Execution of 16 Year Old Heinz Petry by the US Firing Squad

Execution of 16 Year Old Heinz Petry by the US Firing Squad

Not only was Heinz Petry mere 16 year old when executed, his execution took place on June 11, 1945 -long after World War II hostilities in Europe ended. Looks like there’s little difference between the closeted faggots which are the blood thirsty US troops now and back in WWII.

Heinz Petry was alleged to have been a member of the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth). He was executed by a firing squad of the US Ninth Army. Video of his execution is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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91 thoughts on “Execution of 16 Year Old Heinz Petry by the US Firing Squad”

    1. True Tulio.

      I might add that the Americans performed this one excellently. Their March was well coordinated and their posture wasn’t half bad either.

      Here I thought only us Brits could drill properly.

      1. @Misfit55913 It seems like such a waste of bullets, though. I think that it would’ve been much easier for one guy with one gun and one bullet to go up to the one 16 year old kid, and shoot him where it hurts. Or ‘kills’, rather. That’s just me, though. I like to save money. Bullets cost money.

        1. @babygirlred for me I’d rather get filled with bullets and yes the two crazy bastards from the north Hollywood shoot out are my Heros >:D they guy who shot up the batman theater was just one pissed off spiderman fan that’s what you get for remaking the whole movie again DX

        2. Agree with you,babygirl. Just compare this fag execution with the asian one posted before…one bullet from one man. I’m assuming these are moral brainwashed faggots who just can’t stand the fact that the kid’s ghost will haunt them or some other crazy shit like that. The asian executioner is my hero now. He’s like : “Hey,yank,turn on your camera,i have a message to all those pussies around” then bang! no hesitation,no fag drama like this lame execution.

    1. The large amount of Riflemen is necessary to ensure an instant kill.

      Plus, a peculiar psychological effect is produced with the addition that one of the bullets is a blank.

      A soldier’s guilt will be reduced massively if he thinks that the bullet he fired wasn’t the bullet that killed the boy.

      Bullets don’t cost THAT much. And regiment and proper drill must be maintained in conventional forces… It makes us appear more ‘civilized’ than the barbarians that summarily execute one man with one man.

      It is a moral thing.

      1. anyone who has been in the military or shoots weapons alot knows there is a huge diffrence in recoil shooting blanks to live rounds. if your the lucky one who gets the live round, and shoots. you already know!

      2. @Matt and @CWC.

        You are both right.

        But if you had any idea about PSYCHOLOGY (Mark’s least favourite topic) you would know that the Soldier’s subconscious actively attempts to confuse the soldier into believing he didn’t fire the lethal shot.

        It is called Diffusion of Responsibility.

        And if it didn’t work. It wouldn’t have been used for so long.

        1. I’m not trying to start an argument or anything (I usually agree with most of the stuff I see you post), but that’s just makes very little sense unless you’re talking about the soldier(s) who fired the blank round, but as stated above anyone firing a live round would instantly know and thus there would be no diffusion of responsibility. That’s borderline delusion my friend.

  1. Hitler Youths as young as 9-15 fought intill the very end of the reich in the Ruin Berlin against the Communist invaders.
    Some maybe say that it was, as that time, a pointless cause because the war was practically over, and it was a waste of Hitler jungen lives.

    But I like to think, that those boys kill during and after the war (like above) fought for something greater than themselves, fought to the end for what they believed with courage in the face of total annilation… When a new renaissance of the national socialism movement rises from the Ruins and ashes of Europe…. those boy will become Heros.

    Still is very sad that at the near the end of the war the Germany force were mainly old men and Hitler youths. But still the Germans stood by their Ideology that Women should never be sent into combat…. not that it helped since fire and bombs rained from the skies anyways.

    1. I predict a renaissance for National Socialism in Europe. Probably starting in Greece or one of the other countries Goldman Sachs has thoroughly fucked. Once one country throws out the money changers and their economy “miraculously” recovers, people in other countries will demand the same.

        1. Heinz… A brilliant (and truthful) examination and prediction of the European crises.

          I like your thinking process.


          I love Europe, we are stronger together then divided. But that statement doesn’t necessarily translate into our nations being glued and bound together into an unnatural political and economical behemoth that is the EU.

          I could be called a ‘Western Nationalist’ as much as I could be called a ‘Euro Nationalist’.

          Although first and foremost I am a British Nationalist.

          Do I see a United Europe under National Socialism?

          No. Not a formal pan European state. In fact… The post Islamist/ Politically correct Europe would be firmly routed in the Romantic Nationalist movements of the late 19th Century.

          Only instead of growling at each other… We would be growling at Africa and Asia.

          It is closer then many people like to admit.. The symptoms are there… And the indigenous peoples of Europe are becoming restless.

      1. Its not goldman sachs, but the german powertripping bankers that hold the handle in europe. These fuckers managed to take control of a good portion of the UEs “weaker” economies, but with Spain, it seems that they screwed up bigtime lending too much to the retarded-happy spending socialist govt that run (and fucked) the country in the last 8 years. Now, they are getting the newly elected conservative (quasi-puppet)spanish govt to cut spending and rape the population with tax raises (in september the sales tax goes up to 21%) to get their money back, but its kinda too late. But these sausage eating kraut bankers won’t give up (they are germans after all) and will still insist in fucking up their own citizens and the EU emiting tons of euros for “bailing out” the spanish , and other economies where they have too much money at stake.
        But all will be in vain, and, as always, germans and their stupid empire building games will, again end in them getting fucked up when the spanish economy (that they quite completely own) goes down the shitter, along with a good part of the eurozone.
        Ben Bernanke and the FED, watch and celebrate

          1. they are mostly german german (non-catholic)
            German bankers dont like competition from foreign jews or whoever in the eurozone they consider THEY private hunting ground

      2. I agree and this crisis
        it’s our last chance of freeing europe, before the foreign invaders overrun us.
        As a greek national-socialist i can say that our numbers and society influence grow every day, and now that the sheep’s lost their materialism it’s much easier to see the truth.
        Search Golden Dawn in wiki
        if someone is interested.
        Soon our flags will flutter on the streets,
        the time for freedom and bread has come,
        slavery w?ll only last a little longer.

    2. It’s pretty clear who(jews) want’s to cover up the truth. They really make it sure to wipe out the young generation of Germans heroes after the war end. Finally when that was done with the help from their puppets(US), they carried on their 6millionstory until this very day. I’m pretty sure that the storm is near for these foreskinmissing faggots, they did a good job to built them self in Haifa, lets bar the exits out on that fine wall and drop ? truckload of ammoniak over them. 14/88

    1. I suppose you are referring to the US marines pissing on the corpse of dead Taliban.

      Poll, who thought it was Hilarious and who thought it was disrespectful.

      I thought it was funny and intimidation

      1. They were fucking Taliban, I say soak those bodies! Drop a terd in a mouth even!
        If I were out there, I’d tie the dead bodies of their Taliban comrades on our vehicles until we couldn’t stand the smell anymore. (My brother is in the US Army and he said Iraq smelled like shit and gasoline mostly)

          1. Ramm.

            You summed up my feelings on the USA perfectly there.

            The American people are alright… Mostly. Some of you think you could poke your noses into other Nation’s problems. But that can easily be sorted.

            It is your Government that are scum.

            I have never seen throughout history an organisation so aggressive, expansionist and destructive then the US Gov.

            It makes my stomach turn when I see your (and ours) politicians Grandstanding on the world stage talking about the problems in Syria or Darfur.

            I say let them sort their own problems out!

  2. Some US soldiers couldn’t handle it when they were pulling Hitler Youth knives off of young German soldiers. Obviously none of these guys thought similar to that notion.

    I feel like this execution should have the theme song ‘Feuer Frei!’ (Open Fire!) by Rammstein. The song even mentions war as a metiphorical reference ex: “Your luck, isn’t my luck, it’s my bad luck.” -song quote.

    And this will be the only opportunity for anyone to learn the purpose of my username. Been a solid Rammstein fan since ’95.

  3. That’s a nice way to go , better then hanging I think, or a beheading.. don’t think age was that big of a deal back then obviously, and that seemed dignified ,in the broadest terms… That war was necessary ..? Someone with knowledge bless us with some insight..

      1. Alleged is not enough evidence to condone a execution, I bet back in those days they would of even exicuted a pregnant woman just for being associated with Hitler, now days they would just get a slap in the hand and prison time in the US.

  4. Hang on a sec….

    So in the US of the crazy A. You can’t drink till your 21 but its ok to be gunned down at by the army when your 16 ? Thats pretty messed up. Although…..

    Actually this is a good rule. I mean think of some of the sicko kids that have murdered and known f**k all will happen to them due to age. Way to go America, you kill those f**king crazy kids… mwah.

        1. i bet my balls that in CHINA you can buy liquor at supermarkets (but NO guns).
          Well, you can buy liquor at supermarkets everywhere in the world, except in USA, aka land of the free, and some socialist hives populated by android people, like sweden

          1. Liquor laws vary from state to state in the USA. Washington recently started allowing it. I can buy liquor at Safeway, Walmart, etc. Other states have been doing it for a while. Your mileage may vary.

          2. “Socialist Hives” lmfao, dont forget that we pay nearly 35% tax to our Jewloving goverment. But Im glad that we have good guncontrol. Sweden: 3rd safest countryin the world.

          3. i’d rather not be around when and scandinavian android decides that he had enough of politically correct android brainwash and goes loco. That norwegian guy killed more people in a day than all the US bound columbine wannabes in the last 20 years

    1. Yeah it was needed. At the end of the day when one country tries to take over everything, you can’t actually allow that to happen.

      Its like teh whole Hiroshima (correct spelling?) bomb. It was horrible that all the innocent people were murdered by such a horrible device, but if America had to do it because Japan would never have given up unless they saw just how ruthless and brutal the other side could actually be if pressed too much.

      1. The Japanese general who ordered the Pearl Harbor attacks that killed roughly 3,000 Americans (mostly soldiers) was quoted as saying immediately after the attack “What misfortune should follow us after this day? We have woken a sleeping giant.”

        Both bombs together killed roughly 200,000 people, and completely destroyed the cities. A 3rd bomb was said to be headed tward Tokyo, and the plane was called back after the devistation witnessed by the first two bombs.

      2. looks like the ruskies pretty much handled the krauts by themselves.
        The amount of german troops and equipment faced by the allies in western europe from 1944 to the end of the war was shit compared with the huge army groups involved in the eastern front.
        And im not going to defend the krauts, but the unneccesary, murderous carpet bombing of german cities fits very well into the category “genocide” of most modern human rights LIBERAL batshit treaties.

          1. Let me clarify… I smoke for the medicinal purposes and I support legalization…

            Now someone hide me before my door gets kicked in by cops.

          2. @rammfan1
            Its funny you mention trees, I currently have a neighbor to my left, right and directly behind my house that have some serious grows going on.. and their all doing it with permits! Its the best!

      3. Brako…

        You say we can’t allow one country to dominate others?

        When are you planning on invading AMERICA (fuck yeah) then?

        My opinion is that we Brits (and our empire) should have assisted the Germans in their world vision.

        Heaven knows a World dominated by a German-British Alliance would be a helluva lot better then the shitty, Politically correct, consumerist American built world we have now.

        1. I don’t invade anywhere on Sundays… thats movie and milkshake day.

          Mondays I’m usually swamped with trying to get work and then looking at boobies on the tinterweb. Tuesdays… well Tuesdays are a secret.

          I could probably invade on Wednesday but that would mean that I would have to cancel craftwork… AND I DON’T WANT TO CANCEL MY F**KING CRAFTWORK CLASS OK ?… sorry ’bout that.

          Thursdays will be ok to invade becaue I usually spend them just being excited about the weekend and being pi**ed off because I wasted Thursday.

          Ok lets invade America on Thursday.

      1. @rammfan1
        I hear you about Alaska(obviously all indoor), I’m about 1hr from Oakland Ca.. over here the feds are targeting dispensaries.. their leaving private grows alone unless the plants get in the hundreds(or the grower does something stupid like go on news to brag about their “legit” operation).. they just busted someone. Last week 20mins from my house with roughly 250 plants hidden behind some Corn rows they had planted to try and cover their grow since it was along the roadside..

  5. Yeah , the allies pretty much had it handled but we chose to flex our muscle and fuckin bomb the culture outta couple countries…America home of the free…so fucked…but Hiroshima was probably necessary though, had to put an end before things got even wilder..although the disproportionate casualties are somewhat telling.

  6. Mark, Its not the soldiers that are evil fucks. Its the people that command them. Saying the majority is evil is like “diving to shield your girlfriend from gunfire”. Its the upper 1% that commands them that are evil.

  7. You’ll probably find that this boy was part of the Werewolf Organisation, a group whose most members were former Hitler Youth, they were trained to continue a guerilla war against their enemies behind the lines.

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