Community Policeman Executed by Los Viagras Sicarios in Petatlan, Guerrero

Community Policeman Executed by Los Viagras Sicarios in Petatlan, Guerrero

Community Policeman Executed by Los Viagras Sicarios in Petatlan, Guerrero

In the mountains of Petatlan, the state of Guerrero, Mexico, the sicarios from the Los Viagras cartel executed a community policeman. Los Viagras, albeit not that big a cartel, are active in the Mexican states of Guerrero and Michoacán, and reportedly kill comunity policemen as the means to maintain the control over the areas.

In the low quality video released, the sicarios are shown shooting a captured man with a rifle and a hand gun. The execution takes place in a remote forested area.

Props to Best Gore member @ramiroromo for the video:

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  2. I heard shades of “Remove the kebab” (Serbia strong) in that background ‘music’
    This is the most humane way of removing an annoyance to a cartel’s business model that’s been posted in a long time. No messy flaying or sloppy decapitation, just cold & clinical rapid lead infusion.

  3. no masks needed for these dudes. after watching this video, i must admit i have a hankering for mexican food. it’s the music, man. i love it, it sounds cheerful even when it may not be. gets me all hungry and randy. nice video, my mexican friends. simple, to the point, and jazzy music. i’ll give this four stars. 😀

    1. Lol! Being half a beaner myself when i listen to this music it makes me instantly wanna get shit faced, ha. But this song was staged for this video, no joke. Its a song about betrayal and revenge. Either way watching this porker gettin smoked makes me wanna drink a forty, smoke a doobie and get totally fucking smashed.

  4. I’ve had some peaceful mornings at lakes ruined by spics in they’re pick up trucks blaring this shit before 7 am. However if they were to execute another spic while doing it I would consider it an even trade.

  5. I once thought about visiting the state of Guerrero….. Because it’s where my wife’s family originated and she wanted to visit her grandfather’s grave in Acapulco….. But dear God that region is so fucking dangerous. Thank you Best Gore for shedding light on reality, I credit this site as part of what saved me from making a fatal vacation trip

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