Execution by Painfully Slow Slashing, Stabbing and Stoning

Execution by Painfully Slow Slashing, Stabbing and Stoning

Execution by Painfully Slow Slashing, Stabbing and Stoning

Video from war torn Syria shows two men getting slowly and painfully slashed, stabbed and stoned to death. There is a group of captives shown in the beginning of the video, but most are sent off camera and only two men are kept to suffer the agonizing execution. The men were ordered to face the wall as their captors slashed their back with daggers, stabbed them in the back and neck and eventually stoned them with huge rubble from collapsed buildings.

From the video it would seem that the killers were members of the Syrian army. That is quite possible but not guaranteed. FSA terrorists have been getting increasingly creative with their propaganda pieces and after many of their fakes backfired (domestic gas leak explosion, or Mexican chainsaw beheading being but two examples) and after they’ve been found to have been behind countless other killings in Syrian uniforms to put blame on the Syrian army, it wouldn’t surprise me if they stepped up their game and kept snackbaring down to nil for one video in order to make the killers look like the Syrian army soldiers. This however doesn’t rule Syrian soldiers out. Both sides have and are committing heinous crimes.

Check out the video below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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109 thoughts on “Execution by Painfully Slow Slashing, Stabbing and Stoning”

    1. Nazis were decent.
      It was the jews and their shabbos goys (the USA, England and Russia) that were the bad guys.
      Behind every filth in this world there’s jews and their flunkeys (american and european governments)
      Too bad the holocaust is a lie and that Hitler lost WWII.

        1. You need America so you could feed your kids America is giving money to all countries believe me not all of America is bad them nasty Europeans are to blame for all the shit that’s going on in the world everything fucked up that happen in the west is you guys doing look at your history hitler lives inside you guys every baby born over we have to take care of so stop feeling sorry for yourself welfare got you stop having babies and stop sending your nasty people over here

          1. your a fucking idiot amercia is nothing but a shit that clogged the toiler in ww2 Canada dominated with the most land mass than amercishit and britian put together and amercia is a country that has started 7 wars that had to bitch to the whole world to help yous i wish they done this to everyone in amercia

      1. Allied forces used torture to get confessions at the Kangaroo court of the “Nuremberg Trial”, like crushing testicles with pliers… actually nearly every single German who had “Confessed” had their balls crushed.
        And now we have Patriotards saying how Hitler had burnt down his own Reichstag, dressed up Germans in Polish uniform to trigger war on poland, etc all cited from the Nuremberg Trials as if it was a legimate trial, it was nothing more than a sentencing hearing of revenge and punishment and absolute cruelty on the conquered.

        Of course the Nuremberg Trials are taught in school as a wonderful moment of justice, peace, and good over evil.

        I can still remember the words of my Air headed Liberal blond yuppie teacher, who was no more fit to head a History class than I’am fit to lead a Rap battle contest… But History Teachers are not hired based on their history skills… their hired based on how much they can airheadedly scream the party line and propaganda… and in the end, whether or not they understood what they have doing or have done, they must all be hung, and I can only hope that I will be around to tighten their nooses.

      2. Ha ! You’re being led like a sheep .Do you really think the Rusky’s are so bad.I don’t automatically agree with everything that’s shoved in my face and thats’ the way Best Gore should be.To say that England , Russia and the U.S. WERE THE BAD GUYS ; then u might as well claim to be from outer space.

          1. Take a long, hard, good look at who we’re talking about here Viking and ckoolaid. BG wouldn’t be what it is if Seth, Hawk, Silenced, and all the rest of our resident part time Nazi’s weren’t here to remind us how bad the “white man” has it. I get a good chuckle everytime I read their responses…

          2. It would be better, unless you are jewish of course…
            I’ll bet the farm that you base your WW2 opinions on the prescribed idea of German/white guilt that is taught in every form of academia, or literature.
            Study the Third Reich thoroughly, with unbiased books before condeming it.

  1. I couldn’t finish watching it.The thought that it’s a human being standing before them with a heartbeat, just like them, that have families that they love and love them, just like them. And to not have human compassion, to be able to stand before them and sink knives into their flesh. I just will never understand how you could hate another human that you don’t even know , so much that you could make the decision that they should die that very second of that very day and to be so cold about it that to take ones life has no meaning to them??? It makes no sense!!!!!

      1. Every time I watch these videos… It just makes it all the more appealing to depart myself from this world & forget those who inhabit it. This planet is filled with nothing more than men who hungers for power, wealth and complete control over the weak and downtrodden. Maybe judgement wont come to these perpetrators anytime soon, but it will eventually come for them. Sorry about the ranting.

        1. It is not hard to understand I think. To kill someone is also to ignore all you said about compassion and feeling for another human being,just to be able to kill someone would mean for yourself to stop being humane thus stop being a human.

          These guys are making an already hard time even harder for their country by giving the rest of the world these images to remember them by.
          just ask yourself these questions: ”Are there any videos like these from US soldiers? Are there many?” Because these guys are so dumb and barbaric they film themselves and risk being exposed to the world,I see that as not giving a shit and just thrash other humans till’ someone comes along to play the hero,most certainly a Zionist controlled hero…..

          Anyways what I was trying to say is that these guys are no longer people,they are merely tools doing whatever they are told by their superiors and when they are put on standby they probably fear to lose their bloodlusty side and do these things to not lose their ”edge”.

          This video just makes me hate violence more so than I do already and keeps me aware of the countries I should never come close to.

          For those still reading,props to you.

          1. No room for compassion on this battlefield now, these guys are fighting for their families lives, can you see any of the SAA being allowed to live if the FSA win this war?

  2. Have you ever thought that this actually is the syrian army? I know the FSA is a gang of murderous islamists but isnt there a chance that this video is really the syrian government? Not to side with the common sheep, but sometimes things really are what they seem.

      1. Yes, unfortunately, enemy is smart enough because that is their first plan to kill strongest prisoners then second plan is to kill weak prisoners. If enemy did not do that then prisoners will team up to attack in surprise way.

  3. What the hell?! I need to learn a bit more about this conflict. This is the behavior I normally associate with sociopaths, not representatives of a government. Or maybe I should just watch the camera girls on the right side of this page. One of those..

  4. I’ll tell you what I’d have done. I would’ve known my death was certain so I’d have smashed the SHIT outta at least ONE of those cocksuckers before they killed me. NO FUCKIN’ WAY would I sit there like a lamb to let those bitches have their way with me!! FUCK THAT!!

  5. Those people were treated worse than animals. How can one human being get their jollies by torturing another human being. At least during a war, everyone is armed and is fair game. This treatment is bullshit. I had first decided not to watch it, but I changed my mind and came back. I should’ve trusted my first instinct and not watch it. What the hell did those guys do to be tortured like that?

  6. It’s one thing seeing people (no matter what race or background) being killed, but this is so sad to watch…..humans at their best!
    I have become immune to head chops and Mexico United, but in a way i can’t explain, this gets me (maybe I’m not the psycho i thought I was) :))

  7. What if the victims were the capturers ? Such people comfort theirselves with “they do the same to our friends”, one side goes wild, the other side goes wilder, then the other side goes wildest, this is how they loose their humanity. I have a friend whom took part in Serbian Bosnian war, he always tells he cant believe the things he had done during the war.

  8. I watched a translated video of this, those captured guys are not syrian. The soldiers killed those 2 in revenge to a dead lieutenant and other comrades.

    You also have to remember that those victims aren’t so innocent, they traveled to syria just to terrorize and wreck terror.

  9. It’s so fucking sad feeling that when I’m eating a nice sandwich in a warm room there’s someone else in the world that gets stabbed or stoned in such brutal way to die… God, the world’s so fucked up. I can’t eat no more while thinking there’s so much violence in this helly world I happened to be luckier and have better chances to live a good live. That is not fair.

  10. Thanks to the UK’s immigration these “soldiers” could be walking around in England. Or am I wrong? All i know is there is too many fucking immigrants, yet they are still called minorities. I walk down the street where I live and every other person you see is foreign. Its not right, and us citizens have no idea what they have done in their own countries. This video doesn’t shock me, it just makes me angry. Acting all big and tough. I bet if that were happening to them they’d squeal like the pigs they are. Those victims took it like tanks though. Fucks sake.

  11. You know it’s a fucked up video when the comments on this website aren’t witty remarks about the murder.

    When people around here are actually shocked, you know it’s some fucked up shit. And surely it is.

    Some people on this earth are just evil. Pure evil. I know liberal secular leftists don’t believe in good vs. evil, some of these dumbasses probably think the gun is the problem in this video and gun control can solve it.

    It’s tme to recognize the devil when it’s looking you right in the face. Those people looking at the camera and smiling while doing this, that’s just pure evil.

  12. Hi all ive been a daily visitor for over two years now and have finally joined. Absolutely love this site it provides me with all my gore needs and love the info. Need more animals killing people though ive always wanted to see a proper vid of someone getting eaten by a croc without the crucial moment blocked. Thanks again Best Gore YOU FUCKING ROCK!

    1. Just to let you know if jet lee were there he would of been fucked up just as much as those unfortunate vitims, he is an actor and can not fight in real life he has admitted it in the extras on ‘Cradle To The Grave’ ……….

    2. Just to let you know if jet lee were there he would of been fucked up just as much as those unfortunate victims, he is an actor and can not fight in real life he has admitted it in the extras on ‘Cradle To The Grave’ ……….

  13. I see Mr. Stabby is alive and showing his pointy tip to the insides of Middle Eastern long pigs. This video could almost be an advertisment for the best type of blade is best for penetration with a slippery grip.

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