Executed Man Found with Eyes Gouged Out

Executed Man Found with Eyes Gouged Out

Body of an unidentified man, approximately 25 year old was found with eyes gouged out and several gunshot wounds in a cane field near Conjunto Village Campestre II in uptown Macei贸, capital city of the state of Alagoas in Brazil. No further info could be learned about the identity of the victim or his executioners, or why was his execution accompanied by eye goaging. Likewise, it was not clarified whether the eyes were gouged out before the execution, or after (I suppose this is something forensic experts could tell by examining the corpse).

To subject the victim to torture by eye gouging is rather unusual for Brazil, where most executions are carried out quickly and rather painlessly. I wonder what prompted the killers to gouge the victim’s eyes out. Could it be something similar to cutting the victim’s fingers off and stuffing them in the victim’s mouth as is practiced with snitches in Mexico? Did the victim see something he was not supposed to see? But then again – seeing something is not quite the same as ratting on someone. Rats seek authorities out to snitch. Witnesses mostly happen upon a scene.

Or maybe there is no message behind gouging. Maybe the killers were just being sadistic for the moment…

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          1. 1girl, No, definately not. Some women may like “manties”. I adore the type of man that (unlike this poor chap) wouldn’t be caught dead in those… 馃槈 just sayin’.

  1. I would guess that his eyes were gouged out after death because since the killer/killers had a knife he would have put his hands up to guard his face from the gouging and would have received lacerations to his hands and forearms.

    Also his surrounding eye socket tissue does not appear to be damaged. A person would be moving around in agony if he was being gouged and so the surrounding tissue would also get damaged.

    But like I said, just a guess. Now if only I could guess why a grown man would wear such small, ill-fitting Speedos and not trim his pubes.

    1. unless he was tied up. his hands look pretty blue – but that could just be because he’s dead. For his sake I’d hope he was dead because that would have been some agonizing shit if he was alive while they gouged his eyeballs out. I hope I never have to go through that!

    1. @coonjuicer Actually looks like they gouged the eyes, or at least the left one, out with a spoon or some similar implement, taking out all the underlying nerves, muscles, etc with it. By doing that they were able to reinsert the eye deeply into the socket, thus giving him that “hollow-eyed” look.

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  2. You put down too much analysis. In Singapore too, only in one of two years, a Young woman was killed and her eyes gouged out too. What could a young woman have done to deserve this, especially in Civilised modern Singapore?

  3. For some odd reason the first thing that popped in my head when I saw this photo was a scene from Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ with Kareem Abdul Jabbar yelling “The Monster is coming! He’s coming! The Dark Man is coming!”

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