Convicted Murderer Publicly Executed by Hanging in Salmas, Iran

Convicted Murderer Publicly Executed by Hanging in Salmas, Iran

On January 11, 2018, a convicted murderer was publicly executed by hanging in Salmas in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran.

Iranian Rokna news agency reported that the man was 39 year old and his name was Hossein. He was hoisted from a platform by a crane.

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144 thoughts on “Convicted Murderer Publicly Executed by Hanging in Salmas, Iran”

      1. Eh, not one of my best traps, I’ll admit. Twas my first 2 weeks on bestgore, nuff said…
        Btw, is that a cracked out Edward Furlong as your avi? Wait.. Isn’t terminator boy always cracked out? Let me rephrase… Is that Edward Furlong as your avi?

    1. The fuck do ya mean!? This poor fellows old lady nagged him to the point of suicide. This is what he wanted more than anything. He commited that murder and let himself be caught, cuz he didn’t have the stones to do it himself. These dipshits were just doing him a favor, unbeknownst to them of course. A decent and efficent job they did too I might add. A fine spectacle.

  1. This looks more like a David Blain trick than a public execution.

    Really? Not one rock, sword (of varying dullness), hand gun, large passenger vehicle, or one haji lunatic yelling Alluha Snackbar was used in the filming of the death to this fag? WTF is going on?

    1. @HungHeathen These guys aint got no time for that! This is a well oiled death machine they got runnin there. It’s on to the next one, no fuckin around. I mean did you see as soon as he got lifted, how fast those dudes walked away brushing off their hands, sayin miller time? Night shift your up.

    1. gonna have to agree with you here.

      i watched this documentary about pedophiles that lived in a trailer park in florida, kept away from the public and given therapy. fairly great idea, and, florida is already home to some crazy shit, so it fits in well.

      but studies show that you cannot therapy away the desires of a pedo… so what does one do, short of killing them all?


      definitely need not be around general society, for sure.

          1. @swollensphincter i’m pretty sure he started it and then you jumped in to hold hands and get a better deal on cock watching. just saying, pip squeak.

      1. He’s really just a big teddy bear, don’t let his abrasive nature fool you…. Ha! Don’t fuck with svarg unless ur into anal rape. And if you are into that, he’ll super glue some razor blades on it, then we’ll see how u like it…

      1. Awya. But first you gotta make sure you’ve got a full bladder, and I mean FULL. Also make sure you’ve ate as much diarea enducing mexican food you can cram in your stomach as your last meal. Soon as you get lifted up, you just let EVERYthing go and sliide right on down the legs n just start kicken away. Aim for who ever you please or just go ham, your choice. Either way it would be legendary. Think of the memes alone.

          1. Ha! I totally forgot of the chain reaction that would surely ensue. Mass vommit was all that was missing. A dastardly woonderful deed that would be!

  2. Killing people by exclusion never teach people to act civilized. It’s been carried out for centuries all around the world and just internal distress been the result. Some governments use it as a tool for their permanence not adjudication. I’m 100% sure.

  3. This guy was determined to make the hanging as boring as possible for the viewers who no doubt wanted to see him suffer and struggle and relieve his bladder. There was no frantic kicking or twisting around in the noose. He just seems to go with the flow, resigning himself to whatever. Bet the relatives of the dead were disappointed.

  4. This technique isn’t as satisfying as a gallows, but it does the job. If only you can rig the crane to lift at very small increments, where the time the “executed to be” goes from being flat feet on the ground to being on their extreme tippy-toes over a period of time that can be set depending on how sadistic the executioner is.

  5. I meant to say…now you know what Jack Sparrow felt like. Fucken British. They started this hanging garden babylon shit now they taught Muslims the same shit but when the Muslims are teaching themselves the same shit that the British tuaght them its a royal fffuck up.

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