Dozens Executed by Jewhadists at Night

Dozens Executed by Jewhadists at Night

Israel and its lap dogs pulled off a trifecta – destabilized Arab countries in the Middle East, fueled the rise of ISIS, and at the same time flooded Europe with massive refugee populations that undermines the white European identity, and entraps unaware European Goy in a death trap that makes them hate Muslims (the effect), and like Jews (the cause of their troubles).

Meanwhile, in North America, the sheeple still believe their governments bomb ISIS targets in the Middle East, when in fact they bomb Syrian government targets to make sure the Syrian army is set back each time they make advances against ISIS Jewhadists.

Video below depicts a nighttime execution of a few dozen men by ISIS. Closeups of each killed victim are flashed in a sequence at the end of the video. I counted 25 executed shown.

Props to Best Gore member @semanual for the video:

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      1. Nope took it outside of work not my particular favorite but @boozer likes it so it remains personally I don’t like any pic with my face but when I speak to people I prefer them to know who they are speaking to and I’m not afraid to show who I am to any punk ass who has issue with me either.

    1. Fucking right, man! Beheading,s suck, bigtime! These Jew bought cocksuckers, are destroying their homes, their own Countries, and all their ancient Monuments. Syria has,,, or had some of the most beautiful sites protected as World Heritage Sites, instead of firing ONE SHOT at Israel,,, their supposed Arch Enemies. W.T.F. is wrong with that picture Boys and Girls ??? The worlds Sheeple must wake-up, and stop listening to the JEW Owned Mass Media, and see things for what they really are!

      1. There’s that one guy in white. I think its the same one who beats the captives, smacks them in the back of the head one by one as they pass. Punk bastard. He even gets pulled away by his jihads because he won’t stop abusing them which I find to be really contradictory

      2. Hey some food for thought for all you muslim haters and bashers. Real muslims abhor violence and evil acts committed under the guise of islam. Most of you muslim haters have probably never even gone to the source material and read it for yourselves but are ok with being sheep and believing everything you read on the internet by the zionist media army. If you really think about it, every prophet or messenger of God was ridiculed and fought against, Noah, Moses, Abraham, David, Jesus and Mohamed were all persecuted and called crazy and made fun of but each were always on the path of truth. Which group right now is being targeted, humiliated, mocked and killed more than any other group?.think. If Jesus were alive today, wearing the khamees (white gown) and sporting his long beard, you would all think he?s muslim (which he is btw, and he will come back to prove it). If the mother of Jesus was alive right now, wearing modest clothing and wearing the hijab on her head like she is in everyone of your pictures, you would say she?s muslim. The Quran has a whole chapter named after her and muslims revere her and Jesus and their true teachings (not eating swine, staying away from wine and not worshipping idols {the cross} ) . There is 1.6 billion muslims in the world today (almost one-third of the world) do you really think the world would be functioning if our holy books preached violence. True Islam doesnt even allow for pre-emptive strikes , that was put into practice by non islamic leaders, Islam only allows for defensive comnat and protecting vulnerable communities from invaders whether they are muslim or not. Islam is currently the fastest growing religion in the world and especially in North America, why do you think that is? The first word revealed in the quran was ?read? , you all should do some independant research into the source material, keep your intentions pure and pray that God guides you and you will experience a revival of your soul that will honestly bring tears to your eyes. Isis is not Islam, taliban is not Islam, dont let the media fool you brothers and sisters, look into for yourselves. May God guide all of you that truly seek to reach his infinite mercy, amen.

        1. I agree. I dont speak up much because idk I just dont. But its all horrible and unforgiving. I read everything. I may not know what any of this is like but I understand. I dont hate anyone as an entire whole. I take each and every person as they come and judge them for their character or lackthereof.

        2. @ True Believer, I, for one do NOT hate all Muslims, as i have posted many time in my many years on this site. In one of my replies, i have listed the full names of over 200 Palestinian Children Killed by the Israeli,s, and in another post talked about one of my former Muslim employee,s named Ahmed Abdillahi, i loved him dearly, as he was a good heart,d kid and an exemplary employee. There are many good Muslim,s in our world. It,s just a shame that a few bad apples make a lot of Sheeple, put all Muslim,s in the same basket. Again, i for one DO NOT hate any perticular group, race, or religion, there is good,,, and yes,,, bad in all of them! πŸ™‚

        3. I also cannot hate anyone based on their beliefs, background or geographical location. I take each person for how they behave in front of my eyes. If I say someone is a cunt and they happen to be Muslim, then I’m not calling them a cunt because they’re Muslim, but because they’re a cunt. You get cunts from all walks of life. They’ll always be there. As a German national growing up in the UK, I’ve had my fair share of stereotype based bullying and name calling. You just have to grow a thick skin and see the real cunts for who they are. If I was to hate a group of people, I’d be no better than my tormentors back at school. It’s something I’ve always stood by since those days. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It’s just that some peoples opinion is based on nothing other than assumption, rather than actually looking for the truth themselves. Such is human nature unfortunately. But in all honesty, neither myself nor dre mentioned anything about hating Muslims, so I’m not sure where you got that from my friend

        4. You are a liar and a mouthpiece for Satan himself, I have known Muslims who have come forward and spoke the truth, they have denounced their faith in the pigslamic way! They have revealed truth about your false religion, all through history good has fought against evil IE Christendom against Shitslam! BTW the cross is not worshipped you silly fool, it is symbolic of the crucifixion and has nothing to do with idols, Tsk Tsk stupid you are…… lastly- you speak of 1.6 billion HA HA HA HA that is testament to the fact that broad is the way to destruction and MANY shall follow therin, narrow is the path to righteousness and FEW shall find its way ! CHECKMATE!

  1. Nice way to stop the refugees coming, I wanna thank you jews,,, at the end it will be the white man pulling the trigger. Refugees go home or die. The first bullet i would love to see is in Merkels head.

      1. tell me about it! Me and my 2 mates flew in jail for a few months for beating up some filthy fucking imigrants! If even that isn’t allowed anymore… Were is this fucking jew infested continent going to???
        Heil Hitler! Deutschland Erwache!

    1. My most recent memories of beautiful Germany were wonderful people who have had countless generations of war and economic strife survive…their biggest fears were the influx of turks and other darkie “multi-cultural” fucking smelly baboons forcing their sub-par genes on a superior culture….sad indeed…I fear for the “real” Europeans…

          1. Thats a big no go, thats why we chase niggers,turks, moslims… etc you can see it on a daily basis that this scum is attacking German people, i love kicken then to shit.

          2. Since I can’t travel with my armory I keep one the house in Kassel I just hate not having at least my boot knife on me from the airport till I get home and with the way they act on the trains we’ll you already know that’s my way of getting from Frankfurt to kassel and its a shame to feel that way because of people who don’t belong there I used yo have no problem napping off the jet lag on the train.

          3. Thats no problem love i have so much armor and you wouldn’t need to ride a train, I mean what are Angels there for i have a nice spot on my hog for you. Trains are for tourist lol

    2. @Boozer, Merkel is a traitorous ugly, fat lesbian bitch.

      The German people are forced to accept ?unlimited asylum claims? in the words of Merkel and yet the majority German population stands against it.

      What the above tells you is that democracy doesn?t exist. Sure, you have the right to choose between McDonalds and Burger King at lunch time(corporate consumerism go fuck yourself) but you have no right to interject on social/economic matters.

      The above is not just a German problem but everyone?s problem because we are all made impotent by our social/political infrastructure. We have no say, full fucking stop. Yet people still fight and die for the myth called ?democracy?.

      The propaganda we must all endure is stifling. Our media and governments constantly tell us about ?asylum seekers? escaping persecution and yet these freeloading bastards are mostly fit, able young men with the odd scattering of women and children whereas true asylum seekers would be a random mixture of all.

      Also why does it have to be Germany, France, UK etc, why do they avoid eastern Europe?, because they care nothing about personal safety(asylum seekers) only personal gain(economic migrants).

      My conclusion, we are forced to go along with Israel?s warmongering despite the fact that the ?freedom fighters? we financed and armed only a few years ago are now called ?ISIS? who are now the enemy and we must defeat Assad who actually stands against ISIS but is still our enemy despite being against our enemy because Israel says so.

      We must also accept unlimited immigration from the countries we destabilised because it is the ?moral thing to do? despite the majority western population being against these invasions from day one.

      Wake the fuck up people, if our governments gave a shit about ?morals? they wouldn?t have invaded so many sovereign states to begin with. They wouldn?t have ignored the majority populations wishes, they wouldn?t keep letting economic migrants in.

      Whether it be capitalism or communism the rich rule the roost whilst the poor put up and shut up.

      If you truly wish to understand the way our world works and who really is in charge learn to follow the chain of profit rather than concern yourself with ?morals?.

        1. @Boozer,

          I am from Britain, sadly.

          I do hope to leave one day though before I am the only white person left, drowned in a sea of multicoloured shit.


          Sadly, I am just some random guy on the internet airing my frustrations. If I had the power to change anything I would be doing less talking and more acting.

      1. Its just to sad that more people cant see the much bigger picture as well…

        Btw Empty is a Brit if you havent figured it out by now..

        Another btw…the only reason why MM is being persecuted is this site is the worse nightmare thats shedding the light on the truth and not the misleading propaganda thats been shoved down our throats for many years..

          1. True brother. @Empty, is an awesome writer and tells the whole story. We are blessed to have him here with all of us on our journey, for truth, and the greater good! Me loves him ( no homo though ) πŸ˜‰

      2. If you need a clue of who’s got serious money in Europe,just look around in any village,town or city,and tell me what some of the most expensive, largest and extravagant buildings are,I’m not saying they control the whole show,but its hidden in plain fucking sight.These FUCKERS are serious players in the game…And no,I don’t listen to Alex Jones,don’t get me wrong,I did,along with David icke etc.But that was years ago when I first became interested in the ‘truth’,but it didn’t take long before I realised all these people are ‘controlled opposition’ ,’cointel’,’gatekeepers’ ,they tell some truth,but only when it’s beyond a point of not being able to hide it anymore,its all old stuff,mixed in with confusing lies to get ‘truthers’ chasing their tales.This,sadly, is where most people get stuck in their search for facts,but that’s the whole point of these people,to get the curious people,like ourselves to a certain point,and no further…

    3. In other news: Merkels newest “friend” the u.k. prime minister David Cameron has come under fire for telling two young syrian boys (who are up for deportation) that, “politics is hard”
      It doesn’t seem so long ago our u.k. politicians admired each other for getting “hard” with young boys….

      1. Interesting choice of words since for millenia you greed mongering, sub-vermin, feces emulating, poor excuses for humans actually control theatres and baboon worshiping entertainment…
        “Soon at a theatre near you”…the end…of what could have been a beautiful world…thanks evil jews

  2. Problem Reaction Solution

    They cause the problem. Set the reaction. And have to solution. The answer they are looking for is the NWO.

    I wish others would wake up to the Jew menace. The jew is a clever and we need to be smarter and not fall for the zionist propaganda.

    Thanks bestgore one of the few sources of real news.

          1. I’m with @yournextexgirl lol who do we compare you with since you enjoy singing me the most annoying songs what voice do we put to them.

          2. Actually I don’t know who eddie vedder, boy george or william hung is, I’ve never heard ozzy osbourn sing before (if I did I didn’t know it) but Don’t worry, I definitely don’t sound like bieber. Tell you what, after I finish work I’m gonna dedicate the most beautiful song in existence to both of you πŸ˜‰

          3. @yournext I think we better get the brain scrubber ready from how @jack is talking he’s got a devious sound to him right now……

          4. Well I just googled him, I do love my heavy metal but I rarely listen to older bands. But since you all seem to love him, I’ll look up a few of his songs when I get home. I like me a bit of SlipKnot myself

          5. @nextex

            Wow… Ok I definitely know who vanilla ice is but I honestly don’t know if you’re joking or not when you say you like him… :/

          6. @Amour I fuckin love both those songs! I think my all time favourite SlipKnot song is ‘snuff’ it doesn’t really fit in with their style but that’s the one I can personally relate to the most.

            And @nextex thank fuck for that! You kinda had me worried there lol

          7. She’s most definitely beautiful but that damn middle finger girl so needs to be grounded.

            @nextex I know this may seem a bit extreme to you but what if you deleted that pic so it doesn’t keep changing back on its own? You could always put it back up later…

          8. Forgive me @Amour but I didn’t really search, that’s only the first one I found. I was cranky after work, didn’t wanna piss myself off with annoying tunes. I’ll do better next time

          9. Actually @Amour I don’t know any of those bands you mentioned except Slayer, I do listen to them sometimes. The only older artist that I frequently listen to is Marilyn Manson… Yeah I know he’s a weird bastard but then again so am I… Actually now that I think about it I’ve been told that I kind of sound like him… Next time I sing to you just imagine Marilyn Manson with a slightly deeper voice… πŸ™‚

          10. @jack sloth of the bands I mentioned are younger than slipknot I recommend checking them out I still listen to some mansion here and there a few songs in particular.

  3. Though blaming this on the jews (notice the lower case) is fun. The real problems in the middle east is the mooslim. Now not to excuse the jew-fag on their ridiculous right to a piece of real estate based on a book which they themselves were nomads and, to be honest, the FIRST recorded people who committed a complete and total genocide — well — boo hoo.

    Fast forward, this does not justify Iran and other totalitarian nations being in control of the bomb so close to Europa and Mercia. And so willing to nuke those counties because of a very small population of jews and “infidels.”

    The solution is to reduce the mooslim to it’s environment, let them kill the faggot and the dyke. Let them stone the adulterer or any other sinner and let us mock them from a far as they still stay in the the 11th century while we progress. That is our advantage. We should keep it. It is the most single thing imperative to our survival.

    1. You understand why Iran wants the bomb right? Maybe because the fuckin Jews have acquired their own nukes illegally and haven’t been shy about threatening Iran with them. Iran is one of the only countries standing up to these fucking Jews. I’m more worried about the fucking House of Saud, they’re fuckin tight with the Jews and Americans. The Saudis are the ones supporting all the madrasahs around the fucking world with all the oil money we give them, every Sunni madrasah in Pakistan is paid for by these Saudi fucks. At least Iran will spend its money supporting Assad, Hezbollah, Hamas, all in the name of resisting Israel, and I fully support that.

      Anyway sorry for the rant lol

      1. Never be sorry about a rant that makes sense. Israel never openly threatened Iran with nukes, just that they would never accept nuclear Iran. Of course we know that’s a nuclear threat but Israel would never dare to go nuclear on Iran, instead it will send it’s assassins on Iranian scientists or sabotage nuclear facilities as usual, while the world looks the other way.

          1. Greeneyedlashes,Iran are the only country,out of all the players today that haven’t attacked another country unprovoked,for centuries???Why the fuck shouldn’t they have the bomb?BOOOOOOMB!!!were all dead!

        1. Thanks 133741

          I know the only reason Iran wants the bomb is to deter invasion, they don’t want to be the next Iraq/Lybia.
          I know the Jews/Americans have already been doing whatever covert act they could/can, including murdering non violent scientists, to delay Irans nuclear goals. Iran also understood it was a strong bargaining chip to start a nuclear program.

          1. Considering that a plan of invading Iran was already made with all operational details by the US (admitted by general Wesley Clarke) they would be fools if they wouldn’t go nuclear.

      2. The jews have had the bomb since 74. A US Navy jew spy stole plans and absconded with them to Israel. A big hullabaloo was made about it in the beginning because Israel’s extradition laws. Then all of a sudden it dropped off the face of the earth and the public quickly went about returning to their TV shows.

        Nevertheless, Iran never needed the bomb to squash Israel, Iran needs the bomb to wage war against the US and western nations. As so far as Iran supporting terror clans for the purpose of resisting or destroying Israel, we both can see these same terrorist organizations attacking anyone they damn well please. They are not conducting “warfare” in a noble cause or way. They are in fact Iran’s fifth column. Since Iran is a theocracy they mean to impose shiria law on the world. That is their intent.

        Don’t be sorry for any rant. You’re not going to hurt my feelings and I always welcome a different view. Sometimes that person presents something I may have overlooked.


        1. I respectfully disagree about Irans proxys, to the best of my knowledge Hamas and Hezbollah are the only ones that have fought modern wars against Israel, without Iran giving them arms and money there’d be no resistance to Israel at all. There’s a reason Israel supports IS, because IS hates the Shia/Iranian.

          It’s just funny the Jews and Saudis bomb Shias all day long but Israel hasn’t struck IS once to the best of my knowledge, but their always bombing Hezbollah on Syrian territory even though they could just as easily bomb IS.
          I hate Muslims like you, but we need to know who the real exporters of sharia are, the SAUDIS/GULF STATES

        2. Israeli nuclear program started in mid 50s and it’s believed they had few bombs in 67, where did you get this information that it had to steal plans? Principles of nuclear technology and uranium enrichment and it’s weaponization are widely known, you only need the resources. Best source on that is the Samsons Option by Seymour Hersh.

          Iran proxies like Hizballah never had nor will have an intention to impose sharia on the world, that is the exclusive trait of Sunni extremists. They’re political, they only wish to be in power in their respective lands.

      3. You dumbass. The US would never be irresponsible in launching a nuke. That is why we can possess them. You don’t ever have to worry about us wiping a piece of the world off the map. What about Iran? Do we have to worry about them? If they develop a nuke, are they going to use it on Israel? Then, what happens after they follow through with it? Why would any human on this planet want to see it happen to Israel, or any other country for that matter? It’s funny how you all think you know what is really happening. Ha haaaa! I guess that makes you all the puppets.Going off of what your media driven and brainwashed influences passionately direct you to believe. Ranting on here and massaging each others feelings as if you all think you are right. Pfffh……..I believe that this makes you sheeple. Geesh, getting all fired up on here because you think you are right about things that are messed up in the world. And, where do you all get information from? So, you can process and make an opinion?

        1. Even if Iran had a nuke doesnt mean they would ever use it like any other country in this world….what israel is concern is about iran supporting Hezbollah with much better weaponry with them having the nuclear weapon deterrent of israel attacking them…

          Btw who the fuck do you think you are to critize anyone here?

        2. Dude, WTF? Do you live in a cave, or just have your head stuck up your ass?

          USA is the only country in the world with history of abuse of nuclear weapons. No other country has done that ever. Thus the only country that is a verified nuclear threat, is America.

          On the other hand, Iran has not attacked anyone outside of its borders for 300 years. Iran has a long lasting history of non aggression. And unlike Israel, Iran is a signatory to the nuclear non proliferation treaty, and allows independent international inspectors to monitor their nuclear program.

          It’s hard to even feel sorry for you.

          1. How is the US the only verified nuclear threat? Would we really drop a nuke on a country, if we didn’t have the right reason? Oh, and I don’t want to hear it that we would make shit up and lie to have the reason. That is such bs.

          2. Thanks brother OBLI! You just prevented me from going totally Ape-Shit on this dude. A fucking Troll, me thinks? Or just plain Retarded! F.F.S.

        3. Did you ever critically examined why Iran would ever use it’s nuclear weapons against any state? Nuclear blackmail, instant annihilation? That would never work because Iran would be destroyed, they only want it for the deterrence it provides them.

          You should be more afraid of nuclear Pakistan, a state well known to be a risky nuclear proliferant, but Pakistan is an US ally, and the hypocrisy continues.

          What exactly makes Iran a crazy country, did you ever thought about it? For two centuries Iran was in defense, never an invader, it supported some of terrorist groups but US did that as well, so do the Gulf states, there’s claims that Israel supported Hamas against Fatah. Again, what makes Iran a pariah state is the hypocrisy of the West. You can’t play the crazy Muslim card here because the Supreme Leader in Iran is absolutely against nuclear weapons, he and the clergy consider it a blasphemy.

    1. The only Countries that should take care of these displaced, and Terrorized refugees, should be the Zionist Aggressors, and the enslaved Countries Minions, who were used to bomb the living shit out of them, and their homes, and school,s. ISRAEL, and the U.S, including, but not limited to Canada, England, France, and so on. They Fucking caused this mess. Let THEM pay for it! Fucking ZIONISTS,,, man, i hate their guts!!!

    1. Same happened to me, my good brother! What i got was an Error 502 ? So when i went back one post, and scrolled down to my comment, still in the reply box, i sent it again, but this time B-G, replied that ” it seems that you have already said that ” Go figure??? It still never showed up! πŸ™

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    Dudes with holes in head seem to have pretty nice haircuts. I wonder who their barber was?. I definitely could go with haircut of 7th dude from the end. I bet I could get more vulva play with that haircut.

    Oh, by the way, these dudes have already arrived in heaven and they are high fiving each other, enjoying the 72 gorgeous virgins that the great towel head in the sky has promised each idiot\i mean asshole\i mean Muslim. I’m totally jealous!!!!!

  5. Think about this. Almost everyone agrees that it’s wrong to kill children. But imagine if you could go back in time 25 years and murder these men, while they were still babies. Doesn’t seem so bad, does it? I look at these men. The victims and their killers. And can’t help but think that for most of them, 5 to 10 years ago, they were just kids. And now look at what they’re doing. What the fuck is wrong with people.

  6. That was nice and uncensored. πŸ™‚
    Still having a hard time getting on….I’m down to hopping on one foot and running around the room flapping my arms like a chicken…the same thing never works twice.

  7. Look,I understand everyone freaking out about the European refugee/immigrant situation. But this is just another move in ‘their’ twisted games.The worst thing we can do(to throw a spanner in there games of hate and divide and rule) is rightly or wrongly accept what is happening,do not become consumed by hate.We should help these people set up their own communitys,just like every other immigrant population over the years.The situation is not ideal,but by not showing any compassion and literally tearing ourselfs to bits we are only doing what the twisted elite want.After all if it wasn’t for USA,EUROPE and ISRAEL, these people wouldn’t be here in the first place…rant over.

          1. Let’s just cut it out, all of you. Why be dicks to one another. We’re on the same site. The past it in the past, so let’s put it all behind us and move on.

            We’re now in the process of moving to a new server, in hopes to resolve database problems were were having a few weeks back, so there will be a general slow down in new posts because of it. Nobody wins if we’re in each other’s hair all the time.

            Let’s agree to disagree and move on.

  8. a glimpse at europe over the next 10 years right there in this vid. there will definitley be bloodshed over this immigration shit it is unwanted across europe. once europe is cleansed we need to hang the politicians for treason starting with bush and blair

      1. no they are not dead and you have just shat right down your own throat with that weak reply and shown your just a child. any person worth their salt on world affairs knows that they are not dead so if you try to give it big un on a comment at least get your facts right first you sad loser.

        1. yeah theres the tunnel just as your coming to langworthy estate not the quays side but just before,thats a major dealing spot for the smack/crackrats, always has been. the shop near them with the 2/3 asians right next to the roundabout facing salford crescent go ask them they know me. walk down to media city i used to work there for 3years for g4s, also try any of the bars/pubs local to langworthy and also central manny and when you finally do i got something for you bitch.

          1. C’mon guys, we all have arguments on here but they should be left on the post, it’s quite funny to see people arguing sometimes but when it spills onto other posts it gets really old really quickly.

  9. Give that place a year or so and you will be able to find all the mass graves by the amount of lush vegetation growing on top of them.
    People can talk all the shit they want about the US but I sleep sound at night without fear of random execution and being dumped in an unmarked grave.

      1. Because the majority of people that rant on here hate the US. I can understand some of the reasons, but the US is also one of the only countries that rushes to help other countries when they are desperately in need of help. Natural disaster relief, taking ONLY the crazy maniacal leaders out of power and giving them the only thing they deserve- an early exit from life and into hell. You all act like we do these things to benefit ourselves and not to help? What would be happening to the middle East right now, if Saddam, Osama, Khadafi(don’t know if I spelled this dumbass’s name right) were left to rule? So, let me get this straight. Iraq, Afgahistan, and Libya’s people would be in a better place? It doesn’t matter if it isn’t our business to stick our noses there. What does matter is that the only countries that are a potential threat to the US and the world’s future and existence are in the Middle East region. Now that technology has made it much easier to help in the ending of the world, we should have every right to listen in on internet chatter, cell phone conversations, and the monitoring of anyand all potential threats. All it takes are a few dirty bombs to make it into some of our larger cities and then what? Yeah, the USA is all about oil and a New World Order?! It’s funny how all of these 3rd world countries cannot get out of their rut. Have an education system that works, stop treating woken like slaves by not allowing them to have an education, or even let their faces and bodies be seen outside of the home- stoning them to death because their husband is a douchebag and they want to see what it feels like to be wanted and respected. Seriously, their are no brilliant minds in these primitive countries that can help to change their own countries and create opportunities for their own loved people? Maybe, we should let these good people that want out if their crazy countries to become refugees. So, they can have a life of opportunities and fulfillment. Then, we don’t have to feel guilty when we drop a nuke on the evil fuckheads that are too lazy to better themselves. Fucking losers!

        1. And if you really want to know if Iraq,Afghanistan,Lybia or Syria would be better places if we hadn’t poked our noses in their business, just look at ANY stock footage or pictures of what these places looked like,BEFORE we went there to HELP them.Then take a look at how they look NOW after we have HELPED them..

  10. Jewhadists, is right on the money, brother @ Ate. These cocksuckers paid by Israelites, are destroying their own homes, families, and their beautiful heritage sites, protected by the World Heritage sites organizations. W.T.F. are they doing man ? Is money more important than the love of their people, and their sacred lands? I thought that Muslims were against doing any wrongdoings for money alone, and had great morals regarding the love of their people, and their lands when praying to their god Allah ? Also, i find it disturbing that with ISRAEL being their Arch Enemies, that not a single shot was ever fired at them, at a time when they have never been better armed, to do so. With all the American Military vehicles (Humvees) and Artillery, not counting the thousands of state of the art shoulder mounted rocket launchers, and much, much, more, that the U.S. left behind because ” they said ” it would cost too much in staff, and fuel, to ship them back home. With that said, they could have easily reeked havoc, at least, for a short while, sending rockets, Tank Shells, and bulldozing down one of their walls for a quick kick-ass slaughter of a good part of ISRAEL, before being stopped. This was ALL planned by the Americans, and Israel, to make sure that I.S.I.S. was better armed to fight Syria, their main target, in the Middle East, then if victorious, head to Iran to finish the JEWS dirty agenda. FUCK I HATE THEM ZIONISTS!

    1. Dre, the Zionists are creaming their pants watching sunni muslims killing Shia muslims as they destroy their countries and the tourists sites so the tourism dollars stays in israhell..

      These Arabs must not be that bright to be divided by their own damn religion..

  11. That post description is the best explanation for current situation in middle east. I was shocked when I read it because it is completely reflecting my opinions for ISIS. Congratulations to the post owner. Greetings from Turkey to the all open minded friends!

    1. Because of your country and most others on this site,these young(and old) ‘muztards’ have had their country’s destroyed.”There not refugees, there fighting age” I hear you say.Well,you’ve had your country wrecked,and if you want to eat and have water,you have two choices,for you and your family.
      Pick up an AK and join the rebels or join the government fighters,depending on what country your in,this means your either a terrorists or a freedom fighter in the eyes of the world.Either way,you have a very short life expectancy.These people are human beings,even though MSM tries to make them into monsters or boogeymen.Just like you and me,most of them haven’t got death wishes.Would you and your family do any different???Anyway shiteater666,most of these people would slowly cut your fucking head off,without even breaking sweat,if you even threatened them or their family’s.

    1. Hey,I’ve got a brilliant idea,let’s leave everything and Everyone we know,our houses,schools and jobs,get the wife and two children, pay someone our life savings to travel through war zones,seas that are deadly,and walk for weeks,just to see if we can get,borrow or steal enough to live.Sounds like the trip of a fucking lifetime,who’s in?..I don’t expect some with worse fucking English than me to understand……. Just fucking saying.

  12. does anyone commenting here have an atlas,look at it,if iran gets and uses a nuke against israel,the fallout goes east and they end up contaminating their own country and probably killing more of their own population then jews,with Iraq in the middle,sounds like a good plan to me.we should give them a 50 megaton nuke if they promise to use it on Israel and lets get this party started.

  13. sheep? Everyone is a sheep. You are all manipulated by all of this conflict. No body knows the truth. No one will. The lies go back So many years.
    So you all know…They Live ..They are here.. They Control us..They want humans to fight so they don’t fight the true invaders from other worlds.
    You All NEED to Wake up. Or it will be too late. Stupid Humans.

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