Executions by Hanging in Iran (photos)

Executions by Hanging in Iran (photos)

Iran is a hardcore Islamic country. Homosexuality is therefore illegal and punishable by death. People convicted of committing the outrageous crime of being gay face the gallows and there’s no way to talk their way out of it.

The “execution by hanging in Iran” pictures posted here are nothing new and many of you have probably seen them. The remarkable thing is that the victims always seem so calm during hanging. It’s almost as though they were drugged up or previously tortured to the point that they can’t wait for their life to end.

Also, Iranians seem to come out to watch hangings and take photos for their family albums like it’s Sunday service. “How many people are they hanging today, Abdul? Do you know?”

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Executions by Hanging in Iran (photos)”

  1. These people really, truly do not know when to stop do they…..stabbings, beheadings, stonings, hangings….imo, the reason they are so calm before they are killed is because violence and death is a part of thier everyday life. Seems to me they think it is normal to be killed every 10 seconds for some lame over-imagined crime. Some one should hang them for being so ignorant……

      1. Its interesting that homosexuality is even a “problem” there thinking about how its a death sentence or “capital punishment” there. You’d think that people with a homosexual tendency would hide and stuff.

  2. I’m surprised they haven’t started executing people in this country for being gay. I know the U.S.A. has made some progress in accepting homosexuality. But, there are still plenty of religious nuts running all over the place. People need to stop killing in the name of God regardless of country or religion.

  3. In response to “Why Anybody”, you state that ppl need to “stop killing in the name of God regardless of religion.” Really…??? What other religion can you name besides the POS Muslims…??? and your opening sentence…??? r u fucking kidding me…???

  4. Cracker, The truth is ALL religions have killed in the name of “god” , Nazis thought they were the supreme race, the true children of god, so they slaughtered millions of Jews…Jews, convinced the world to dissolve the country of Palestine simply because they claim god himself gave them that land…How many times you think an israeli killed a palestinian over this? And Uh, Have you ever heard of the crusades?????? Where the catholic church slaughtered anyone and everyone who was not willing to convert to catholisism???? And still you hace radical white power groups who murder in the name suprmecy, and guess what? THEY ARE CHRISTIAN AS WELL. Christainity is by far the worst over the course of history…do some research hombre

  5. Ironically, I just took a class today to become a registered LGBT ally. I guess I won’t be going to Iran anytime soon… Ha! I’m just kidding! Like I would’ve gone to Iran before then anyway!

  6. American may not go as far as to execute gays. But, the homesexual have certainly been exposed to pleny of discrimination and hate. Most of it is based on religious grounds. That is all I’m saying.

    But, I didn’t come here to turn this joint into a political forum. I just want to see death and dead bodies.

  7. Nobody wants to hear your fucking shit – if YOU read history you would know the crusades were started when the MUSLIMS began attacking christian cities in the middle east, something they are still doing today, and that is killing christians, buddhists, b’hai, hindu’s and everyone who is not muslim. They are the ONLY group LEFT that I know of who is right now killing people for pure religious reasons I.E. you’re a christian, you are executed. And by the way FUCK Palestine – if the jews had just taken care of that shit 50 years ago like they should have I wouldn’t have to hear the words Palestinian/Israeli conflict every day. And by the way, Britain owned palestine at that time and promised to give it to the jews before WWII even began SHITBAG. Why don’t you tell me why so many muslims now live in areas that used to be ANOTHER religion, like syria, iran, pakistan, iraq & why the muslims in Gaza routinely attack christian villages with mobs to kill & burn down their homes. And you are saying “white supremacy groups” are WORSE THAN FUCKING MUSLIMS? you suck shit

  8. Wow…Funny how you think getting all tough on the internet is cool, anyhoo, as I said, ALL religions have killed, I was pointing out what the christians have done, they are far from innocent…in my view all major religions are full of shit and should be abolished…now get back to your trailer and be a good little boy…oh by the way, I do not suck shit…I leave that for your mom after I take my dick out of her ass thank you.

  9. im an IRANIAN AND I LIVE IN IRAN and about hanging im totaly agree with

    islam although im a midle religius man.when you get an innocent human life

    you must pay it with your death,you know islam saye all the world in one side

    life of a human in one side so human life is that valuble in islam and now one

    hase the right of getting a human life.even one day if i accidently cause some

    ones death i never forgive myself and spending years in prison wont change

    and about stabbings, beheadings, stonings
    in iran we HAVE HAD just stoning so many years ago not stabbings,

    beheadings we dont do thouse shits and as far as i know it happend just

    below 10-20 and thats punishment for a man or woman still married and had

    sex with other one and this one i havent heard in our city KERMANSHAH (im

    21 years old) simply when you are married forget about giving a fuck to

    otherppl youve got it?
    AT THE END sorry for english im not like spreading islam to this forum but you

    dont know every thing about iran and religius, we are totaly difrent from

    thouse iraques,afqans and rest of bastred mfuckers

  10. Amindevildriver,
    What the fuck are you trying to say? That made no sense at all, just like your religious beliefs and barbarianism makes no sense at all. If you want to comment here, learn English first so you don’t sound as ignorant as you are.

  11. cpattana
    i just wanted to make it clear for you guys if you haven’t got it or don’t wanna understand turn on TV stair at it and media feeds you those shits about us
    making sense haha how you can talk about sense when you’re member of this shitty place like fly’s that hanging around piece of shit

  12. God is a among thousands of Dietys imagined by different cultures to feed the human need to be judged. think about it. people buy clothes to be appealing. they get cars to impress. people are constantly wanting to be judged. Im an Existentialist.

  13. http://www.worldstaruncut.com/uncut/38302 here is a bunch of christians burning a man alive for being gay. I would never be ignorant nor disrespectful enough to say I would wipe my ass with the bible or anything of value to millions of people.
    Fuck sake, some of you rednecks need to pull ur dicks out of your sisters and expand your knowledge every once in a while.
    Fuck every extremist and terrorist for their actions that have lead to pieces of shit like you acting heroic behind your computer keyboard making comments like that and having them accepted by millions of others who slowly everyday become like you, hating milliions of muslims for the actions of a some.
    Get fucking educated dumb cunt.

  14. Allah is god in arabic… Sharia law as well as the hadith and quran say that ‘homosexuality’ is a sin.
    Sharia law is quite simply a short summary of the quran put into law abiding form. Its kind of like Rome with a state religion slash law.
    Saudi Arabia is known for its constant violence and horrendous attrocities like killing homosexuals, cutting hands and toes, and feets off of stealers, and robbers, yet they can’t catch their own sand desert bandits… Arabia has always had problems with sand bandits.

  15. Most iranian-americans i know are secular minded, and as Shi’as they know what it is like to be a minority. Shi’ism is also a more mystical tradition than Sunnism in many ways. However the Iranian regime is fucking brutal. What westerners tend to forget, though, is that Iran’s current regime isn’t terrible in comparison with their past ones. There was the Shah, and before that a bunch of different empires etc.

  16. I wonder why so many religious ppl look down on us atheists, we should be revered imo. But whatever, keep believing in non-existent entities you can never prove. If your life is that meaningless without islam or the bible, then you’re living your whole life without any meaning. To me at least.

  17. I never heard they execute anyone for being gay.
    Do you have the source?
    Even if they are in persian I can translate them.
    I think people who follow this website wouldn’t pass the opportunity to watch a live execution and of course there are some people in Iran too with morbidly curiosity who go and watch the execution so I don’t think it’s a good reason to ridicule a nation.
    I hope you publish this comment.

  18. The minds of the people of IRAN have been so twisted around by radical Islamic thought that I don’t know how this can ever be addressed by rational people. I just so wished that when the SHAH was in power that he had been a decent man or that the US would have made him one- if need be. If only we here in the US had understood the long-term consequences of our own behavior vis a vis the CIA, et. al and went about combating whatever we felt the threat was at that time (primarily the Russians, I would think) with a bit more care to the basic rights of the common man, Khomeini and all this probably would not have happened.

    Yes, dear Abdul, to cuddle up with someone with the same type genitalia has got to be the worst thing that there could ever have been.

    What obscene nonsense. What grown-up person even remotely cares about that? It is so completely absurd! So much pain and suffering over JUST NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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