Compilation of Brutal Drive By Executions by ISIS in Iraq

Compilation of Brutal Drive By Executions by ISIS in Iraq

This video is a short, 4 minute compilation of brutal drive-by executions carried out by ISIS militants in and around Anbar in Iraq. Fact is – despite endless glorification of war by the mainstream media, and yapping by mercenaries who think we owe them a living because they signed up to kill people for money, there is no truth to their claims that their aggression in Iraq improved people’s lives. All it did is open doors to extremism that has established itself so solidly since, it’s gonna be impossible to stop it.

And Iraq is not the only country that ended up both in ruin and overrun by extremists thanks to the intervention from the west. The same happened in Libya,l the same is happening in Syria and make no mistake – the same is happening in Ukraine (country is headed for the ruin and is overrun by extremists) – just to name a few. That is why Mark has always been right when he made fun of idiots who say “thank you for your service“. Anyone who’s ever said that is the Lord of the Sheep.

The short compilation below shows how well organized and trained the extremists are. They excel in finding and tracking their targets and are able to eliminate them effectively and with ease. They got the drive-by executions nailed down to perfection which makes them efficient and dangerous killers. Notice at 1:53 when the shooter pulls back the gun because of the oncoming vehicle. They weren’t just randomly killing people. They were after a specific target and refrained from hurting others.

The compilation is an excerpt from a 1 hour long propaganda video. If there is interest, I will share the whole thing later.

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    1. a ‘extremism’ right is all what you needed to Ukraine and Russia, unfortunately the right sector is Zionist false opposition (they have until Arabs among his supporters) and russia since 1917 is controlled by Jewish mobsters

    2. Okay, what is the fucking purpose for this shit?
      These guys are unarmed and they just shoot them because they can.
      This is just a bunch of gun toting brain dead assholes.

    3. It’s the song of murders and death.
      No worries “Nature’s laws” of the “real Allah” have filmed their actions and never fail to demand compensation. No-one gets away with blood on their hands; that’s for sure!

          1. By the way, @wicked mama & obli, or any of the other regulars, I have been meaning to ask, where has BB been?? Just curious.

          2. life for bb got complex and his was his own doing….the same goes for several others…..i guess they are still here under different personnas

      1. And hoping that dis agreeing is allowed, (also the judgmental framing of political leaning) my opinion as a veteran , these appear as random as Blackwater (Academi or Craft) behaved… Behaves rather.
        And look forward to hopefully seeing the rest (winces*)..

  1. The yellow car is passing while the white car is attacked at the beginning as far as I can tell .

    Makes one wonder why the eventual victims ever even contemplate driving on an open route like that .

    The last guy was shown wearing uniform , which I assume was Iraq army uniform. So , are the targets ex military , or are they just a mixture of people who do not subscribe to ISIS ideology ? .

    1. Looks to me like a bunch of wealthy youth in that yellow car… not any specific target.

      Almost seems like they had caught up to and killed them just to take out witnesses who could say who shot up the SUV.

          1. I saw a documentary on Vice news that was about Iraq in the years since the occupation people in rock bands kids that dressed western or emo-ish ect are targeted by these fashion jihadis. Don’t know what the kids in the car did if anything but it seems just being alive or different is a good enough reason to be killed.

          2. Sad as fuck . Let’s face it , these idiots will kill anything they believe does not fit in with their own herd mentality . How very noble if them to spray a car of young , most probably students , with a hail of lead ! .

            I echo the sentiment if an earlier comment …. nuke these fuckers off the face of the planet .

    2. Actually of you watch the video again you will notice how they are will organized and trained , i can assume that the attackers split to more than three groups one with ( small car ) attacking the GMC car and other cars the second with ( SUV car ) attacking the Yellow car and other cars the third for back up and support putting in mind that in this video they didn’t film everything but if they are working as groups the GMC and the yellow car were attacked at close time of each other , i think the victims were soldiers in the police and the army of Iraq working in other states of Iraq east or south east ( mostly shia ) want to sign to join the campaign in the west and north of Iraq ( mostly Sunni ) as long as the Iraqi police and army disintegrate of the mostly Sunni states due to the escaped and surrenders of many soldiers and the rest of them were killed in there homes and in the way of the withdraw which tell us that they have strong connections deep in the Iraqi government and between the people themselves , due to losing of many troops and the poor turnout of the singed soldier for the campaign the Iraqi Gov. give a lot of additional advantages to whom singed but the turnout still very poor so the Gov. did request the support of militias with religious background ( mostly shia ) and American-westren support of information , weapons and supplies and yet the war is raging and no one can stop it .

  2. The video shows how organized and trained they are? A 10 year old could kill someone 10 feet away with that kind of fire power.
    I do like how they get out of the car to make sure the target is dead. The niggers here in the U.S. either miss or don’t get a deadly shot, and immediately zoom off like the chicken shits they are after pulling the trigger on their shitty cap guns.

  3. When taking automatic gunfire on a highway or freeway steer into your attackers and not away from them, you’ll make yourself a harder target and flip the script on your attackers. Then pull out your “honk if you’re horny” sign and make a clean getaway.

  4. Fuck , do people ever give these Muslim scum an easy out. Always the white man’s fault eh? The west which is mostly white. I am getting to the point to where I want these scumbags to start imposing their sharia law on your asses and see how your liberal , pacifist fucking keyboard warriors will fare. You’ll fucking convert them give away your daughters to save your own asses for sure. These scum need to be fucking ERADICATED. Dumb blind fucks just don’t get it. At least the military killed a lot of these bastards and should have killed many more too. I say NATO ought to go on strike and stop and cease all preventative measures and any action . let’s you fucking spoiled panties fucking cry for protection. And I’ll laugh at all of you without the weapons to defend yourselves because you figure guns were bad. If this doesn’t apply to you good, don’t be butthurt. If it does then take your head out of the sand because your apathy is a huge fucking contributor to this happening.

    1. @realitycheck07, Well said. We’re all contributing though. Every time we eat food that has a halal certification we’re financially contributing to terrorist organisations to come and kill us, every time our rulers let “refugees” from their shitty sharia lands into ours, every time someone promotes multiculturalism they’re contributing to our downfall. I seriously hope you are an active member of a group that is campaigning against this sort of shit.

    1. Deez niggaz hard as fuck, make the shit look like spring break where the law? Fuck Wild West, its the Middle Finger East outta bitch. Update yo health premiums on the daily, my niggaz. I wonder if half the people who lie and abuse my kindness would do the same if we lived ova there. Oh yeah, wait a minute… Cops assassinate characters and lives all the time, guess we do live ova there. ATeam: plan comin together

  5. I loved the views with the prayer beads and the dream catcher, feathers floating majestically, then the camera pan to the car getting shot. Good use of slow- mo and some good close ups. Definitely post the whole video!

  6. That’s a cool video @ate,out of topic but I just want to apologize to you all,I know I don’t add value to the posts and that I’m a little bit annoying,but honestly I don’t do it on purpose,sorry @obli and @wicked mama I just don’t want to bother anyone so I better get out of the way,I’ll be lurking I hope this site that I love so much get back to all that long comments and real fun I feel like I’m ruining it,????? 🙂

    1. Hanobi, for god’s sake don’t feel you have to leave because of me. Yes you can be annoying but thats not something you can’t mature and change, just start being a bit more real with us and people will actually try to guide you.

        1. (Sorry guys) Hanabi. Nobody likes a “martyr”. The people who actually leave…just leave. The regulars who stop commenting…just stop commenting. And maybe I’m wrong in this case, and if so, I honestly do apologize. But, in my experiance, if you have to say “I’m leaving”, it’s usually you want someone, anyone, to “talk you out of it.” But hell, what do I know, I’ve recently learned I’m a trollope(sp?) and a slut 😉

    2. Don’t apologize for something you didn’t even do. So some people say your posts don’t add anything to a discussion..I wasn’t aware there was a rule that stated you, or anyone else, had to comment something that feeds into a particular posts topic.

      You’re not ruining seems more likely that other people are ruining YOUR experience here. Especially if you feel obligated to make this post.

      1. I think everyone should get off her back and let her say what she wants. If you agree fine, if you don’t then move on or voice your opinion on her comment simple as! Don’t worry Hanabi you carry on doing what your doing love.

  7. Those looked like college kids in that yellow car, I wonder what they did to ‘deserve’ that fate?? I find it hard to believe they were all targeted, probably just one of them, the others just unlucky to be there. I dunno, I guess we will never know.

  8. Hey everyone I’m a new member here at bestgore. I’ve always visited the site but now I’m officially part of the best family.

    Now onto the video. I found it interesting, I thought ak47s were really loud? But they had em next to their ears! And it looks like if you drive a decent car be prepared to be shot up!

    And also this is a serious question. Correct me if I’m wrong, the FSA is basically American troops killing innocent people? And they are paid for by our taxes?

  9. Quoting above:

    “The short compilation below shows how well organized and trained the extremists are. ”


    These punk-ass murderers are displaying ZERO talent here. Drive up next to an unsuspecting car and open up with automatic weapons shows no training. Simply coward-punk asses on a murder spree. Anyone can do what they do. Anyone with an ounce of civility in them would never consider such abominable crimes.

    God is great they chant… Fuck you…. You heathen assholes…

    1. Well, you would need to pull your head out of your ass to see the bigger picture. These guys fight against enemy that serves the Zionists. The enemy is better funded and better equipped. Yet despite the obvious disadvantages, these guys are able to track the enemy puppets and time the attack for when they are vulnerable.

      These warriors are equipped with AK-47’s and pick up trucks whereas their enemy has fighter jets, satellite guided missiles and a lot of other advanced weaponry yet they are still able to pick them out and effectively strike.

      No ZOG mercenary could ever claim being this awesome. Superior equipment and logistics don’t make you bad ass. They just make you a pussy faggot that kills people for money so Zionists can in turn fuck him and his family in the ass.

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