Family of Five, Including Two Youths Executed in Guerrero, Mexico

Family of Five, Including Two Youths Executed in Guerrero, Mexico

Remember Cuernos de Chivo (Goat Horns)? That’s the name the Mexicans have for AK-47s because the rifles have magazines curved like “goat horns”. This family of five was kidnapped, rounded up and executed with fire from “goat horns” and AR-15s. Police recovered more than 120 AK-47 and AR-15 casing from the scene.

Five members of the family, including two youths were taken from their home and later found dead at the entrance to La Florida community in Atoyac, Guerrero, Mexico. The killers left a narcomensaje type card with the following text:

Esto les va a pasar a todos los violadores y secuestradores y todos los que apoyen a Chava Granados, atte. La Limpia Los Caballeros Templarios

Jewgle translation:

This is going to happen to all rapists and kidnappers and all those who support Chava Granados, attn. The Clean The Knights Templar

The victims were identified as 39 year old Lorenzo Garcia, 22 year old Teófilo Lorenzo Galindo, 20 year old Luis Palacio Grace, 16 year old Ruben Lorenzo Galindo, and 17 year old Guillermo Hernandez Sanchez.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. This entire planet is hell.
      If isn’t narcs, it’s the mob, if isn’t those, it’s the street hoodlums, or the Yakuza, or the Islam extremists, or any white/black/latin/asian supremacist group.

      There is no safe haven.

      1. There is one, Victoria bc Canada. As for the family, how do we know what they are accused of? I’m all for making rapist sicko scumbags but you better be 100% sure of there crimes. That’s a serious claim your making and can ruin a person’s image and life. Off course if they are not guilty of the crime. If they are, make the mother fucker suffer.

  1. I wont claim to be an expert on Mexico gangs and shit but this is the first time I hear of a rapist family. What the fuck? 😀 Really.. I just strongly doubt that was the real reason but like I said I am no expert.

  2. It seems anybody could be their target if you have any sort of family connection. With that kind of systematic killing of the scum bags they’ll be wiping out entire family’s from the old to the newborn with that logic. It would seem they’re going to kill your entire family if they can’t get you the actual scum they seek. That’s fucked up..

  3. The word rape means something else than sex in this situation. This is a weird killing. Dicks get cut off in Mexico for the sex type rape.
    If a Mexican has a reason to kill you there usually certain steps.
    Snitches get fingers sawed off and put in mouth, etc. always a message.

    1. Prolly 4 people. Those curved AK magazines hold 30 rounds. That makes for an exact 120. Add one previously chambered round, you get 124. They def. wanted them dead to empty their guns on them. Must have pissed them off bad.

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