Execution of Armenians in the Constantinople by Hanging, June 1915 Photo

Execution of Armenians in the Constantinople by Hanging, June 1915 Photo

This historical photo is from what was once the largest and wealthiest city in Europe. Named after Roman emperor Constantine I, the city once known as the Constantinople is now Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey. The black and white photo is dated June 1915.

Needless to say, Turkey is a country of Muslims and what do Muslims do? They spread the message of peace onto other parts of the world. The Ottoman Turks slaughtered millions of people in genocides that would put World Wars to shame. That is not to say that genocide is no longer on the daily agenda of the Turks today, because Kurds are being systematically exterminated by these blood soaked bastards on a daily basis, but this is not the point of this post.

The Armenian Genocide, sometimes called the Armenian Holocaust was a systematic extermination of the Armenian population in Turkey. While the world was taken over by the WWI, the Turks were busy killing Armenians. As many as 1.5 Million of them died in the hands of Turkish Muslims during that period.

The photo above shows execution of Armenians by hanging in the Constantinople. Turkey today is a member of NATO and an avid supporter of terrorism. Insurgents from Fake Syrian Army are trained by the US forces in Turkey and are using the Turkey Syrian border to smuggle weapons to the terrorists.

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      1. Why are you replying to your own comment 2 times? Anyways, Istanbul is a really nice city. You should visit it once. Worse things have happened in Germany but it’s not like you won’t visit Germany, right?

    1. Hi guys,

      Why don?t you just google these two words and learn the sour reality, instead of senselessly accusing the Turks by genocide?:

      ?Hinchak? and ?Tashnak?.

      These are the names of bloody Armenian terrorist gangs who deliberately fomented animosity between the Turks and Armenians by ruthlessy killing thousands of women, children and the elderly in defenceless villages when the able bodied Turkish men were fighting against the Russians at the front. These gangs were manipulated by the Tsarist Russia and they played really dirty and the result was a civil war during which Turks and Armenians killed each other.

      With my best regards.

      1. Oh Come on! I can’t type out all the info and facts and connect it all in a bestgore comment.
        Research it yourself, its at your Hand. Google ‘Jews genocide arminian turks’.

    1. Was it? I thought that the Ottomans promised the Kurdish a land if they chased away the Armenian. The Kurdish and the Armenian used to be good friends sharing the same region for a long time; living in peace. But the Ottomans ruined their friendship.

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  1. i don’t think that the massacres organized by the ultra secularist government of the Comitee of Union and Progress (many of its members were agnostic or even atheists) had anything to do with the allah acbar crap….it was more like the “modernization and civilization” efforts in american countries (like Tulio’s) were the idea of “modernization” included the liquidation, or forced cultural assimilation of native americans….

    1. jesus christ, baked again? I went to Turkey once, and I tell you these guys like booze too much to be real acbars….besides, its probably the only muslim-majority country in the world were you can see chicks in minishorts walking around….well, in lebanon there were too, before the jews fucked it up

        1. turkey is a secular republic with a western-style constitution and laws. It had women in the Congress far before any european country, and probably before the US (in the 30s). Its Constitution and laws make a special point in completely separating religion from state, and when a populist politician even hinted to try to change this status, he was readily ousted from power, either by the military and/or by civilian mobs

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  2. Turks have also committed genocides against the greeks population living in the coast of minor asia, and in the coast of the black sea, in the 1920s.
    allahu akbars with a western suit,
    and cars instead of camels.
    Also hawk the leader of the new-turks,
    kemal ataturk, which established modern turkey,
    and was responsible for the genocides,
    was a Doenme, which were jews who
    had accepted the muslim fate,
    to work undercover inside muslim populations.

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  3. Surfing internet we always face up with claims against Islam and muslims. Those who do this should look at hthemselves and their own countries full of discrimination and drunk youth ready even to kill anybody not of their race. Look in your history -barbarians!!! Your emperiors and yourself !!! Stop blackening Islam.

  4. Armenians killed a lot of Azerbaijanians of which mostly children and women. They did the genocide in Khojaly a village ofAzerbaijan. Nobody talks about it! Because they are your christian brothers and sisters! What would Jesus tell to you ?

  5. whoa these hanging towels remember me of that cool “sabados de super acci?n” movie in which anthony quinn rallied an army of towelheads to fight evil italian blackshirts commanded by no other than veteran drunkard Ollie Reed, and they ended all being hanged by these soulless fascists….. :oP

  6. whoa these hanging towels remember me of that cool sabados de super accion movie in which anthony quinn rallied an army of towelheads to fight evil italian blackshirts commanded by no other than veteran drunkard Ollie Reed and they ended all being hanged by these soulless fascists

  7. There is something so beautiful, so structural and familiar about this photo. Maybe it’s the diagonal captured in a striking frame of reference. I could see this being inspiration for a new painting. XOMARK

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