Execution of Saddam Hussein by Hanging (Full Video)

Execution of Saddam Hussein by Hanging (Full Video)

The video capturing execution of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein by hanging was never meant to exist. Saddam Hussein was executed on December 30, 2006 and the only video which was supposed to be filmed was that made by the puppet Iraqi government which ended with former leader being led to the gallows at Camp Justice in Kazimain, a north-eastern suburb of Baghdad and having the hangman’s noose put around his neck. But a sneaky member of the execution entourage snuck in a cell phone camera and there was no stopping it from spreading out of control.

Aside from showing the entire course of Saddam Hussein’s execution, the unauthorized cell phone video filmed from the stairs leading up to the gallows captured the undignified and unprofessional behavior of the executioners. Taunting a man facing an execution? Who’s surprised? I’m not. This is exactly what I’d expect from people who are both Muslims and the American government marionettes all at once.

Many people died because of Saddam Hussein’s rule, but their deaths pale in comparison with the deaths of people who would be alive if Saddam was still a leader. Their deaths outnumber the former many times over and then some. Whatever the execution of Saddam Hussein was meant to achieve, it achieved the opposite multiplied out of control. Besides, if you compared the number of people Saddam Hussein ordered executed to the number of people Barack Hussein Obama ordered executed, then Saddam would look like a saint. But then again, you’d have to combine the executions ordered by several notorious dictators to come anywhere close to those ordered by Barry, the Great Leader.

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88 thoughts on “Execution of Saddam Hussein by Hanging (Full Video)”

      1. The art of Hanging actually has a science to it, thanks to all the botched hangings that took place, and and for the negative press they received, for those that may be interested in knowing, here is a little history lesson on the matter.

        As a result of critical newspaper reports of botched hangings, a formula was prepared, a standard table of drops in 1888. The formula was basically: 1260 divided by the weight of prisoner in pounds = length of the drop in feet.

        For example, the calculated drop for a 154 pound person would be 8.2 feet

        Also, In order to carry out a perfect hanging, the noose must, of course, be properly applied “Draw it firm and tight with the free end of the rope emerging from the metal eye just under the jawbone. There is no knot. That fancy cowboy coil of a ‘hangman’s noose (knot)’ is something we abandoned to the Americans a hundred years ago.

        In Britain, the rope runs free through a pear-shaped metal eye woven into the rope’s end, and the operative part of the noose is covered with soft wash-leather. Always adjust it to the left, because with the pull of the drop the noose gyrates a quarter-circle clockwise and the tug of the rope finishes under the chin. This motion throws the neck back and breaks the spinal column, separating it at about the third vertebra of the neck.

        However if you prefer the to make the culprit suffer a little more, then you would just adjust it on the right and it gyrates to the back of the neck, throwing the head forward, not breaking the neck, eventually killing by suffocation.”

    1. I actually doubt this video. I’ve seen three Sadam videos, this being the last. The staircase although similar to the two prior, the angles don’t exactly line up. It seems unlikely that in the expedited execution of Sadam, and the limited space in the “venue” of his hanging.. that there could three unnoticed cameras filming. Which is real, or which, if not all faked..I can not judge. Either way I smell fish.

    2. Here’s a thought. If they had hung him from a platform just 10 feet higher using the formula the English invinted. At his weight and hieght his head would have come off…. A way better ending for this broken man i would think.

        1. IF there is such a god, and there is a hell. I would prefer to be in such a place, and take pride in destroying his image, whilst being as far away from “his” presence as possible. Doesn’t make sense that a loving god would have their creation be mere puppets to play with. But that’s just me.

  1. God dam it! Ever since the Nuremberg Trials which was kangaroo court, the UN/US has been capturing the leaders of the nations it conquered and hanging them.
    *sigh* The Spirit of President Roosevelt marches on… over burning hot coals I hope -_-

  2. Saddam is the epitome of old school Badass, Sure he was a killer, In a place like Iraq, You run things by killing. Blaming Saddam for being what he was is like blaming a Shark for killing. That’s how it lives. It’s what that crocodile hunter guy woul’ve say “a bee-YOO-tiful amboish predatah”. He never had at least one tenth of US firepower but what he did what the west can’t: kept that bag of snakes in order. Never flinched, not even once to that gallows. Titanium Balls there.

    1. Totally. Gaddafi was an old school badass too. Never left his country, never BOWED to the foreign power/ Nato/UN.

      Obama on the other hand bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, the Empeor of Japan, and the Mayor of Tampa bay, & Hu Jiutao.

      1. Well both of them are more like Third World rulers, The’yr good at internal security but hopeless at conventional war. They gave Saddam an old-school death. They may not have meant to, but they showed him the ultimate respect. while on the otherhand Gaddafi receives it in a shameful manner to the joy of so-called fucking rats and Western sponsored rebels. They’re now wherever the real men go; where Pancho Villa went, and Patton, and Richthofen, and Leonidas, and Alexander, and Subotai… Not heaven, but someplace way, way better.

          1. more like Elysium, Where all Brave Heroes go.
            If i were an Omnipotent one (just saying): I’ll put all these Great men and women esp. warrior types like achilles, leonidas, musashi,spartacus,alexander, genghis,subotai, wallace, joan of arc, perhaps even bruce lee to a match one against the other no holds barred. lol. :-).

  3. I realize it is fashionable as always to hate the U.S. but some of these statements are simply absurd.

    I’m a big fan of BG, but the rhetoric is getting tired. That is all i want to say about it. If I must be exiled, so be it.

    1. You’re just sheep is all. It was beat into your chicken brain that if your government or the media that sponsor them say something’s this way, than the opposite must be absurd.

      Use your brain, Dolly. Chicken tiny as it is, at least give it a try.

      1. So because he sees something as different than you, he’s a sheep? I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there’s no such thing as a completely original thought, and definitely nothing like a pristine clear-minded non sheep you’re looking for.

    2. Fool, we don’t hate America, and certainly we don’t Bash her because its “trendy”.
      We speak our minds about the things we have witness her become, and the decrepit so called “leaders” running America into the Ground.

    3. I agree, all these foreigners can post their little opinions about america but as soon as somebody says something about it “oh no you’re just a sheep a follower” or what not, well “You guys mad”… Fuck this anti-american shit is getting old and boring and if somehow you think Freedom of speech applies to any foreigner you’re wrong come say that shit in US soil go ahead call us “sheeps” and see how quickly you get punched in the mouth… I have family in the US armed forces and yes they all agree that we shouldn’t be in Iraq or Afghanistan but we are so deal with it and if a few tens of thousand desert rats muslims good for nothing pieces of shit die in the process so be it and guess what we didn’t get shit out of vietnam either but we were there for years kicking gooks ass and last Fuck that monkey in the white house..he aint getting a second term..America Stand Up!!!!…lol

      1. I could have respected your post for what it is, utilizing your “free speech”… until those last racist comments. Free speech does not justify spreading hate. I am a US citizen, I am not proud of my country. I don’t have to blindly endorse my government’s international polices, and wars. As far as soldiers, I have family and friends in the service also. Heroic, yes. But not even remotely close to having a good reason to fight in the first place. We (USA) has a volunteer army. I would partake to defend my rights, but I’ve yet to find the threat from no other than our own government.

    1. The executioners were praying and mentioned Muqtada al-Sadr to be blessed, the new leader and predecessor of his father Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr, who led a powerful Shiite militia. (Sadam was believed to have murdered him)

      One of the masked men said “You have destroyed us, You have killed us. You have made us live in destitution.”

      Hussein replied “I have saved you from destitution and misery and destroyed your enemies, the Persian and Americans.”

      The man then tightened the noose, and when Sadam sarcastically repeated “Muqtada al-Sadr” in disgust of their blessing, the man yelled “God damn you.” and Sadam repeated back “god damn you.”

    1. My list would be, if possible all combined, small slices (thousands skin deep), bear claw whip, then crucified upside down with his head in water, set on fire before he drowns, let loose, limb removal, then buried alive. OR is that too much?

  4. I guess he deserved that, he did.commit.those atrocities of war… Although he kept the insurgents in.check..I don’t know ,, who can really judge him, every country has.committed crimes agianst humanity.. trail.of tears , manifest destiny…. So how can some icc really say who’s what.

  5. To stand up to masses of people being killed, America has something honerable about it.
    Africa is a place where you can buy ak47s for under 30 to 40 bucks and in some countries people walk around without anythign to wear, but are still happy, even if they live in the middle of no where, and live in huts, and have no medical care. Strange world. Values are very different for some, let me tell you. Safe life over fun life. Worries against troubles.

  6. and this was a man who never killed a single westerner…..Its 2013 and still Iraq is a dangerous place.people are poor and oil prices did not go down even though its being pumped out by corporations.there is no justice in the world…

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