Cold Blooded Execution of Golden Dawn Members Caught on CCTV

Cold Blooded Execution of Golden Dawn Members Caught on CCTV

With Zionists and their brainwashed cohorts running wild in the streets, being patriot and loving your country is dangerous.

In a Brazilian style motorcycle drive-by execution, anti-nationalist gunmen killed two Greek patriots and seriously wounded a third outside the offices of the Golden Dawn party in a northern suburb of Athens. Fifteen 9-millimeter shell casings had been recovered from the murder scene. According to Ilias Panagiotaros, a Golden Dawn member of Parliament, the victims had been party members.

After the destruction of Greece by sneaky Zio enslavement, Golden Dawn rose to become one of Europe’s most prominent nationalist groups. Zionists don’t like nationalists because they care about their country, have the courage to label traitors and don’t readily sell out their homeland piece by piece to bring disaster and misery on their people, so attacks on Golden Dawn have been relentless.

To please their Zionist overmasters, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, leader of Golden Dawn was arrested! The witch-hunt against the party continues as the Zionists controlled mass media relentlessly portray Golden Dawn as a criminal terrorist organization with mercenary cells, weapons hidden all over Greece and a mystery money-man secretly financing them. All major Greek TV newscasters conducted a smear campaign against the Golden Dawn, while the print media featured multi page exposes on how a “hate-filled Nazi terror group” grew out of control due to Greece’s debt crisis woes and how they should have been stopped long ago.

Across the country, Greek police carried out Bolshevik Jews style shakedowns of Golden Dawn offices, members’ homes and monasteries in the hope of finding said hidden stockpiles of weapons, or whatever other incriminating evidence they could use against party members, but all they found was a rubber pellet toy rifle. But as you would expect, the Zio media instantly portrayed it as a lethal assault rifle, to back their smear campaign up.

Greek TVs then broadcast a “testimony” from someone claiming to be a former member of a secret network of Golden Dawn’s mercenary squads. With his back turned to the camera and a garbled voice, he told tales of how other members killed people, yet he himself, of course, did not kill anyone despite claiming that he had been a member of a death squad, and expectedly, he could name no names, or dates, or places, or specific victims, or crime details.

One of the chief Zio propaganda tools in Greece – The Mega TV channel – offered a free home, car and “witness protection” type of new identity to anyone who would provide similar “testimony” against the Golden Dawn.

Yet despite this ongoing witch-hunt and persecution of legitimately elected parliament members, support for Golden Dawn keeps rising. People indeed are waking up to the threat of Zio and their tricks. Two major polls, one of 43,000 and the other of 50,000 Greeks revealed that support for Golden Dawn has increased to 15% and 19% respectively, making the party the second most popular in Greece. But when informally asked who they would vote for if elections were held next week, 39% of respondents said the Golden Dawn – talk about utter nightmare for the Zios.

Former Greek Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis, who resigned only a few months ago, said that the Golden Dawn crackdown was ordered from abroad. Surprise!

In an interview with Skai TV, Antonis Roupakiotis revealed that Jewish-American and Greek-American organizations were coming to Greece to push for the arrest of Golden Dawn members.

It is notable that Mr. Roupakiotis himself is a leftist and a drafter of Greek anti-racism bill, and personally opposes the ideology of Golden Dawn, however as chairman of the Athens Bar Association, he does not allow differences in political opinions to get in the way of the truth.

Antonis Roupakiotis also said that “We’re undertaking the EU presidency starting in January and there was pressure from the [European, aka Jewish] Commission to do something about Golden Dawn

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras met with Israeli war criminals Benjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres in Jerusalem where he publicly declared in that “We will wipe out the Golden Dawn.” Samaras gained himself praises from Netanyahu for ongoing attacks on Golden Dawn and arrests of GD members of parliament.

We at Best Gore proudly support nationalist parties like Golden Dawn in Greece, Jobbik in Hungary and Svoboda in the Ukraine.

CCTV video of the cold blooded execution of the Golden Dawn members is below. RIP:


Bonus video made in honor of brave young men who were mercilessly killed for standing up for their country. Hail the Golden Dawn! Props to Best Gore member Destroyer of Filth for the tip. Χαίρε Χρυσή αυγή:

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        1. Bullshit you have. This guy is a pro he was fast and concentrated on headshots. I hate to admit it but this POS is good. Shooting a AK-47 or a Tec-9 from a moving car and spraying at a whole city block while only hitting lil 8 yr lateisha who was sleeping on her 2nd floor bed isn’t professional.

          1. Funny that you say that because that just happened in the neighborhood i just moved out of two weeks ago. on like nov 3 a gun BATTLE resulted in 30 to 40 shots and only one PERSON WAS HIT.

      1. Damn rights, always has been. All that knife in the back shit where democracy came from haha. Then you got imperials/ dictators crushing all opposition with brute force. The bible says ” There is nothing new under the sun” Corruption will never be eradicated because humans are corrupt I don’t care what party or organization you support. That lust for power tempts everyone in power and even the best leaders do not go 100 % unscathed iny opinion.

          1. Well said, ultimately there isnt a right or left its all bullshit,to divide and destroy w/o lifting a finger. Look at Zionist Trump,lol.
            Its all a fuckin psy-op.

    1. Hi. After seeing all the comments here I decided it was time to create an account and speak my mind. After all I am Greek and pretty much know what’s going on with Golden Dawn. I really like Best Gore but this “article” is really wrong. The editor should have looked up for more substantial info on Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn members act exactly like Hitler did in the 1930’s, recruiting people and poisoning minds. About 1 month or so before these killings a Golden Dawn member murdered a Greek rapper who sang anti-fascist songs. Pretty much of all the Golden Dawn MPs possessed Swastikas,Hitler books and lots of other shit. I dont support neither far right or far left movements, but if you think Golden Dawn is a group with good intentions then you are far from right. They are racist and nazis 100%. This is a Golden Dawn member’s house

      Please dont side with them, they are poisoning our society.

      1. I’m with you brother.I’m Greek too and all of the sudden,everybody is a fuckin’ expert in Greek economy and politics…I’ve never supported any political party for the simple reason that i cannot relate with the current scene here in Greece.Before we start crying for these two boys(who murdered in cold blood,i agree)maybe we have to whip for all the innocent victims that Golden Dawn killed throughout decades from pure hate,because they were immigrants or Greeks with a different opinion from them…The two boys died for no reason-yes-but so did many (also innocent) others by the “hand” of Golden Dawn…If you side with Golden Dawn or from the other side,with the “extreme left”… support atrocities…I love my country but i don’t want any other meaningless fatalities…i wish someday we can find again our great spirit as Greeks and stop killing each other just because we believe in different things…please forgive me for my bad English and grammar…take care…

  1. Fucking Jew loving pieces of shit. All white countries need a Golden Dawn Party to take over. Golden Dawn America. Golden Dawn Canada. Golden Dawn Australia. Golden Dawn Germany. Golden Dawn France. Golden Dawn UK. Golden Dawn Russia. That would be enough right there. The Jews would be fucked. White Nationalism all the way. No more Mr. Nice White Guy. It’s time to crush our enemies.

    1. @Zion them kids from red dawn are with you too 100% you do know that there isn’t just one dominant race here in this world right ..? Look around you there are different races and countries that are sick of being fucked with and want to take a stand against those who are always putting them down because they don’t have a voice and if they do speak the face execution, I say fuck one race we should all stick together and take a stand I for one am sick of being fucked with. The U.S is going to shit that piece of shit Obama is fucking up and instead of taking responsibility for his actions he lets other people take the fall, I know we have had our differences but I agree with you on this one you are not alone.

  2. People should look towards Greece’s Golden Dawn with both a sense of respect and a sense of shame because Greece pre Golden Dawn had been bankrupt by their traitorous politicians, it had been bankrupt both financially and morally.

    The indigenous Greek people suffered an high level of unemployment, particularly the young, due to vast numbers of immigrants, particularly form the Arab regions, who were employed by greedy companies because they were cheap.

    Then of course the murdering beast called the Europe Union decided to bail them out, what this actually meant was that “If we buy you, we own you”, which was nice since it was the European Union that had caused Greece such debt in the first place, in fact they were doing quite all right until they joined the EU.

    The EU is merely doing the same as their Zionists masters have done throughout history, on purposely indebt a nation and then take control of that nation,

    “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws”

    Mayer Rothschild

    The Greek people were said to have been habitual tax avoiders and this is what caused a lot of these problems but I somehow doubt this because most jobs are not cash in hand, if you work for a monthly wage transferred to your bank then you automatically have the tax taken out, which means the tax avoiders had to have been the Arab street sellers, and there were many in Greece, and the rich business men, and these people do not represent the Greek people.

    History has shown us many times that when life is good for people they entertain and go along with left wing politics and when life is bad for people they go the other way, they turn to the far right and the reason they do this is because extreme situations call for extreme measures and Greece is in such an extreme situation.

    That is why I said that we should both respect and feel shame, respect for the Greek indigenous people who are attempting to take their country back and kick out all the economic third world parasites and shame that we are facing a similar extreme situation in our own countries and yet we do nothing.

    In the long forgotten past, if the indigenous population of a particular town, village or castle community had unwanted economic parasites on their land they would just simply drive them out by way of sword and arrow, it may sound horrible to us but this was the best way of saving their land from destruction.

    What we have today is the opposite, we say to the world “please come and invade my land, I promise to not fight, I will even work to feed and clothe you, you can even have my wife and daughter” and this of course destroys you for the invaders feel nothing towards you, they only care about their own wants and desires and if you have something they want, they will take it.

    My conclusion, The downtrodden population far outnumber their enemy, the rich elites are few in number due to their own greed and lack of sharing, the invaders are still at a beatable level, if the indigenous population decided to fight back and take back their land they could but if they leave it for much longer the invaders will out number them and they will lose.

    What the Golden Dawn are doing may not be the best path but it’s the simplest and quickest path to take back their land, well done Golden Dawn, well done.

    1. @Empty the United States is a bad example of a one race owning country it’s a fact that the u.s was founded by European settlers and immigrants but what people don’t realize is that the native Americans were the first ones here and I’m damn sure they are pissed off like other countries being infested by immigrants because they are forced to watch their culture and heritage disappear and are forced to learn new languages and customs, sure one wouldn’t care if that happens to other countries but when that happens to you and you start seeing changes in your country and more and more immigrants start pouring in one gets pissed off..

      1. @misfit55913,

        Your right, The native Americans were well and truly fucked over and I bet they still feel terrible even though it happened before they were born because they probably pass stories down the family line and such and lets be honest the native Indians aren’t treated very nicely by American society.

        The problem with America though it that the current Americans did not commit these crimes against the native Indians because they were not born then and neither were the current native Indians and as such it can not really be changed now, trying to change it would be like trying to remove those with French ancestry from England and Ireland because of the Norman conquests.

        However, and this may seem like poetic justice to some, the indigenous people of Europe and the current American population will become what the native Indians have become, a small group forced to watch and endure the rape of their country by invaders as they are mocked and abused regularly.

        However, as things stand, I should hope that the native Indians get a bit more respect from now on after all surely everybody can feel their pain and relate to them now.

        1. Well said. Things were a bit different here in Canada with natives they weren’t flat out attacked in most cases, rather ripped off and tricked/ forced into things like residential schools. But you made a good point , move on from the past don’t play victim card forever and adapt to what the country has to offer by way of business or work or whatever. I also agree with another poster about the ultra nationalists would help solve the immediate problem but then what? Worse police state than before? Every aspect of your life under control and scrutiny? See my earlier post about power and corruption.

      1. @gunkgirl…….or maybe he knew it was gonna happen and made sure the 1st guy was there to eat lead. But he got it too, dead lips don’t move. I’m getting all conspiracy mind fucked. Don’t trust anyone lol

    1. Its called being in “shock” happens to the best of them. Being shot at is not natural so unless you have been trained to be shot at like in the army or have mentally trained yourself you might “freeze up” yourself.

      1. true. every american should be trained in firearms and how to act in a do-or-die situation. it should be a fucking elective in highschool or something.
        i know, good luck, right? fucking pussy-ass liberals. they want americans to be helpless. to have no choice but to rely on the government and the police.

  3. I wonder the same every time I watch videos like this one: How could a person be so quiet when someone got a gun pointing at his head? (I don’t speak English – hope you understand what I mean).

  4. Straight out of Compton!!!!!
    This fuckers did it just like if it was a scene from Menace to Society or good ol’ Doughboy from Boys n the Hood, murders like this happen all the time in the scummiest hoods of L.A. or any other forsaken wasteland inhabited by minorities……..

    That last guy looked like he was waiting to get killed, as if frozen in sheer terror, Poor bastard!!!

  5. I love the way the 2nd idiot just stood there, assuming that it wasn’t his beef, and took his turn in line. – and btw, – Goldie Hawn is one of the all time greatest actresses to ever hit the silver screen.

  6. I think this whole zionism conspiracy thing is complete paranoid bullshit with no evidence and Golden Dawn, as well as others like them, are definitely no better than the supposed zionists. Golden Dawn is the next big fascist party; what we need is no government or bankers whatsoever. Even if you believe in some sort of kooky Jew conspiracy garbage, anyone of any religion or race could easily control people and do whatever they want if they have the banks and/or government. It’s just bad for humans in general and picking the most oppressive groups to be put on a pedestal for having your favorite pet bias is the road to the christian or secular version of “zionism” in which the new party you’ve picked does the exact same shit for a very slightly different end goal. Bad news. If it’s a political party, if they want any form of control over anyone but themselves, THEY WILL NOT DO ANY FUCKING BETTER THAN THE CURRENT RULING CLASS. By definition, same shit with a different sky wizard, scapegoat, and favored country/race.

    1. Conspiracies are like religion. It’s not what anybody knows, it’s what they believe. Because nobody REALLY knows anything about what goes on around them unless they’re directly involved in it.

      Since I don’t have any faith in any religion, I don’t have any faith in anything like conspiracies. I’m just trying to enjoy myself before I croak.

      1. But you have to appreciate that the so called conspiracy theories are a product of the powers that be, applied by proxy via the hoard of the indoctrinated sheep to discouraged truth seeking from pursuing the quest for truth.

        It has just been proven a fact that Yassir Arafat was poisoned with polonium. But for years those who suggested that he had been poisoned were subjected to mockery and called conspiracy theorists. The same with people who suggested that Saddam Hussein did not have the weapons of mass destruction before the invasion, or that the ZOG of the world were spying on everyone before Snowden.

        One after another, the so called conspiracy theories are being proven facts. The sooner we realize that the label is the same type of trick as the anti semite label, the faster we’ll get on the track to ending the tyranny wearing a mask of democracy.

  7. UPDATE!!
    This are the two Morons that took gunfire like champs………….
    Bwaa hahahahaha…Pardon my Immaturity, but come on!! The second fellow just stood there, I mean MAN!, aren’t these guys supposed to be tough puppies. These same people are the same that go around acting like they are ready for war claiming to stand behind the trenches.
    The video what can I say……Phenomenal specially the guy sitting in the rooftop starring into the sky….wait that was one of them right? Must’ve of been the one that starred death right in the eye of that barrel. Well what we….I have learned from this is if I see a crazy son of a bitch with a helmet and gun approaching me I am running the hell outta’ there ASAP……There is a saying in Spanish….No hables tanta masa, Si no vas acer nada!!!! Meaning…
    “Less words more fucking action!!!!
    Hope I didn’t offend any anybody, just expressing my thoughts….just sayin’

    1. We never surrender. Kassidiaris (congressman of G.D.) published a video that proves that Greek government (such as Eu.Union) is corrupt..but guess what ,noone gave a damn. Btw I like your pic. Hail from Hellas!

  8. Happy happy days. I can’t bare to watch assignations but on this occasion to see these sorts of young brainless thickos’s being gunned down is an utter joy to behold. Never again will these fascist monky’s be in a position to wield political power to the extent that they cause yet another catastrophic world war and cause pain and misery across the globe. We all know that these young men who sign up to these fascist ideological parties hardly have a brain cell between them. So once again I’m really happy for once on this site to see brainless monkeys gunned down. Happy Happy days indeed : ) : ) : ) : ) :). Has really made my day, I’m so happy : ) . There is hope for the future after all : )

  9. Man, fuck the Golden Dawn, I can’t stand those neo-fascist fuck-heads. That being said, I don’t detest them enough to want ’em assassinated, but I’d be a hell of a lot more sympathetic here if they weren’t such fucking vermin. *shrug*

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