Ex-Secretary of Tourism Assassinated by Two Da Silvas on Motorcycle

Ex-Secretary of Tourism Assassinated by Two Da Silvas on Motorcycle

I made the Da Silvas up, but since the assassination involved three people and one of them – the victim was not a Da Silva, there would have to be the devil in it if at least one of the shooters did not have Da Silva in his name.

45 year old Marcos Francisco Camargo was an ex Brazilian Secretary of Tourism and Events. On August 9, 2012 he was sitting in his black Peugeot RCZ on the Barros Maria Pacheco street in Jardim Village when two men on a motorcycle pulled next to his vehicle and opened fire. The ex secretary was hit 5 times but was still alive when emergency teams arrived. He was pronounced dead later in a hospital in Santa Casa.

The incident was caught on CCTV cameras however the licence plate of the motorcycle was not clear from the nighttime picture.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. New York city should hire these guys to be cops. At least they can hit their target. Compare the two:
    Da Saliva= one guy five shots five hits
    NYC cops= two guys 16 shots 3 hits on intended target and multiple hits on multiple unintended targets.

    1. NYC cops were’nt at fault, it was the hollow point bullets that they use. They break up after hitting concrete and such sending shrapnel every which way. All but one of the innocent bystanders were hit by shrapnell and the one guy who was’nt tried to get hit.

      1. It is their fault. If their bullets hit the intended target there would be no shrapnel. They are the ones who are aiming and pulling the trigger so if the bullets were hitting concrete then their aim wasn’t worth shit.

  2. Translation:

    Reporter: In the security camera images, it’s possible to see the victim’s car parked in front of a religious temple. A motorcycle gets near the car, stops by its side, the passenger draws the gun and shoots. After that, they run away. The victim stays inside the car. Everything is very quick. In slow motion, you can see there was no attempt of conversation. See it again: the motorcycle occupants just get near the victim and fire.

    Man: Anyone who knows anything, ensuring his anonymity, might help us, because that concerns us a lot. Any information we get will be checked, and it is very important. A lot of the investigations are being clarified thanks to the denounciations.

    1. I don’t think there is any point in commenting if no one can understand what you are saying. And there is no way I’m going to waste my time translating that using stupid google translate. Give me something I can work with….

  3. this guy did something to someone. one fv gets pissed off at another fv and orders the murder of the fv. an endless cycle of blood and violence. before i die i’d like to meet an alien life form that has evolved past all the fv bullshit. somehow i don’t think that’s gonna happen. we’re all trapped here on this prison planet hell hole. allahu akbar.

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