Ex Mayor of Tiquicheo Maria Santos Gorrostieta Murdered

Ex Mayor of Tiquicheo Maria Santos Gorrostieta Murdered

Maria Santos Gorrostieta served as a mayor of the town of Tiquicheo in Mexico and became known for fearless defiance of the drug cartels. Unhappy with her adamant support for the war on drugs, the narcos attempted to assassinate her but failed at it twice. She survived with big ass scars all over her tight bod, but after her term as a mayor ended in 2011, a police escort and government security that she was assigned for her protection were pulled. That became her death sentence. It was only a question of time before sicarios got around to killing her.

Earlier this month (November 2012) 36 year old Maria Santos Gorrostieta was abducted and kidnapped in broad daylight after leaving her home in the town of Morelia, Mexico. She was about to drive her daughter to school when her van was blocked by another vehicle. Witnesses said the ex-mayor begged the kidnappers to spare her daughters in exchange for her co-operation and saw her voluntarily board their vehicle.

Her relatives anticipated to hear from the kidnappers, thinking that they’d be interested in trading her for ransom but it never happened. Five days after her disappearance, body of Maria Santos Gorrostieta was found by farm workers in a roadside ditch near the town of San Juan Tararameo. She was beaten, stabbed and burned. The official cause of death was a blow to the head.

Much props to this woman – she stood up to a powerful enemy and did the right thing in spite of imminent danger to her own life. RIP Maria Santos Gorrostieta.

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42 thoughts on “Ex Mayor of Tiquicheo Maria Santos Gorrostieta Murdered”

  1. How do you not hire your own security and drivers for your children when your on a hit list. She was stupid not to be more carefull. At least for her kids sake! I’m sure they were just waiting for her to lower her guard. She sure wasn’t using her brain.

    1. Because government jobs in Mexico ,unlike elsewhere, pay shit. At least she thought of her kids and got her happy ass out of her car and cooperated. Surprised they didn’t rape and murder her kids in front of her tho…

  2. This isn’t a war worth dying for. They are getting killed to keep drugs away from rich american asses, just how stupid is that? If I was El Presidente de Mexico I wouldn’t give a fuck about cocaine being smuggled in the US. The american government should be able to control better their borders, so it would be their problem, not mine.

    1. The US government strong arms Mexico to play on their team. When Mexico wanted to make Marijuana legal the US threatened to cut support and all other stuff.

      It is painfully obvious that the only way to remove power from the cartels is to make all drugs (or at least the top 3 popular ones: marijuana, cocaine, heroin) legal for recreational consumption. History has shown us that this is the only way to do this but for some reason they can’t or won’t see it.

      People are going to get their fix either way, in fact, it is much much easier to get contraband when it is illegal than when it’s legal and controlled for kids.

      I could of gotten weed, oxycodone, heroin anytime I wanted. But getting alcohol…. That took time and effort.

    2. It ain’t just drugs… Drugs are the foundation… there is plenty of extortion, and worse going on in Mexico that the drug money provides the foundation for. They are not dying for the US… they are fighting for their survival as well.

  3. I saw this in a spanish news report about a week ago, very sad.
    See here is a person fighting against vicious fucks in Mejico, to top it off she’s a woman although very naive to think she could make a difference at least she was trying to put alot of this scumbags away and make her place off living suitable for all non Cartel related citizens…What a damn shame she was good looking and a tough puppy may she rest in harmonious glory with lucifer for all eternity!!!!

  4. I saw this in a spanish news report about a week ago. See here is a woman who was trying to make a difference in her community although very foolish and naive she still had the guts to go against this scumbags Bitch had fucking balls…2 previous attemps and a colostomy bag later and they got and took this wonderful person from this earth. Sad story indeed more people should learn from this and either stand up and fight for what you believe in or hide behind they’re curtains and be scary slaves forever, May she rest in eternal glory with my lord and saviour lucifer!!!!!! AMSG!!!!!!!

  5. Dam after two failed assasinations, the third time was a charm.
    Im sure she knew she had it coming.
    The narcos must have been threatned or just really pissed to have killed her.
    After after two failed attempts you’d think they would be more brutal with killing her

  6. Mexico is screwed, big time. It’s going to take morre than one very brave woman to turn things around, but at least she tried and paid for it with her life. As another poster mentioned, she must have known this was coming after 2 failed attempts. Why didn’t she get protection, especially as she had a family to think about? Having said that, as this was obviously a professional hit; I doubt even protection would have made any difference.

  7. Maybe she didn’t have the money to hire body guards or security since she was no longer the mayor…or maybe she thought since she wasn’t the mayor, there was no longer a risk of being killed. Who knows? Brave woman. R.I.P. Maria

  8. The Latino’s down South are just as bad as the Muslims and Africans in …well, everywhere.

    Going to be interesting to see how three of those groups interact with eachother in the United States as they take it over.

    No White-Guilt/Self-Hating Caucasian liberals around to cry racism to. Should be a blood-bath.

    My vote goes to the Hispanics. They are as brutal as the Muslims, more organized than the Africans, more intelligent than both.

    I’ll be with the rest of the Caucasian refugees from the USA and Canada and trying to eek out a living in Greenland and Iceland.

  9. I read this one a few days back and had to come back to it… I find this murder profoundly disturbing. This was a GOOD woman doing GOOD things for her community. In addition, her second husband was kidnapped from another location at the approximate time this woman was taken. His body has yet to be found. You can bet that they met their demise together in unfathomable circumstance. Run a Google on her name… Their demise shows clearly that evil will win if good fails to act decisively.

    It also brings into question, for the billionth time, that if there is a god… he has, at best, a bad case of ADHD.

    Yep… if the Almighty took just seven days to create the heavens and the earth, how much effort would S/He have to had expended protecting this good woman? What we mere mortals would comparatively expend blinking an eye??? Lifting a finger?? A sneeze, perhaps… ? Yep… the Good Book says that our mortal selves really are not that important… It’s the after life that we should focus on…

    Well, I have my ADHD under control. I can multi- task enough to focus on both my current life AND my after life….. Yep…. I feel that, Geeez… Our mortal pain and suffering may be a little more important than the short shrift the Big Guy upstairs expends preventing the above from happening

    And, I am really starting to feel that if he thinks that the searing agony this woman went through for those three days may be worth that Godly blink of the eye; or a raising of the Godly finger to Stop What Happened to this lovely and good woman….

    Sorry… God , apparently, is falling down on the Job… Betting the kid’s college money on God coming to the rescue may reap some pretty poor returns on your investment. In fact… Depending on God for damn near anything and you might very end up like this woman. Just think… she very well may have witnessed her husband castrated right before her eyes. Let your mind wander a bit…. Just go through some of the writings and pics here for additional obscenities… Go ahead, think about it…

    I think that Good and Evil spring from Humans… Not some Greater Power… And if we are responsible for both… We can choose which will be the dominant force in worldly affairs.

    It takes guts and good judgement… And in cases like Mexico… and SO MANY other places… HUMANS and not the Big Guy will make the difference….

    Evil People know what to do and they act accordingly…. As for the Good People out there…. Well, 3 Hail Mary’s before bed time ain’t gunna cut it… In my view 3 Hail Mary’s never have and never will.

    Moral to this story… Evil and Good are Human constructs…. They are not from some divine or evil place…. Yep… these things spring from us… And if they do come from us… WE can choose… WE can act…

    One thing is sure… God ain’t coming to the rescue… If S/He was, this wonderful woman would be alive and her three children would be benefiting from her presence at this very second. So would the rest of the world.

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