CJNG Cartel Member Gets Head Shot Up by La Familia Michoacana

CJNG Cartel Member Gets Head Shot Up by La Familia Michoacana

CJNG Cartel Member Gets Head Shot Up by La Familia Michoacana

In an unspecified part of Mexico, members of La Familia Michoacana Cartel executed a member of a rival CJNG (Jalisco New Generation) Cartel.

It looks as though the CJNG guy was already incapacitated, perhaps with an earlier shot to the torso, and barely clang on to life. La Familia Michoacana member shot up his head to smithereens with a rifle.

Props to Best Gore member @auggy-v1 for the video:

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109 thoughts on “CJNG Cartel Member Gets Head Shot Up by La Familia Michoacana”

      1. the cartels will federate and will take over leadership of mexico, perhaps all of central America, drive out the current government, which will move north to the Texas border area and establish an enclave protected by the United States, which will then declare war upon mexico, using tactical nuclear bombs to depopulate the cartel-controlled south. Agro-terrorism in the form of biochemicals to destroy food production.

        Much the same fashion as Russia helping the Ukraine secessionists. perhaps now you will understand? THE FUTURE IS HERE, FINALLY, MY BROTHERS.


          1. I’m relatively new here but this stuff has found a place for its self in my heart. I really thought the way the body moved while he was being shot was funny. I don’t know if his muscles were spassing due to the 14 bullets in his brain or if there was a little bit left inside of him before he left this earth. Either way I dont see this as “sick,” I see it as humorous and exiting.

        1. If fantasies were long tailed horses all of us would have ridden one . I don’t think your prophecies are gonna come true any time soon not as long as Trump is in power .
          Although a mere mention about Mexico rings a bell of cartels joining hands and toppling the current government ,as you say but can the cartels come to trigger such an upheaval has to be seen .
          I’ll want to have a grand stand view of it ; if and when that will happen but my understanding is that this may not come to pass like any other fantasical dream and Mexico will be Mexico what it is day will be the same as tomorrow with cartels gritting their teeth towards one side of the fence and the government on the other side with a white flag hoisted in the middle with U.S of A being their negotiator

          1. The cartels have already infiltrated the goverment establishment of Mexico most of the politics in Mexico have deals with the cartels to maintain they’re illegal activity such an example is prostitution in certain states where they’re strongly protected, drug trafficking from other Latin countries especially to Venezuela where they have a black market establish to transport to Europe. The president of Mexico is nothing but a puppet who’s fallen in lane after that embarrassing defeat they were handed by Sin Aola cartel.

        2. You’re acting like you’d be part of this hypothetical war. I know the military wouldn’t accept you, because you’re a pasty, skinny whiteboi with coke bottle glasses and acne. You sit in your parents’ house all day on the internet, spouting faggot white power bullshit. What have you done to better the weak white race? Commenting on Bestgore, is that your contribution to the cause?

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          1. not really. Mexico is badass in Latin America. the central american states are tiny and insignificant compared to Mexico. Mexico is only slightly below the UK in GDP . that might be GNP… google it and get back to me/. Plus Mexico’s agricultural and industrial output is off the hook. What’s the last thing you bought that was made in the UK,. a jar of marmite?

    1. i think sinaloa boss have been captured by the cops. and so sinze that, the new boss tryed to negociate with another cartel to join.

      as for the zetas, as far as i know , their power reduced drastically and joined the tamaulipas cartel.

      i maybe not correct due to possible change, but that what i saw from last year.


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      1. Yeah he’s definitely a bit green around the gills. Maybe he realised he was going to cop a heap of shit from his boss once he’d found out he let someone steal the 1/4 kg of coke from his pocket……….

  1. What carina virus? Don’t you know I’m loco?

    It’s been reported that there was a music festival in Mexico City over the weekend. Hundred thousand Mexicant’s in one place. What coronavirus hombres?

  2. If one ain’t up to his mettle in a cartel this turns out to be an ugly outcome when nabbed by members of the rival cartel .
    They heard him croon first before blowing his head to smidgens

    1. Mr Pendejo was putting on a pretty good tard act. I wonder if that was a sympathy ploy, caused by his injuries, or he really was inflicted.
      Whatever the case it didn’t work, but who knows, maybe it kept him from getting carved up.
      I doubt the hiring standards are very high for these outfits.

      1. Wow ! ain’t nobody told ya how good ya are with “baptismal names” ……..Mr Pendejo sounds perfect . BTW Mr Pendejo did try hard though but that ploy made no hearts melt.

        Waist down they either had impaled his sphincters with a rod or he was bullet riddled . He did buy sometime crooning though even flashing a thousand watt smile but his tactics were further maimed to silence when the trigger happy bogon blew his head off thinking there won’t be no tomorrow .

        The way these outfits come across being this ruthless and tough it appears their hiring standards must be even more stringent than the commando units ……..perhaps a notch above .

        1. After that volley of bullets to the cabesa his thousand watt smile was turned into a one watt night light.
          That being said, you believe it was a ploy for sympathy?
          I would say good luck finding sympathy with that lot, unless pulling at their heart strings keeps them from burning you alive or gutting you like a fish, and just shooting you.

          1. Up until his cabeza wasn’t made a smidgen of ,his was a 1000 watt power house

            I wouldn’t know if words like sympathy ,pity or mercy is what their lot is ever given to get familiar with cause their game is about not letting the emotions get the better of them & also not to allow their hearts and minds to weaken ;when subjecting their victim to extreme cruelty.
            Beside having watched tons of cartel videos in on here on the BG , suggest that ; that once their minds are made up they will choose to butcher the victim in a way so horrendously that the other cartel outfits must remain forewarned suo moto of their meeting the same fate if ever they messed up with their lot .

            To me a little of what ever the victim was up to seemed like a ploy for sympathy but to no avail before being shot.

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        1. I think I saw his intact eyebrows go flying off.
          It could be made into a nice Christmas wreath. All it would need is a coat hanger frame and a coat of green paint.
          Or if someone is really industrious the two brows could be fashioned together into a nice welcome mat for a Mother’s Day gift.

  3. this is the future for all Latinos in my country if order breaks down. Even an accent will be enough to get you killed. The pathogens are coming from the South, and illegals are bio-terrorists to be shot on sight, their bodies burned. These mestizos must return to their own sovereign countries and save their own people. All foreigners must return to their homelands, regardless of green card or time spent in my country.
    family nation tribe RACE. Globalism means death.

    Tribalism is survival. Drive out the invaders. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. exterminate the carriers of the new Black Death. War against immigrants..legal or otherwise. War against the governments that allowed them in. War against those that harbor the enemy. War against ANTIFA traitors. RISE UP AMERICA. OUR SURVIVAL IS ON THE LINE.

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        1. Bog roll hand sanitiser cleaning stuff wanna know why we cant get it vec because corner shop owners mainly fuckin paki,s ate scooping the lot you know what my friend it used to be the black man served the white man ooooh how,s things have changed what say you
          Also i bet the church is loving this huh ,gods wrath n shit id love to hear the pedo priests & what the thumpers are saying

  4. I’m endlessly pleased by the resurgence of narco videos. The wars have ramped up between the cartels, yet no footage! When the cop and his attractive son got butchered, why, I thought the floodgates were open and we’d see a cornucopia of fun experiment videos. It’s good to see them back, but I like the Mexicans that display a little more medical expertise. Let’s hope the present state of narco disagreements harbor more educational footage; something worthy of repeated masterbation.
    Thank you Mexicans, in advance, for your prompt attention to this matter.

    0:01 (Cameraman 1): Can you hear me?
    (Wounded Rival groans)
    0:02 (Cameraman 1): Look at me!
    0:04 (Cameraman 2, presumably talking into a walkie talkie): There’s a dead son of a fucking bitch here, as we speak.
    (Person on the other end of walkie-talkie is unintelligible)
    0:12 (Cameraman 1): Here they’re gonna get their shit kicked in, those sons of fuckin’ bitches, one by one, dumbass.
    0:18 (Walkie Talkie): Oh, that’s the spirit, my people, stay positive/cheer up, that’s how we do it.
    0:21 (Cameraman 1): You shoulda’ seen him, that son of a fuckin’ bitch
    (Cameraman 2): Now? Now?
    (Cameraman 1): Yeah, kill him.
    (Cameraman 2 finishes off the gravely-wounded Rival)
    -video end-

  6. Sure. Just stop recording so we cannot see the fuckin’ aftermath you stupid Spic. Well. There is nothing worse than having your life suddenly ended in a bloody fashion. I only like think that he didn’t have time to think about it, nor feel it. A lot would probably disagree with me on that shit though. Fuckin’ Beaners forgot to feed him one last plate on Nachos before his demise.

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