Execution of Women and Children by Armed Group in Cameroon

Execution of Women and Children by Armed Group in Cameroon

Execution of Women and Children by Armed Group in Cameroon

This is some savage shit right there. They ain’t got no damn time for pussy passes over there in Africa.

The video shows an execution of two women, each with a small child in tow. One of them carries her child on her back. The women are lead by an armed group to a desolate place where they are unceremoniously shot dead along with their kids.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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306 thoughts on “Execution of Women and Children by Armed Group in Cameroon”

          1. Seriously white people? After all the shit your asses have done, you actually are going to try and stand in judgement of what someone else has done? Really? Hypocrisy at it’s highest!

          2. Bjlover45207 are you fucking serious “all the shit white people have done” ? We are civilized we are intelligent and the master race. Just watch all these videos of niggers doing awful things to other niggers and tell me about hypocrisy! And you can do that while I’m at work haha You stupid fuck

        1. I would agree with you although i have not investigated this enough. They could be taking out collaborator bitches who helped ISIS -types. Who knows though? With all the US tax payer money flooding into terrorist groups even IsiS and fake syrian army types look like soldiers! They could be Christian women and babies.

          Bastards did not have to take out the children though. That was unforgivable!

          1. Can’t help but think those children are lucky to die young, versus spending their entire lives in a shit hole like this, as shitty as that sounds.

      1. @johncandy – we mustve watched sumthing different,cos to me it sure looked like a nigger doing the killing.and bleeding heart leftists want to let these dirty,feral,disgusting excuses for human beings into our countries?? they continue with the same violence and disregard when they come here as “refugees”. nothing but filthy vermin.

          1. @xxx
            No big loss to humankind. They got off easy. Still waiting for some victim to nut up and go for a disarm. What have you got to lose? Can’t see going out on your knees..

      1. It seems not even these kids lives matter to their mothers. That bitch leads her son to his death by making him follow by holding his hand tight. How could she not whisper to the kid to run and hide as she creates a distraction ? Sure the chances of him surviving are not great, but the way mum goes about bit the chances of bub surviving are -48%. How in the fuck can you be so calm knowing what is about to happen ? Not a prayer, tear, kiss for bub, a last mad dash for the hills, begging for your life, begging for your kids life, offering money- anything to drag it out so something might go their way.
        Niggers, just niggers being niggers isn’t it. Funny how theres no white skinned niggers holding placards stating #blacklivesmatter. I guess in African they know the truth and that’s black lives don’t matter in the slightest………..

        1. Maybe the mom would rather have her baby executed with her rather than left behind alive with those animals. Or maybe the women didn’t really want to believe or for sure know that they were about to be killed… not ever bothering to resist tho… if i knew my gift of gab couldnt get me out of some shhh, well, then fight or flight is better than laying down n dying. anywho… I’m sure the children meant everything to these moms.

      2. Shut the fuck up ..does not make ya white trashes any better.. Ya walk in schools with AR15 killing kids before shooting ya ragity self cuz ya to much of a BITCH to shoot it out with cops .. American black people aint like that .. Latinos either.. No wonder america is a target for all countries..nobody like vanillas

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          University of Arizona College of Nursing Shooting: hispanic

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        3. Wait a second, wasnt the Pulse Nightclub shooting committed by a fucking muslim piece of shit? The Yahoo shooting committed by another muslim TRANSGENDER piece of shit? The DC SNIPER killings committed by TWO BLACK pieces of shit? Black civilizations havent invented a goddamned thing in the last 3000 years . Here’s a list of Black serial killers too, fuck you faggot. Everyone secretly loves vanillas, because vanillas are Numero Fucking Uno! We rule the world because we are the smartest and the most fierce and the most organized. History does not lie. Whites may commit most (please note the word MOST) mass shootings but “my God”! the inventions and advances they have gifted the entire planet with,all dismissed by a few SSRI riddled, “patsy”, mind controlled, MK ULTRA Motherfuckers?….surely you jest. Want to be secure and content? Learn to give credit where credit is due. To honor another, honors oneself. https://www.ranker.com/list/black-serial-killers/ranker-crime

    1. S1: Terrorists were chased by the soldiers, they ran in a hole… and used black magic to turn themselves into women and children so they could escape.
      Have you ever seen women and kids so calm in their execution? No freak-outs, no tears, not even a sound. These are black-magic converted men.

      S2: The women and kids have been using witchcraft to kill people in the village, the chief had enough and arranged for their elimination. Problem solved

      S3: Bloodline of Sworn Wahhabi “terrorists”

    2. The story is, that these women and kids were family members of the terrorist group of Buku Haram, whom massacred children and women to, even one soldier said, ” its sad that they have to pay the price ” so, my guess, is this is a revenge case.

    3. @seraphim-serenata

      Yep,,, that’s one sick fucking way to do so indeed.
      How could people be so cold and do such a thing to a helpless Mom, and her Kids, without blinking an eye??
      And as you state,,, For What??
      Truly sad, and disturbing video for myself to watch, being a Father of 4 and grandfather of five & all. 🙁

    4. Why?

      The reason is always one and the same – because they’re different. They believe in different god, or have different moral values, or belong to different ethnicity, or what ever.

      They’re different, so they deserve to have a piece of metal piercing their skulls at high velocity, causing unimaginable pain, grief, sadness, and taking away their life, hopes, and dreams in the process.

      Look around you. Do you think you live in civilized society? If whoever in power over in your country comes up and say “From now on, murder is legal!” you will see rivers of blood in your so-called civilized city, where ever you from.

      That’s why.

      1. Humans have always killed one another since the beginning of there birth. Regardless of Laws Beliefs Rules whatever people have always killed or fought for anything. Sure wars can be created by politics that are only ideas of the rich an powerful basically sending those that arent to there deaths. But if this world wasn’t ” Hey im rich now FIGHT FOR ME!” Every single person man woman child would be killing one another for any scrap of resource.

        1. Nah thats a myth. Blacks have fought an killed each other before the “white” man got really involved. I mean the africans had been doing the slavery thing way before the brits an americans started doing it. Just in America Niggers complain the loudest completely forgetting about what truely happened that their own people started slavery.

    5. Not kids. I’m all for the gore. Children killed, no.
      Kids… innocent little nose pickers, booger wiping and all, cock blocks, beaver dams,
      You name it.
      Whatever the Moms crimes, they just didn’t want the child burden.
      Either way. Kid killing vids. Not my joy.

      1. Killing kids to me is no different then any one else. They are nothing special. Only fags preach about kids being off limits. This is a gore site, not FB with soccer mom’s and shit. Besides, these were niggers killing niggers, it is no different then an exterminator poisoning a nest full of baby rats

    6. Furthermore after all those shots, he says in French “frappe les dans la tete” meaning (hit them in the head) so he takes another 10 shots in order to do so. Fucker cant even hit a Mellon at 20 feet away?? Then he notices that the little girl still breathing and says “Elle es encore vivante” Goes ape shit on her body with more lead,,, Cockeyed Fuckers. 🙁

        1. @robby78028

          You do not understand the nature of war I’m afraid. And the nature of modern turf wars are by their very nature, “Proxy Wars” fought by mercenaries or prison releasees who need to get the job done very rapidly. Such wars are about terrorising the local population into fleeing. The way to do that is to do a batch of beheadings, shoot dead a few women and children. It kinda lets the others know you mean business and are not to be fucked with. It tends to be very effective.

          Its why we have Millions of Syrians, Libyans and Iraqis swamping into Europe.

          1. @creepster

            It is a Western-created set of Proxy Wars across what were previously stable and prosperous countries like Libya, Iraq and Syria. They have been bombed back to the Stone Age by aerial bombardment and destroyed on the ground by US, Israeli and British-backed Proxy Armies of butchers who we see every day on here chopping kids heads off, burning people alive and machine-gunning women. The victims might be Muslim, some of the perpetrators might be Muslim… but the entire construct (it is Theatre) is to terrorise and cause the civilian population to flee. Get the EU to “Open Borders” for “Humanitarian” reasons. In this way Israel and its ally the USA has succeeded in their aims… expansion of Israeli Territory in the Middle East, destroy any states capable of standing up to Israel and flood Europe with Millions of refugees. Dirt states like Yemen and Cameroon still need to be terrorised before they can get off their knees.

          2. @LordWankdust
            I Agree with you, and my good brother @hopingfornemesis 100% on the actual cause of the continued senseless murdering of innocents. But, the Propaganda believing sheeple will always blame the refugees, instead of looking deeper into the full picture behind it all. Instead they believe in what the see, and hear on CNN. Ahhh the irony.

          3. Very good point there for those who don’t know.
            Also, don’t forget how governments contract out military actions to private contractors… ie Blackwater

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        Faggots are a traditional dish in the UK, especially South and Mid Wales and the Midlands of England. It is made from meat off-cuts and offal, especially pork. A faggot is traditionally made from pig’s heart, liver and fatty belly meat or bacon minced together, with herbs added for flavouring and sometimes bread crumbs.

        YOU, on the other hand, look like a transvestite. Go back to sodomizing your mum.

          1. @egor Nice comeback fuckboi. You one of those 10 year old kids from Call of Duty saying the same thing over an over getting louder and louder until you leave the lobby? I bet you are little Egor. Might want to get that hump checked out on your back since you look like a human dildo.

          1. A faggot and fag are both burning sticks and thus it became slang terms for cigarettes.

            Hahah..Because homos are deemed to “burn hot “ie “flamers” , the terms faggot and fags were given to them.

            Gay once meant happy and now means homosexual because simpering homos were deemed to be overly happy!
            *takes of professor’s hat*

            P.s I hate how terms and symbols have been hijacked by lobby groups etc.

    1. drop in the ocean, changes nothing, just killing for the hell of it and the soldiers come to england get given three bedroom flat and expect to be treated with humanity like the isis murderers the beatles. All of a sudden claim to be british

    1. @markyramoneswig

      Agreed. I thought that. There is a point where the camera guy catches the little guy on his mum’s back. The kid gives the camera a look. It is a “very-young-and-not-very-happy” look. The kid has no idea it is about to be gunned with its mother. The kid isn’t distressed, it is just aware that this isn’t milk, rice and happy-play-time.
      It’s a bit like Bambi – but very different… because it isn’t made up, isn’t a cartoon and in the cartoon Bambi doesn’t get shot anyway just his mum does. Also this little guy on his mum’s back doesn’t have a rabbit pal called Thumper to lighten the mood.
      Just a batch of Niggra Bruddas wid de camo-gear and a few guns doin what they’re told or what they want.

        1. Carnage i was at victoria station today and some young lad was with his gf and this middle aged man for some reason called him a bastard. Anyway the young lad pushed him, the old man hit his head on the platform, knocked out, claret everywhere. Off duty cop nicked the young lad, i didn’t have a phone but if i see any pics i’ll post them. I told the lad to calm down and he shouted “I AM CALM” haha probably knew he was going to prison for not being able to take a little insult due to his girl being there.

          1. @polluted, a classic case of the low impulse nigger. They are destroying (along with the liberal elites) any once White country on this fucking planet.

  1. I wonder what that was all about. That’s africans for you for those who needed reminding. Not a shred of mercy or humanity in those people. They have no compunction in watching two little kids being led off to be murdered.

          1. @johncandy Haha, true, they can’t help it, we hold a mirror up in front of them and the default answer is “Well you whites do it too” like fuck do we. We don’t do this shit. Muslims place their kids on the front line to get killed so they can make political gain. That’s on them not us.

          2. But this is what you have, little unworthy willy.. So you vomit your frustration here despite your woman find brothers more manly.. LOL

          1. Haha , must be hard danek when you all look the same and you know everyone else in the tribe is pig ugly. No need for mirrors though animal

          2. Fuck’s sake, you retard, at least come up with something better than the old little willy cliche.

    1. Many times they fight over tribal crap considering they all look the same. Like Hutus and Tutsis. It’s like comparing a German to an English person. Just one has bad teeth from tea drinking.

  2. Takes a real man to be able to do that huh?

    Fucking filthy ground apes! Look, the innocent people there are fucked. They are doomed to a life of despair and violence and nobody is ever going to help them in any significant way to improve their lot in life. The uncivilized parts of Africa and the entire Middle East should be bombed, nuked, incinerated, whatever, solely to eradicate the vermin on this planet. Then we can all start from scratch in these infested areas.

        1. The wars are a red hering. There will always be war somewhere. The core problem is the exponential population growth in Africa and other mud countries. Niggers don’t come to us because of wars. If the elite didn’t want them in white countries they wouldn’t come. The “refugee” narrative is a scam. There are no refugees coming to Europe (or the US for that matter). It’s a settlement policy by the elite (and it is not just the (((elite))) to be honest). To some it is a racket, to some more an ideological thing. They say quite open that they want millions of racial aliens in white countries. Basically it’s slow genocide. Divide et impera. Merkel is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak…

  3. This is a great shit, even here.
    I must admit that sometimes it’s fun to see how some apes lose their lives in really stupid ways. But kids … my god, that’s not right.
    I hope these fucking assassins end up in flames like many of their neighbors. Even animals respect their pups and these monkeys do not even reach that.
    They are worse than jews.
    Well, not really, in fact they’re the same.

          1. For 400 years they were happy being owned, got food, shelter and good sex. Then the liberals sold them a lie about freedom because they were worried the south was getting too rich and powerful. Since emancipation they’ve had the hardest time earning a living, most choose prison instead which is the same as going back to slavery, it’s a choice. Food shelter, sex. Prison-slavery, all the same to them and they choose it.
            The worse thing you can do to an african is take away its chance to play the victim.

      1. Lesson here is we are a warring species. All is war. we’ve just forgotten and though for a while that we could live together, we can’t, get over it, kill your enemy, stop jaw jawing

  4. This is a disgrace. Two women with babies? Us civilized folk kill more women and children than that on a daily basis. Sometimes we don’t even leave sitting position to do it. We just remotely control a flying death robot over to some poor bastard’s location and turn them into fly food. Amateurs.

  5. That’s some rough method of fixing that demographic explosion. Basically I approve. Maybe it’s to late to put chemicals in their drinking water? In the end there won’t be any rational alternative short of culling the nig avalanche anyway…

  6. Anyone who doesn’t believed that Negro’s who are left to there own device’s in these scum hole country’s. Aren’t inhumane and backward need to watch this video, Its written into there DNA. This whole world needs to be purified for the benefit of humanity.

      1. @panta It’s the way they are. It’s their answer to everything. Violence and destruction. Never built a fucking thing in thousands of years. Too busy fucking women and killing each other. They complain in the west about cultural appropriation if they see a white person with dreadlocks yet at the same time they wear suits, shoes, live in houses made of bricks and mortar. Look out through windows made of glass. knowing full well that everything they own was made or invented by the white man. Must play havoc on the self esteem. There’s something missing in the brain. In the DNA.

  7. U have to be some kind of Cunt to kill a kid like that I’d love to c them fuckers that shot the kids up covered in gas and set on fire or better yet I’d love to be the one that sets the fuckers on fire what ever about the bitchs there’s no point in killing the kids what a shit hole

    1. That’s a fine life prospect, man. I also want to make myself of some land in a remote area in north Texas, build myself a small ranch and live off my savings and maybe a business or two.

      Can’t beat country life. Peaceful, people tend to be mighty kind, and no commies trying to tell me what to think or how to live.

    1. @petti7785

      You are really not understanding what is going on here.

      This is called clearing the ground. First you set about Terrorising the Neighbourhood. You don’t do that by being nice to children. Honestly you don’t.

      Are you gonna breast feed the little one? No. Are you gonna rustle up some curried goat for the kid old enough to walk? I doubt it. Not just today. For the next sixteen years. Err… no.

      Your warlord/ overseer/ proxy army leader needs this land cleared and the people to fuck the fuck off. THIS is how you do it. Everyone else is shown this and flees. It is VERY effective.

  8. Wish that faggot terrorist Nelson Gaydela saw this shit. The Apartheid was the only thing keeping these animals in control.

    Fucking savage, killing the kids like that. At least they died with their moms.

    1. @elcalamardo I don’t like being racist as I know good black people like BG member ip-config and some close gfs. But I have to agree with you. South Africa has gone to hell and it’s getting worse. There’s definitely a white genocide going on but also the area has gone from prosperous to falling apart. It happened with Zimbabwe and it’s happening region-wide now. That area will be poor and hungry and filled with violence.

  9. This is why I know for a fact we did not all come from Africa. Because sub saharan blacks haven’t evolved at all. You can teach a gorilla sign language but you can’t teach a black civility, empathy, sympathy or compassion. They are a sub species. They only ones that are decent are half white. Sub saharan blacks have brought nothing to the table, if they were to all die, it’s wouldnt be a loss. The only thing sub saharan Africa that is decent are the animals. The humans are worthless.

  10. I for one feel safer that we have real men doing this job for us. Imagine if those women and children were allowed to go freely. These men train for hours a day just to keep us safe, hear hear.

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