Extrajudicial Firesquad Execution by the Pakistani Army

Extrajudicial Firesquad Execution by the Pakistani Army

Six blindfolded men with their hands tied behind their backs were lead through the jungle into a remote area where they were executed by a Pakistani Army firesquad in what appears to be an extrajudicial killing. This would not be the first, nor last extrajudicial killing of Muslims from a different sect of Islam in Pakistan.

Quick search through older posts on Best Gore would reveal many instances of human rights abuses and extrajudicial killings by the Pakistani Army. The army claims that the men they execute are the Taliban fighters, but oftentimes they appear to be men too young or too old to pose any threat:

What’s more probable is that these killings are a result of the eons old beef between different sects of Islam and Taliban is just a good excuse most people around the world would readily accept. I think in case of Pakistan, it’s Shiite Muslims killing Sunni Muslims – since Pakistani president is Shiite. Muslims hate all other religions because they’re taught to by Quran, but one thing they hate more are Muslims from different sects of Islam. It pays to say, that Sunni Muslims, aka Taliban are no better in the treatment of Shiite security personnel:

Props to ButterBatter for the video. Quality is shit, but what can you do. It’s from Pakistan…

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    1. I watched the video listening to “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin and it might have been the funniest thing I have ever seen. I really suggest it to anyone looking to laugh their balls off. Almost every video on this site is perfect to rather “The Entertainer” or the “Benny Hill Theme” with the video volume on mute. Its funny as shit every time

      1. The “Benny Hill Them” is really great for beheading videos or any other murder videos. “The Entertainer” more so for accident videos and especially ones in black and white but they both work for any of them. Maybe I’m just fucked up but try it first and let me know what you think

        1. Oh my god, BIG JOHNSON wrote a reply for me. Hiiiii Johnson!! I feel special now 😉

          Just kidding. Nah, you’re awesome!!

          I want to indicate to you that these are my true feelings, and that I am not being sarcastic. I don’t know why but I am happy inside now.

          Anyway, I really gotta find those tracks and try out your technique, hehe 😀

          1. They are just funny songs that are ridicules to listen to while watching horrific videos. It’s just making light of terrible situations which is kinda my thing that i find funny as shit for some deranged reason. Oh and Hi Fleshy, I’m pretty sure I’ve commented on your posts before, their usually pretty good

  1. seems like a subjective form of execution considering how unpractical it is in needing to have several phases of gun fire, common tho with firing squads or atleast with the ones ive seen here

    1. It is indeed what I thought too. It is unpractical in the sense that it takes at least more than one bullet per person; not to forget the psychological effect on the executors.
      This is proven over and over again in the past, still the brainless alluakbars choose this form of execution. For example, It was one of the main reasons einsatzgruppe during world war II were majorly ineffective.

  2. If I knew I was going to be executed, I would be crying my face off. These people in these videos act like they have been killed numerous times and shrug it off. I guess they do have to keep a sense of dignity.

      1. I am a pansy! D=

        I see myself crying in fear of being killed, yet when it comes to my kids you can bet your jolly goodies I am going for the crotch or the eyes.

        Nobody messes with Adam We….

  3. Im thinking that maybe that awful shaking was possibly the camera man trying to hide where they were going? Just a guess.
    @3:15 what was that horrendous noise? Made me jump about 5ft in the air!
    Then, the lonely 3shots after the spraying of bullets made me lmao, and finally, the one that didnt die and was crying(?) sounded like a hippo getting raped.

  4. i think to die instantly is better if you are falling from an high rise(preferably one which would take at least 1 or 1 1/2 min to fall ) or standing infront of a firing squad and you know the next moment u r done … it would be like being in a operating table you can’t move but feeling everything because the fucking anesthesist fucked up with the chemicals.

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