Execution by Anti Aircraft Cannon

Execution by Anti Aircraft Cannon

We have seen a video of an execution by an anti-aircraft cannon at Best Gore before. This video is similar, but was filmed from the standpoint of the shooter, so it offers a more personal view of the killing. I wonder if next anti-aircraft execution video will be filmed from the standpoint of the victim.

I’m not very versed in military grade weaponry, so I’m unable to tell what kind of gun was used, but I do think it’s an anti-aircraft gun. Correct me if I’m wrong.

If you play it back frame by frame, you’ll see it literally ripped the victim apart. Chunks of bloody flesh and guts took spins through the air immediately after the shot was fired.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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  1. I cant hear him very well but he says something along the lines of “we are not the enemy nor are we terrorists, this man is a terrorist. We are for the good of the Muslim people”

    Also i believe that gun is a 23mm ZU. Or a DSHK.

      1. Makes me laugh to see that this ‘gun’ was invented by the soviets but was reproduced under license by the Egyptians, Chinese, Polish etc etc.

        So how does the Soviet Union know it won’t be fighting against the Egyptians, Chinese or Polish one day??

        Alliances, to certain countries just like human friendship changes over time especially with things like deaths, marriages and break down of communication.

        Would suck to be blown up with the very gun you invented……

        1. I’ve heard it said that even a 50 cal round passing by too closely can take your head off without actually hitting you ? Is that true ?
          Either way what a mess that made of him.

          1. @Manowar thanks.
            Yea I had heard the pressure wave myth one too.
            50 cal is an amazing round though and if it isn’t another myth I hear they come in an air bursting flavor round now as well. πŸ™‚
            Love that old saying about Ma Deuce They say when she speaks she never lies.

  2. Wow! Do any of you likeminded sickos enjoy your daily fix of BG in the lonely confines of secrecy? Do you share in a workday environment where you wish you could candidly ask your neighboring coworker if they saw that poor bastard blown to smithereens? Sure, he’s a poor dead bastard now, but how cool would it be to shoot that damn canon?! But sadly, you will never make public your interest in reality’s backdoor media and it’s overwhelming candor, for you’ll forever be the weirdo with an interest in gory debachery on the receiving end of judgmental miscalculation. Alas, I laugh at you filthy freaks and your jokes riddled in delightful witticism from afar. Existing as a witness to the glory of BG by forced incognito. What a lonely appreciation I possess without an ability to articulate publically. Maybe I’m not alone in my circumstances, but it sure seems like a waste of great water cooler discussion when the conversations grow dull. How sad the missed opportunities for a segway presenting itself for BG dialog and never having been appropriately taken advantage of. Humph.

    1. fuck’em. We simply give like-minded individuals a place to hang out and enjoy the dark side. We’re interested in presenting the Truth. and as BG has proven the Truth is not for everyone. we’ve already attracted enough of the wrong people here.

      Best Gore: come for the gore, stay for the truth

      1. @obli
        Indeed I appreciate our like-minded forum for openness in our candor of expression while dwelling in the darkness of an existence incognito. I’m delighted to have found company in the interest of being educated on the realities of this mortal existence. We are a brethren of sorts, albeit one misunderstood by the herd mentality.

    2. Wouldn’t that be great? Cant even share videos on Facebook because of that jew Mark Zuckerberg. I only know like 3 people who watch BG. I once tried to show these videos to my brother and he called me a weirdo with a gore fetish. I just come here for the truth and see the real world for what it is. End of rant.

    3. Insanity vs. normality via morality observed as causality.

      Who are the truly sick ones?, those who watch these poor bastards getting blown to smithereens after the event or those who caused it to happen in real time?

      War mongering politicians are not said to have an interest in gory debauchery despite their bloodletting ways, they instead are said to discuss and put into action ?defence policies? and ?international relations plans?.

      Those who refer to themselves as champions of justice and morality, ie our governments, are mostly always the sickest people you will find and with that in mind I can confirm my own ?sanity? by my very opposition to their ?insanity?.

      I therefore feel no shame in viewing BG because BG is not the cause of all this cruelty and violence, it merely shines a spotlight on it and so it is those who fall under that spotlight who should feel that shame and not I.

    4. I tell people about bg, i show them videos, i tell people im in support of the I.S so i know im a sick fuck, The one thing anoys me is the colour of there balaclavas when there wearing desert colored fatigues.

    5. Makes me feel lucky and appreciative that my husband and my family (siblings, parents, kids), all watch gore and have our eyes opened. I used to watch Faces of Death, Traces of Death, etc. when I was a kid. Funny cause if some outsider were to know this (conservatives), they would assume we are sick in the head or a family of murderers rather than seeing a family of people who are aware, know how to be careful (or such and such may happen), and are open minded. People who watch gore are a part of a subculture that I am proud to be a part of along with everyone here.

  3. I just realized that I also get pissed at the finger wagging these sub-humans do before killing someone. Lol. Anyway, hopefully they’re too stupid to realize that killing someone this way is pretty merciful (from the physical side of it at least).

  4. Nothing wrong with overkill. Forgot about that other great clip in the blurb. You can’t fault these ones. It’s not a drawn out, uncouth mess. Job done, entertaining for most of us, and pretty good also for the obliterated guy.

  5. Why waste an expensive round on an execution? Wouldn’t a single round from an assault rifle do the job in a cost efficient manor? What is the point of these execution videos? It’s getting rather tedious. Rather than executing people, IS should try to make friends and influence people. I know Bashar and the late Saddam are not the nicest if people, but Id Ra ty her be ruled by Baathist then by trigger happy IS nutbars.

  6. It is incredibly stupid to shoot that kind of weapon at a target so close to themselves. It’s only a matter of time before these particular guys kill themselves doing this dumb shit. I use the term “guys” loosely here, of course.

  7. they should line them up in a single file line and shoot 10 of them at a time. One “projectile” dismembering everyone down the line like a morbid domino chain reaction. They need multiple camera angles and super slow motion shots.

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