Execution of Bulgarian Mobster Konstantin Samokovetsa Dimitrov in Amsterdam

Execution of Bulgarian Mobster Konstantin Samokovetsa Dimitrov in Amsterdam

Konstantin Dimitrov aka Samokovetsa was a Bulgarian drug trafficker whose high life as one of the top mobsters in the Balkans was put to an end in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on December 6, 2003. The moment of his execution was not caught on camera, but the aftermath with blood oozing out of his head as he lays dead next to his Mercedes was.

Samokovetsa became a security guard for VIS (Vasil Iliev Security), a Bulgarian company known for laundering money raked in with extortion, car theft and drug trafficking. Founder of VIS – Vasil Iliev was assassinated on April 25, 1995. New leader of VIS, his brother Georgi Iliev, was assassinated on August 26, 2005. Konstantin Dimitrov, who worked his way up to the ranks met the same fate. Eastern European mobsters don’t get to live very long.

The slut who seems so taken aback by Samokovetsa’s execution that she had to be taken away in an ambulance is Tsetsi Krassimirova – famous Bulgarian fashion model. Why would a Bulgarian model hang out with a drug trafficker in Amsterdam? I don’t suppose need to go into too much detail, I’ll just sum it up with – fucking gold digging bitch dated a known mobster, enjoyed expensive jewellery and designer clothes he was buying her and when he took a bullet to his head, she acted all shocked and shit. The assassin should have popped one in her mug too. Unfortunately she was only lightly wounded as the round ricocheted.

In May 2003 Samokovetsa survived an assassination attempt on him. His vehicle was bombed with 15kg of explosives however since it was an armored Mercedes SUV he drove, the vehicle absorbed the blast sparing the mobster inside.

Samokovetsa left for Amsterdam on November 7, 2003. There he stayed for a month in the 5 star Hotel Krasnopolski along with his little whore Tsetsi Krassimirova. On December 6 the two left the hotel and went to the Amsterdam Diamond Center at the Dam Square. Shooter, who was a Dutch national, executed Konstantin Dimitrov as he was checking the diamonds displayed in the shop window. The shooter tried to flee but witnesses pursued him and caught him in a pub.

Video of dead Samokovetsa after his successful execution is below:

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    1. Yea he is dressing more like a hobo than a mobster. Maybe , he was trying to not get noticed seeing he was previously bombed ( his car ) and his brother killed. If not , like you said , how the fuck is this clown dressing !

      1. Mr tulio you have said before that you are from banana republic. Do you mean from the dominican republic . My wife and i are travelling there this winter . If yes , any suggestions on where to go for a nice all inclusive ?

        1. make sure your wife has specific instructions to keep filming while you are dying. obviosly you are risking both of your lives by traveling there. have you made a will? you should leave everything to BG.

          1. Why would travelling to the dominican republic so dangerous? I personally know at least half a dozen people that travelled there in the last year and had a great time . Do you mean going to town at night ? We should be safe at an all inclusive no ? I just thought that if tulio was from there he would know the best & safest place to go.

      1. no, argentina. Anyway, BR (argentina) is probably safer than US locations like detroit of texas, so i would just recommend be on guard of taxi drivers trying toi scam a couple of dollars from you and all that….dominican republic, only thing i know about that is that there ir a lot of prostitutes from that country in argentina (or so i was told, as i dont visit whorehouses…) 😀

  1. That’s the price of livin’ The Life, homeboy. Also, women will always be a fuck up for powerful men. Of course, men can be a fuck up for powerful women, too. We fuck each other. Lesson: Stick to prostitutes when you’ve got sway. Relationships are too risky.

  2. Speakin’ of mobsters, everyone here will probably think I’m full of shit, but it’s the truth, I used to pass john gottis bergen fish and hunt club on the way to school, knew and worked for/with carmine agnello, his son in law, ya know where it got me???? Fuckin’ nowhere, they were a bunch of fuckin’, me me me assholes, and they got every thing that they had comin’ to them.

  3. People like him and her deserve each other. She wants to be with a guy with money and power and he wants a famous model on his arm. They both know the score. No one is forcing him to date a gold digger, he could find a women that liked him for himself I’m sure, but he would aim far far lower. They are both snakes and can never make each other happy so leave ’em to it I say.

  4. Well Karma is a bitch especially for some Slavic Thug. I liked the fact his brain was separated from his head. Nice touch. Good music too. If I hear anymore of that shit Mexican circus music I will scream.

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