha Village in Hunan Province refused to accept pocket money for his land and opposed forcible takeover by the government. Because he protected his land with his own life, the government people were allegedly given orders to move forward with heavy machinery even though he blocked the way with naught but his body (very Zionist like approach – cowards only take on those who don’t have the resources to protect themselves).

He Zhu Hua allegedly laid on the road but government appointed Vice Mayor gave order to roll over him. It was also alleged that after the steamroller killed He Zhu Hua, the government people tried to cover the incident up by bribing and/or threatening the locals.

Thanks fracazzo for the pics:

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      niki.thanks “

      1. I am so sorry for your loss Lisa.

        I signed the condolence book and my thoughts and prayers are with your friend and her family.

        As I said in the guestbook. If any consolation can be gained from this tragedy. At least she is in a better place.

        Will email you later.

      2. @lisa
        Good to know. I emailed you the other day to see if you were okay having not seen you for awhile.
        So sorry about your friend:( one of my good buds just died as well. His service is tomorrow and I don’t even get to go:\
        My thoughts and prayers are with you hun.
        So glad to see you’re alright.

    1. that machine has 6 wheels, if you look at the picture with his feet under, you can see it’s a very large wheel, and the shape inside looks the same like the machine with 6 wheels, so it’s the same in my opinion

  1. Anybody who thinks that their government will not kill them is living in a fantasy world. Our governments wish only to satisfy the needs of the rich and in doing so will willingly destroy us working class, what they don?t get however is that us working class are also the consumers and a capitalist society depends upon consumers, therefore they are only fucking themselves in the end.

  2. Terrible.

    Just goes to highlight the very fact this website tells us every day:

    Human life is not valuable.

    At all.

    It should be. We here in the West are often told we are ‘free’. Yet those who have mortgages are as much a slave to interest rates as the Chinese are to the Communist scum.

    We should cast off the shackles of rampant commercialism and go for the model prophets like Mussolini, Franco, Hitler and Hussein crafted for us. A world of not one ‘Pan-Human’ culture of Globalisation… But a world of many nations, each with its own culture.

    ‘Governments’ are tools of the Jew controlled Banks and their policy of rampant capitalism.

    A ‘Government’ should be the symbolisation of a society, the embodiment of the National spirit. Looking after the people, and not pandering to the ‘international community’.

    By the way… Did anybody see that slimy CUNT Cameron on Letterman yesterday?

    1. I bore witness to that slimy cunt Cameron on Letterman, not only did he not have any grasp of English history he also came across as a rich cunt who was born to hate the poor, a rich arsehole devoid of any merit, in other words he came across as a natural Tory leader.

      1. @Trooper72 & Empty soul.
        Agree 100% with you about Cameron, but this week he was overtaken in the cunt department by ‘government chief prick’ Andrew Mitchell, telling police officers that they were “Fucking plebs” and “Best that they should learn their fucking place” literally hours after 2 WPC’s had been murdered.
        But when the next riot comes, (and it looks increasingly likely), it will make last August look like a harmless street party. It won’t be a handful of jungle bunnies targeting sports shops for a new pair of Reeboks, it will be the ignored majority of this country targeting the people and institutions who have sold us down the the river.
        And when the government turns to the police for help…..I think the police will tell the government to go fuck itself.

    2. @Troop72 -You dear old codger, you know bloody well that Human life Is valuable -and I might add, Sacred as well! What we gleam from the BG posts are often times instances of those who have forgotten or perhaps have yet to learn that simple fact. Tell me to sod off if you must, but at least give this Yankee git some credit for seeing things for what they are and not letting these offenses to otherwise cloud my view of humanity as a whole.

      1. Nah, you are right in principle anti…

        Human Life SHOULD be invaluable.

        But people have been brainwashed to think that commercial BRANDS like Nike and McDonalds are more important.

        They fail to see the bigger picture that as a Society we should look after one another like one big family.

        @d.i.y and Empty Soul,

        You are right fellas. The whole lot of them are scum. I was taken in by their lies back in 2010 and actually voted for the Slimy CUNTS. Thinking that they would be different to the Slimy CUNTS before them.

        Ha, how I have woken up to the lies. And I suspect many others have as well.

        When the revolution comes we must give no quarter to the scum.

        I shall take great pleasure in driving a bayonet through every single one of the wankers that have sold us out. And their rotten families. Kids and all.

      1. Thanks anti, I have my moments… I seem to keep my friends laughing.
        Yes, 4:20 is big here… in fact at the local University (where I used to work) a bunch of folks get together at the same location every Wednesday at 4:20 for a nice friendly puff.
        Of course it is heavily watched by the eyes of big brother so I could never join in… I would have come into work the next morning to a pink slip. ๐Ÿ™‚
        Peace and Puff, Puff.

  3. Protesting? Don’t protest. Fuck holding up signs, hold up guns! The chinese government will kill you anyways so you might as well go down fighting. I would not go out like a fucking rabbit just laying there “taking it like a champ” More like a chump if you ask me. If I am going to die at the hands of some lowlife government pig I would take as many with me as I could. Do not go gently into that good night. Rage! Rage against the dying of the light! Pull the trigger and light up the night. Scream, kick, and howl into the abyss so that every one left knew you were alive and were unafraid to fight against the tyranny of big, corrupt government who cares only about their own bulging pockets. If they wan’t it they will have it to be sure, but at the very least make them work for it.

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